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It is people and human beings that can't,
Under the spell of gods that invented their principles
Based on some... Games.
În whom to put your trust and why?
For how long?
Jul 9 · 50
This must be gold
This must be Gold of the old,
Of the oldies and goldies lives we had
She is this and that!
He is that and this!
Oh, Lord this wonderful experience.

How could I not love the world.
Wasting my existence
As I Have to understand,
I Have to understand all of you.
Your needs, primordial,
Always, your needs...
Your needs!
How could I not love the whole world!
#Still dreaming of the Holy stuff?
Jul 7 · 1.1k
The unbelievable:
When things we're made of start speaking
And our ears just can't believe it.
To leave forever
As your cursing business
Was probably more unfair.

To Leave forever as your love was greater than Hell!

How can that be
Jul 7 · 53
A humble opinion
Existing just like that
With no purpose or meaning
Will make many feel good.
Jul 6 · 41
Do I want to see?
The results of such an honour?
The results of the killing and slughter?
The results of what still aches at the brought back of a memory?
Jul 6 · 71
Have I
Mentioned a ghost:

And probably much more
Jul 6 · 35
How much do I
How much do I Have to hate myself?
I don't want to exist among these loved ones.
I am tired of your loved ones,
Precious loved ones allowed to lose me.
To make the filth they wouldn't but mock.
For that something better well deserved!

May you be forgiven
And have a good fresh start.
Jul 5 · 55
So now I mean
What a saint wanted me to mean...
What a saint world wanted me to mean!
Belle bell,
There where your heart belongs,
Dear one
Who can't be but unhappy this way,
You must Have found some solution
But the world was against your ways.

Yes, people should be there where they belong,
And out of hell a hand should be given,
To the one who can't take it anymore,
Yes, a whole world against your ways;
For some it would be better if you weren't there,
Ignorance is bliss but not knowing must be even worse.

Yes, yes, a whole world against your ways.
Your ways weren't good enough...
As if you're smart you aren't...
If you're good you are,
If you...
May you be respected for what you've become.
Jul 5 · 62
Secret of happiness
To have everything you want,
Know what you want and achieve it,
Know how;
To be invincible and happy
Happy with the term of your achievements.
Jul 5 · 33
At least I was told the truth to my face,
I know how ugly, how pretty and why.
As if I was only clue less,
As if it will ever matter sometime

As if... MiracleS

Jul 5 · 54
May I be a robot
You were the real deal! You are the real deal!
May I be the robot?
And make the deal, have the deal?
Robots cannot feel, robots cannot feel!
May I be the robot?
Robots cannot feel!

If you want my love-life.
Robots cannot feel.
Jul 5 · 393
Pride is pride
It doesn't matter if a man or a Woman,
Pride is pride,
Friendship is friendship,
Duty is duty
And work is work,
Just like justice is justice
And life is life.

But there is life in death
And there is a chance to survive in Hell,
And people don't get punished for embellishing a place,
People don't get punished for trying to get better...
And people don't get punished for trying to make their best...

For you: what is the best?
What did you want to do?
And why?
Jul 5 · 48
Of the same mistake people
Will hear
As history took care of making it clear
And science to reveal
Reasons and Links.

And if I say that only
That love of true can save
Am I that wrong?

Yep, you'll keep teasing me.
His soul too good!
Jul 5 · 37
There's always need
For somebody to blame you
For their love!
The blame for love of the kind
That is healthy!
May you be healthily in love.
Healthily in love.
Jul 5 · 45
I told you
I loved myself the way I was
Too much, in your opinion,
That's why you hated me,
That's why you hated and punished me,
Taught me your great idea,
The brilliant one
Taking us down into the filth
You "had to"? Take...
Teaching me a lesson,
The lesson of the Great.
But I don't like this being great thing.
I only like my idea of the best.
Jul 5 · 29
I can see you
Sweet child who believed
That the world can be a good place to live.
Well, the world can be a good place to live in.
You're still a good soul meaning only good
Which means being only too stupid.

Ask them, look into their eyes,
It's a business world out there
They are selling one another,
Forcing you into selling yourselves and your souls...
Forcing you into not selling but more.
How else can you survive...?
It isn't easy! It isn't easy at all!

