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There once was a girl named Sally
Who liked to dilly-dally
On the bed she did stay
All night and all day
Instead of cleaning the galley

Dreaming of days long gone
When witches would ride upon
Her family and friends
Through the wends and the bends
In between dusk and dawn
I can't
get enough
of the art
that you are
That thump
and that bump
on my ****
as you twirl
and you pump
-Spin Cycle
I try to creep from the bed
but instead you grab my head
and pull me back to you.
Back so you may pet my hair.
Deep asleep you still care
and melt I promptly do
I'll hold you tight enough
that you still feel like
you can run away
I chew, I chew, I chew, I chew
That's not a sneeze
That is the sound of me
eating my enemies.
Reality roulette
Which one, which one will you get?
One that's cam and mostly mellow?
Or one that's white or brown or yellow?
One that's red or full of rage?
One where you can't see the cage?
One that's filled with deep regret?
Which one, which one will you get?
One where you hold all the cards?
Or one where you're on constant guard?
One where love is all around?
Or one where love is never found?
All these choices for you to see
But which one, which one will it be?
The thing is you actively choose
In every little thing you do
You determine what you get
In the game of reality roulette
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