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cwhite Feb 2017
So many miles between us.
Only if I could have one wish.
I would wish to fly.
I'd fly over high mountains, and across valley greens.
I'd fly over blue oceans and every river and stream.

I would fly in the dark of night without a moons light. I'd fly into the early morning passing the sunrise.
Through the wind, the rain and , into any snow storm.
I would not stop, no matter how cold, no matter how hot.
I would fly and wouldn't stop. Not until I flew, on your front door step.
Because theres so many miles between us.
cwhite Jan 2017
What do I say to a person I haven't spoke to in years. Strangers are we. How would it be?  not like it used to be.
Out of the blue a note from you , which you left on my front door. What words would I say, if I spoke to you today,If I were to call you on the phone. ,The Conversation, will we have a good one, or will we stay silent on both ends.
How would it be . We're like strangers now. I'm a little scared to find out.  
How would it be.
cwhite Nov 2016
I'm wanna quit.!
    I'm going to quit everything that's bad for me.

I'm want to stop.
    I'm going to stop

I'm about to let go.
    Let go of all those negative thoughts I put on myself

And someday Im gonna say good bye ,
Say goodbye to all my lies , I  tell to myself

And the day I no longer carry stress,and the burdens are of my chest

Is the day I become a better me.
I will have finally set myself free.
cwhite Nov 2016
What is ir all about. What is life suppose to be.
Am I worthy?  Am I living the way Im made to live?
Do I make a difference  in all I do.?
     These are questions I have to answers for.
 Do I take up space.?
Where's my place!
     Shall I remain idle?
Will I  know when the day comes?
     When I fulfil my born duties  
And After I learn of my duties on earth.
When I accomplish them,  will I leave this earth shortly after.
   That's what I'm afraid of when our service is done,....will we become useless,          Therefore our presence is no longer needed.
cwhite Oct 2016
We all have a past,
    Not all will have a future.
The now is whats important
  Dont take it for granted.
Because tomorow is not guaranteed
  Today is given as a gift from god
That's why its called the present.
  Oct 2016 cwhite
Bill MacEachern
Love was grand
Then went bad
Love was happy
Then turned sad
Love was worship
Churned to scorn
Love was life
Burnt and mourned

Love is worth
All it tolls
All the warts
And all it's moles
I'll do it again
If only I could
With all the bad
And all the good
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