The path? Do you remember Jesus?
Do you remember Christ?
Do you remember God?
A God would never accept nor like being mistreated.
A God would fight.

Learn the good path, take only the best...
Make it right!
Sweet child... Loved child!
Be Wise and strong.
*If there is a condition for you to make it the right way the condition should take you to your self-respect not to your self-demise and blame or shame.
It is better to be dead than a filthy pig
Of an insult to your prides
and someone
who cannot stand herself
And ruins the lives of everybody else
But, thank you for this gift!

Nobody would be too embarrassed to live like this!

*If the many can ruin even even even...
Have your perfect 'tever evens,
fevers, fevers
to burn all the bull_shit you all claim not being full of!
*"But what can you do with someone else's soul?
Oh, poor devils, what can you do?"
Jul 5 · 32
Like a poem
Like a poem, like a star,
Like the moon light,
Like the fall,
Like the love life you could have had,
Like the dangers _ for your good heart,
For your good heart you will fight.
Like the meaning into the skies,
Like the lives of gods and stars,
Like a scientists,
Like a ghost,
You will hunt and haunt
Or leave things alone.

Like a window,
Like a plane,
Like the Cloud Washing down with rain
Living poems...

Like a story that was told well,
Like the love life you couldn't tell,
Like the love life you wouldn't tell...
Like no other.

Like everything you ever wanted
To have,
Like those things  taken for granted,
Like all those things cherished,
Like the meaning,
Like the sounds,
Like, like, like the alike...
You aren't but a creature from a paradise lost...
What more to ask for?
But s

If I get it why I do and if I don't why...
I am tired of all the why's and things that wouldn't help! Solution, please?
The one you can accept and live with!
Jul 5 · 30
Soul seek
If one could read all the many stories
The past has to tell about her,
About him,
About them,
About things.

She lost her life,
Redemption was brought to her,
She built a life and had a child,
She lost a baby
But life somehow brought it back,
Brought him back,
Brought her back...
In all your travels may you see
All the soul and souls you could love
And the things you couldn't take
But tried to accept,
See the value in it,
Get yourself out there where you belong.

There is no mistake greater than not SeeKing the path to Redemption of your own soul, love...
Even if hurtful, sometimes...
Without the sun in your eyes and the moon and the stars,
Without the people you can't enjoy...
Somehow making it for the better world
That has all the right to live well.

But I am looking for my soul,
I'm a wanderer, a seeker, a retriever,
A believer, someone who creates...
Someone who was suddenly there,
Being on the path, trying to make meaning of her life,
And I am there, where I can hear
The Rage,
The rage
Suffering united can produce!
All the Rage our suffering united can produce!

From that Rage: live!
Crush things down, they loved their lives, it's their lives!
Crush things down, they loved their lives,
But I don't want their lives to live, I want to build mine.
Jul 5 · 51
Full of -_ Bah! Care!
What you see is what you aren't,
But embellishes your soul,
Makes you help and grow,
Helps you make and grow
The life you wanted.
And if it's hatred that you need so be it!
Just, be careful what you do!
My friend.
there must have been something wrong,
There must have went something wrong, somewhere...

If you wanted to lose me like this, there must have been
Wrong and wrong doing.

Here's mine: Telling on you, hoping you'll mind your own preferences
And learn your hearts places.
Your sweet butterflies created in the perfect lab
Have visited me in a dream,
They told me so many things that my gut felt forced to train itself,
Stretch to sentence them to a higher flight
Where they could find everything they couldn't want but the way they loved: peaceful
Butterflies fluttering their wings, flying up, flying down,
Mesmerising my mind,
Where's the bee?
They bring pollen that took on their wings
But the bee,
The bee is bringing her honey and her poison and her humming,
Then a buzz,
Then a flight in the search of more flowers.

I ate three thousand butterflies and their queen
Had no problem.
Jul 4 · 30
Tales from within
I tell myself I think,
And I think only well,
I listen and I work,
I look for and I play,
I seek and hide.

I tell myself tales asking, asking for help,
I imagine to turn things that upset into a haven,
Heaven in my head, heaven in my head,
I should have remained depressed, died alone
For my family turned so embarrassed.
For my hurting soul to the extreme.
*Who wasn't after your good reason ing and brains and why?
Oh, why didn't eat some great brains!?

