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C Mar 2020
Why does my own house feel like a prison I can’t escape from?
I wish I could move out. I can’t deal with the mental anguish my dad puts me through. I just can’t do it anymore
C Mar 2020
Social Distancing does not mean Divorce...
My parents are getting divorced after a fight I had with my dad. This changes everything. My mom tries to reassure me I’m not the reason for this, but I know for the rest of my life this will haunt me
C Feb 2019
Do you ever wish,
that you could undo something you did...
But at the same time,
you wouldn’t?
My mind is racing, my thoughts are becoming overwhelming and I can’t take it any longer...part of me wishes it never happened, I could take it all back and forget about it, but then again, I wouldn’t want too...
C Feb 2019
Is the wind howling your name,
Or is it just my imagination?
I seem to hear your name a lot, sweet little voices whisper it in my ear, reminding me of you. Am I crazy?
C Feb 2019
There’s one star in the sky,
Beaming against the crescent moon,
I wonder if you’re looking at it too
At times, I lay in bed and look out my window, staring at the stars. It reminds me of you, how we always used to text each other to look at the moon and how beautiful it was that night. It brought us together, it was the light keeping us one. But one day the moon fell, it broke into pieces and decreased to a crescent moon. Things went down hill for us, but there will always be one little star, one little piece of hope that maybe just maybe, you will come back to me. If only you saw it...
C Feb 2019
I can pretend what you say doesn’t bother me,
Wipe it off my face and,
Replace it with a winced smile,

But the moment you act on your emotions,
I can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt,
For it is far to painful to see,
that you don’t care what you’re doing to me.
Sure, you can get away with talking about other girls, looking at them, doing it just to see me jealous, but the moment you actually did what you’ve been saying, I can’t deal with it, no more pretending.
C Feb 2019
The faucet drips,
the dog nips,
the baby cries,
the tv remote dies,
the keys are missing,
the cat keeps hissing,
the husband is gone,
the overgrown lawn,

[the gas in the car won’t last a mile,
But I’ll continue like I always do,
And put on a smile.]
Add some “little things” on if you want too. Because in the end, it’s all about happiness, so continue to shine, continue to conquer your fears, continue to fight and continue to smile.
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