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Honey-Moon Jan 2020
The winds are calm and the days pass by
Not a bump, wobble or tear to cry
The world feels safe and the beaches still
The adventures ahead proved a will
But then the winds pick up and waves crash
& the sky turns dark, to grey, to black
The world feels a little less safe
You forget your place
But storms eventually pass
& the waves no longer crash
The sky will be bright and shine
& so will the child inside your mind.
Honey-Moon Nov 2019
To not know love seems a myth to most
How can someone live their life in the eyes of themselves
And not in the eyes of a beholder?
How can someone have so much love from surrounding souls
But be judged on the lack of a romantic bond
Is the love of a family and good friends
Not enough to be seen
The search for the love of themselves
Not enough to be deemed suitable  
Let people live the lives they want
And love who they want
Whether it’s romantic, Platonic, familial or self searched
There is enough love to go round if your heart is open and ready
Honey-Moon Nov 2019
How can I not know who I am
but know exactly what my soul stands for
How can I hate but love so deeply from the core
Laugh and giggle bright eyed
but hide the tears each day cried
Judge others oh so quick
but be empathic knowing that’s just what makes them tick
So perfectly a perfectionist
But so naturally imperfect
Always searching to whether it’s worth it
All this pain and confusion each day brings
In the end will make my heart sing
Songs of joy and make my soul survive
To feel is to be alive

— The End —