Left with a few character types arranged from the heart and soul that got to matter more,
Fixed a head to serve an interest,
Life of sweet turned to great wisdom.
Jul 4 · 46
Of concrete and Steel,
Walking-houses Machines,
Blocks of metal, Blocks of tales,
Broken pieces of Reflective tears.
Jul 4 · 53
There will be that time taking us
To the knowledge of the right thing to do,
To the knowledge of the heart we need,
To the knowledge of the mindset.
Everyone seems to be there:
Some are mean, some are kind, some are grateful and some funny as Hell.

I love my people having fun being funny as Hell.
It is there where we can have the fun we want,
It is there where we can see some fun
Think a little thought of free
Out of the mindless jobs imposed,
Thinking clearer.
Jul 4 · 47
Face lifting mask
That filth must have meant something to you.
It meant a lot to me...
It told me to wear the Mask of my inner wars with pride.
It told me to wear the Mask of my suffering with pride.
I was almost there... Almost there where I wanted...
Never say never?
Then what can we say?
Are there Words in our dictionaries one cannot say...?
Jul 4 · 26
Oh, no
From the rain brought down on earth
Crops have grown
Evolved some species of plant,
Seeds can live and grow,
Seeds can become so beautiful
Feeding us well.

Farm tales.

I think I already had something said of some pigs and some cows...
And chickens...
Other animals were involved,
But said not enough of the noble horse and the mighty peacock.
But there's much more, there is much more! And all of you quite know how many animals...

And we all joke until it becomes not funny anymore
But there's solution.

I've lost my soul
Or did the soul lost me?
Either way: as long as we can be happy...!
I don't understand how all this can be helped.
I believe I should start beating myself to death
Until I WOKE UP as all this is me prolonging myself into a nothingness that has no value.
I either make something valuable of this or I am as good as dead.
Jul 4 · 28
To be honest and kind
Is telling it to your face
That you know only ****
Of what means to be loved,
What means to be cherished,
What is all the meaning of love!
The Carnal is carnal that has its purpose and use, all the rest is ******* without the light...
Or îs it the other way around
But we just must get confused!
Jul 4 · 29
Why do I know my soul
This sad,
Broken with love and care  put down
And why is this calmness telling of the great fighter,
The warrior I've become!
Oh, the warrior I've become!

Oh, the worrier!

Can you help me calm down? Find the solution?
Find the solution.
For a solitude imposed,
Fathers, mothers wishing me so much time to live!
Oh, this wonderful life kept in captivity,
I thought I made it fun,
I thought I made it sad,
Until I WOKE UP and learned the real path,
Until I WOKE UP and really thought!
Not accepting the truth of a recollection of wisdom
În these wars there is nothing but techiques,
And shades of fantasy and trouble.

Oh, Thank you Father. Now I'm a very good *******! Keep being prouder!
Speaking nothing of the shame
Of not playing it too well,
Where's my strength?
All that certainty
I built
Taking all that I could take
From a teacher or a friend,
Taking nothing from a poisonous egotistic problem.
I must have hurt you,
Oh, you poor thing,
I barely dared to live that something beautiful...
But when time comes time comes
And one may deserve what they want.

How? By killing another one,
Or making them turn into their greatest sickening worst.
Jul 4 · 42
Soul of mine
You weren't crying,
I probably need to cry some more.
Jul 4 · 41
Real happiness means
To forget
All that trauma in your head
And enjoy the unbelievable.
For what?
Go ask your god(s)
As I said, everyone is a God in his own way, these days. One only has to see that and look for their best waves.
Best winds and sails.
Killing Dragons,
Hard times forced into the storming rain
On a ship where some sang
Of everything they had carried
From their grounds.
Made of pure hatred,
I don't know why you love me so much!
It must be me being a saint,
As I don't know myself
Being too arrogant to care,
Being a ****** something else
Laughing at you
When you quarrel with the mushroom.
What did they say back to you?
It must have been for the best as the too tense felt better.
Interesting phenomena,
Mushrooms spreading their healthy issues.
You weren't

Now I'll have to suffer the consequence
For caring for the wrong kind.

From the mirrors, from the times,
From the cruelty of their pride.
Stupidity pay
Jul 4 · 41
Together we
Together we accomplish more,
Depending on what you want,
And what you want is fun,
As usual, why wouldn't you give it a try
And suffer quite less.

