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C Feb 2019
There’s one star in the sky,
Beaming against the crescent moon,
I wonder if you’re looking at it too
At times, I lay in bed and look out my window, staring at the stars. It reminds me of you, how we always used to text each other to look at the moon and how beautiful it was that night. It brought us together, it was the light keeping us one. But one day the moon fell, it broke into pieces and decreased to a crescent moon. Things went down hill for us, but there will always be one little star, one little piece of hope that maybe just maybe, you will come back to me. If only you saw it...
C Feb 2019
I convince myself I’m over you,
I convince myself I’m done,
I try as hard as I can,
But the moment you walk into the room,
It always goes back to phase one.
I tell myself over and over how horrible you were to me, but the moment I see you, even for a second, all those thoughts disappear. Oh how much I hate you...
C Jan 2019
I forgot how happy it made me to see your name light up my phone,
The butterflies in my stomach,
The thought that maybe just this once you didn’t want to be alone,

The numbing in my face,
telling me how long you’ve been gone,
and all along maybe you knew,
I just couldn’t keep up the pace.

The lies, the love,
all of its lost,
Vanished into nothing like a magic trick,
And when you lie that’s what it cost.
We could have had everything, but instead I was left with less than I had before I met you. Oh well. You live and you learn, right?
C Jan 2019
The deep dark dream of eternity,
Add rings to an old tree; relief

New sounds, no sounds
New world, no world
New surroundings, no surroundings.

New uniform to blend out old
Arctic night among the northern stars
The deep dence caves along the forest
The base of new life springing up
From the roots below

He comes and goes however
He is always watching
Moments of suffering turn silent
Moments of joy turn rustic
Time has never had a chance
We have never had a say,
Much as an even number of grains of sugar is poured

He is powerful.
He is strong.
He brings misery and despair.

And yet,
We embrace him.
Hey y’all, this is my first poem. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to message me anytime :)
C Feb 2019
when i tell you to leave,
why does it hurt me more?

when i tell you to go,
why don’t you stay and fight?

when i tell you not to speak to me again,
why does it take days to see what would happen if you did?

are you listening...?
Why don’t you fight for me...fight for US?
C Nov 2022
please don’t hug me for long

i don’t want to start crying ,,,
C Mar 2020
Why does my own house feel like a prison I can’t escape from?
I wish I could move out. I can’t deal with the mental anguish my dad puts me through. I just can’t do it anymore
C Jan 2019
My love is just a display,
Broken pieces glued together form half a heart,
I was never easy-no.
The love I gave you didn’t match,
Suddenly you drew weary and I was thrown out the hatch,
Left alone in a sea of tranquility,
Alone in the gaze,
This is not the first time someone has made me faze,
Free into the night lonely souls walk the streets,
Lost amongst the others I am no different,
My heart only beats.
I knew this wasn’t right,
For all my efforts must always ignite.
I throw my heart into the trash
For one day I wish, this time wasn’t the last.
it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all...just keep searching.
C Jan 2019
When you look into my eyes,
What do you see?
The pain, the sadness, the misery?

When you look into my eyes,
Do you see who I am?
A girl as innocent and fragile as a lamb?

When you look into my eyes,
Can you see the rest of your life?
Or will you draw me in, then stab me with a knife?

When I look into your eyes,
Why does it seem like a game?
a wild beast to tame,
a narcissist boy amongst the same,
Especially when you so easily forget my name...
When I look into your eyes,
Is it weird I don’t see you?
I just see all the things you could do...
C Jan 2019
Could roses cover the night skies,
in search of new beginnings?
But all are found is lost followers,
mending their time with imaginary tales.
Toe-to-toe against the wall,
the waves come crashing down.
Breeze takes in light,
catching a glimpse of the stars above,
but something just doesn’t feel right.
Quick lil poem to remind you guys I still exist :)
C Feb 2019
The faucet drips,
the dog nips,
the baby cries,
the tv remote dies,
the keys are missing,
the cat keeps hissing,
the husband is gone,
the overgrown lawn,

[the gas in the car won’t last a mile,
But I’ll continue like I always do,
And put on a smile.]
Add some “little things” on if you want too. Because in the end, it’s all about happiness, so continue to shine, continue to conquer your fears, continue to fight and continue to smile.
C Feb 2019
I can pretend what you say doesn’t bother me,
Wipe it off my face and,
Replace it with a winced smile,

But the moment you act on your emotions,
I can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt,
For it is far to painful to see,
that you don’t care what you’re doing to me.
Sure, you can get away with talking about other girls, looking at them, doing it just to see me jealous, but the moment you actually did what you’ve been saying, I can’t deal with it, no more pretending.
C Sep 2022
I dye my hair red so,
when i wash it out i can imagine the red water
as blood
I have to find my indulgence somehow
C Mar 2020
Social Distancing does not mean Divorce...
My parents are getting divorced after a fight I had with my dad. This changes everything. My mom tries to reassure me I’m not the reason for this, but I know for the rest of my life this will haunt me
C Feb 2019
Is the wind howling your name,
Or is it just my imagination?
I seem to hear your name a lot, sweet little voices whisper it in my ear, reminding me of you. Am I crazy?
C Feb 2019
I just wish,
when you look into my eyes,
and tell me you love me,
I could believe you...
You have wronged me so many times and shown me people can lie so easily...why should I continue to believe you?
C Apr 2022
who am i to you?
        cold wind stealing your breath?
am i someone new?
        standing face to face with death?

the tightness in your body as she stands against you covered in lace?
        the goosebumps after a fright lingers?
the way your hands begin trace?
        her eyes staring in a trance?
warm breath upon your face?
        the urge in a thunderstorm to dance?
am i just a glance?
a glance you give yourself in the mirror before leaving for class,
a glance you give after a night of lust
a glance you give to a girl walking as you pass,
a glance down as the snow begins to gust,
a glance you gave me knowing it would be our last.

who am i to you?
C Feb 2019
Do you ever wish,
that you could undo something you did...
But at the same time,
you wouldn’t?
My mind is racing, my thoughts are becoming overwhelming and I can’t take it any longer...part of me wishes it never happened, I could take it all back and forget about it, but then again, I wouldn’t want too...
C Apr 2022
How does one
know they're in love
if love has yet to exist?
is it all just a scam?
is he the lion and I the lamb?
when he pulls me in by my waist,
does he only want a taste?

will i ever be his wife,
or will i get drawn in and stabbed with a knife?

what is love?
how does it sound?
what is love?
how are you bound?

how must we know?

im afraid i can't, so i must go,,,

— The End —