May I never have the good common sense to care about such wonderful friends.

You weren't there when I suffered,
You didn't give your helping hand
But your mockery,
May this mockery of mine
Help some good friends.

May this mockery and the cruelty of my soul
Be all in the name of Justice.

Be it all in the name of the worthy.
Gosh, I am not eggsagerating,
Am I not extremely bring right now?

If you don't want a miracle or that justice
Then that's that!
Find some friend.
Flashnews of "The Story"
It would still mean what it always meant.

And the meaning of sanctity means a lot of suffering,
Don't scream, just take it nicely
Or shout and scream and be hated by the world.

Or loved... Only that, perhaps means more suffering.

May we suffer like loved Children on the field?

Quite Yes was my answer!
So thanks!
To be mature
Was a gift
Only you wanted so much more
You wanted so much more than being the kid
Nobody cursed, nobody cursed.
What for? I ask once more: what for
Is it for a better life?
What for? What for?

SeeKing for a miracle,
What the kind,
What the kind?

Maybe you will never understand why...
Because there is too much pride, too much pride,
Even in your childish games.
Too much pride: lovely.
May I speak of types of pride or there is only one and only?
What made you proud and even prouder and what is that put you down?
It was probably acceptance of something too wrong;
It was probably acceptance of the wrong...

*No, I don't want you punished the same way. I'd prefer you to learn a better way, but some things started meaning something else. It's okay, it's ok. With these good words And good intentions we were set up to live some Hell... Hell of an inner fight, what means to be right and what is too wrong. What is too wrong?
Maybe I wasn't working just for me...
And maybe that was the problem!
Jul 4 · 138
Only the bees know
The best of a choice made in life,
Lovely my bees,
They are always well guided,
Always doing the right thing,
Ants are following, their own ways.
Do you remember
A Christ you'll always cherish.
For Christ sake, always!
For the sake of a promised land,
For the sake of your knowledge,
For the sake of a seek and find...

Our bees aren't buzzing
When they are humming,
Our ants aren't patrolling
When they fall asleep.
Literal debugging, here on earth:
"I killed an ant or two
And left you with another choice." I'm sorry. If I hadn't, would things have a better meaning?
Jul 4 · 33
The only way
The only way you were willing to offer
Is the slave way,
Now what can I say?
Slaves you always use then destroy
For maybe they'd tell,
May be they'd tell on you,
Their story spread all over the world.
You may never have me,
Never see me again after all this abuse!

Didn't you have enough fun?
Put în the shoes of the Child who deserved to have some fun,
Still not grateful enough.
Jul 4 · 18
How many times
Do we have to suffer,
How many times to die for you?
How many times to ask for a forgiveness that can never come,
Maybe I never understood you
And your perfect games.

You're still trying to punish us
For what parents did or didn't do,
We are tired of this world not understanding,
It wasn't us to decide, it was you.
It wasn't you to decide for me, it was myself.
And if I'll have to **** for everything I love
You will have to see
The unforgivable.

Of something we didn't do.
How many times to tell you?
What you did you didn't do.
How many times to ask for forgiveness
For this thought coming from an Old fact.

Of we defecate on each other every day,
That we all know, but why not to ask for more.
Well, I am asking these grounds once more
To take each thing there where it belongs.
Jul 4 · 26
I knew it
A long time ago,
In a past my mind remembers
She felt Hurt,
Thinking being a spoiled brat would help her.
But taking it, little by little,
Growing a life from anew
May help one make that difference,
A return to the light you need.

It's a fighter you loved
And I didn't know how it feels
Until she made you feel ashamed
With the choice of not showing her love.
A little bee that needs to help your times
Make sweeter your lives needs to be cherished and loved,
Nurtured and given her hope.

What happened, little bee,
Did your mother die?
Maybe you wouldn't understand why.
Maybe death wasn't explained to you well...
Sweet little child.

Oh, my little sweet bee,
You will need to sting when caught.
You'll survive, don't you worry.
You'll survive.

Helped with the best and strongest minds.
And rain if you want, from the clouds!
Dear Dragons,
To you.

Jul 4 · 53
God! What has become of these Dragons!
They must be remembering good times of a Fry,
We were told extinct
A species surviving through space and time as a memory,
The memory of great.
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