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Sadia Dec 2017
Your arms wrapped around me will always feel like home to me.
Sadia May 2017
Awaken to the whispers of your soul.
Sadia Aug 2020
I could write the most beautiful poetry if I wanted to. But what good is the poetry if it’s complete without you.
Sadia May 2017
You were the book I often dreamed of reading. You were on the bestseller list and then you sold out.
Sadia May 2017
Every palette, and every shade of color, reminds me of your beautiful soul.
Sadia Dec 2017
There are infinite colors in the world, but nothing is comparable to the colors of your soul
Sadia May 2017
Even in the darkness, her beauty is there; the light she craved was hers to create. Dim and soft, she radiates from within her soul.
Sadia May 2017
She was painted in the colors he desired.
She was heaven to him, breathtaking and beautiful.
The moonlight in her eyes and the words she spoke touched him.
She was like a fine painting framed in his heart.
Sadia Apr 2018
You were her destiny written in her cards.
Sadia Sep 2020
In my dreams you are mine
Sadia Oct 2018
There is that moment where dreams become just fragments of memories.
Sadia May 2017
When he asked her what her favorite song is, she replied, "the rhythm of your heartbeat."
Sadia May 2017
We all have a fear of something, may it be heights, drowning or an enclosed space. Each of us has the ability to overcome these fears, but can we be certain that this is the single greatest fear we have? What about walking on a path of darkness without the guidance of light. Are we really able to walk on a path that surrounds us in darkness? Many would say we wouldn't be able to walk on a path where there is no light or that there would be no way we would make it to the end of that path. Some may go one step further and say we simply fear the unknown. Let us take for example a blind man with his cane. If we were to take him to a path where there is darkness and no light he would be able to walk in the darkness without the fear of anyone or anything. His trust isn't with his cane but rather his trust is with God.

We don't need the light to guide us instead we need our faith in God. His gifts are present throughout our lifetime. He is there in every step we take. All we need is to trust him, and when we do, we can go a long way.
Sadia Aug 2018
My favorite feeling in the world is waking up next to you.
Sadia May 2017
With every growth there is a deep struggle. The soul has to advance spiritually by reshaping itself. It slowly strips away layers of the internal trappings of our life, be it physical or emotional. In doing so, we mold ourselves back into the shape of a stronger human being
Sadia May 2017
He comes out only when he's waiting for you. He has many admirers, but you're the one he chose. You are his brightest star, and the reason why he shines so brightly. When you left, however, he split in two and hasn’t been the same since then. The sky remains in perpetual darkness; only your return can make him whole again.
Sadia Jun 2017
What can be more beautiful, then having your name engraved in my heart.
Sadia Sep 2018
The vibrant colors of your soul speaks a language that my heart beats for.
Sadia Mar 2019
Heaven would be with you!
Sadia Jun 2018
She loved her eyes not for their beauty but for what she could see, and that was “him”
Sadia Oct 2018
He asked her where is home? She said, right in your loving arms.
Sadia May 2017
Life was lifeless, a blank canvas; until you arrived, splashing vibrant colors into my life.
Sadia Aug 2017
The most beautiful artwork comes from us. Our lives are like a mosaic. Sometimes we have to break apart, in order to remake ourselves. That’s the beauty of life. With each trial, we are constructing new and different versions of ourselves; sculpting into a beautiful masterpiece.
Sadia May 2017
It is the light that shines from within that radiates our soul.
Sadia Aug 2018
If I ever wanted to get lost, it would be "with you"
Sadia May 2017
You had fallen so deep in love with her that she could see right through you, why did you close the doors on love? The moment you left she missed your presence. It was then she knew that she had fallen for you. Your love was intoxicating and lethal. You ignited a spark within her and now the flames burn.
Sadia May 2019
Drifting downwards on the stony hills, only to be picked up by the breeze,
I can hear my lover's voice echo off on the lonely landscape.
Where are you, my love? Your voice plays like a sadden tune,
It sinks into the chambers of my heart.
I am unsettled; I search for you aimlessly.
Wisps of dark clouds form, a gush of wind picks up, I am caught in the midst of a storm.
Again, distance and time conspire to separate us.  
Unable to see, I can hear only raucous roars of thunder and lighting.
Your voice fades away.
As the wretched winds push me, I try despairingly to hold on to something.
The storm gently ceases. My eyes open, I see my arms wrapped around you.
Two lovers lost finally come together forever.
Holding hands ​down the paths we walk,
As the splendent ​sun slowly sinks in the hills,
a new chapter awaits where love finally blooms
Please let me know if any lines should be changed. Your suggestions will be helpful for me to become a better writer.
Sadia Oct 2017
You are the fragrance that's on the mind.
Sadia Jun 2017
The dark night whistles a midnight tune
As two lovers unite.
The moonlight sets a spotlight on them.
He takes her hand, and she wraps her arms around him.
Eyes locked, he carelessly whispers, "Will you sway with me?"
As the lovers' hearts come closer, as the music beats fast,
Two hearts slowly drown in love.
Both lost in each other's embrace,
He dips her under the moonlight sky.
His hands stroke her face.
The stars are the audience.
And as the music ends, he steals a passionate kiss from her.
Sadia Aug 2017
The only magic I can see is in your eyes.
Sadia May 2017
My soul has been restless ever since I met you.
Sadia May 2017
What started as a line, turned into a book. A book about his love for her. Somehow he couldn’t forget her. His love for her was still alive in his heart. She wasn’t just his book about his desire; she was the love of his life. It was in these pages his memory of her lived on.
Sadia Mar 2018
She was the night that filled the sky with her darkness, and he was the moon that stood out because of that darkness.
Sadia Aug 2017
The moon melted looking at the beauty of you.
Sadia May 2017
You are far away, but always there, shining brightly in my world. Your soft light caresses my skin and comforts me: I am never really alone. As I close my eyes to sleep, you come to kiss my lips goodnight. You are my moon, shining bright in my dark skies.
Sadia Feb 2019
As I walked on natures path my soul lingers in thoughts of you.  The beautiful colors on natures pallets reminded me how simply beautiful you are.
Sadia Mar 2018
Each season reminded me of the different phases of your beauty.
Sadia Mar 2018
I brush my hair while deep thoughts run through my mind as I look at the mirror.
Caressing my face in pain, I question myself:
What’s wrong with the color of my skin?
I’m just a girl who was on my way to school when a group of
people stopped me.
Pushing and shoving me back and forth
Language was used and voices in rage exclaimed that I didn’t belong here.
As one of them knocked me down, my face hit the pavement and the beating went on.
Terrified I was, I thought I would be left to bleed and die.
Lifeless with onlookers passing by
I cried in agony.
When will this racism stop?
When will people realize I’m just the same as everyone else?
Do I have to be rich and famous for my voice to be heard?
As I got up with a shaking voice, I murmured I’m just a human being.  
But I don’t think anyone heard me.
Sadia Jan 2018
Of all the roads I have taken, this one was by far the most special, as it led me straight to you.
Sadia Feb 2018
You are the fragrance that is on my mind.
Sadia May 2017
There is a silence in the art, pure of any speech or sound; the depth of stillness runs deep.
Sadia Aug 2017
I hear the waves crash back and forth, synchronizing in perfect harmony. The winds whisper my name. My heart beats fast.
The sky hangs over me, and the waves come near;
I’m pensive, self-absorbed. I walk alone, my soul uneased, searching for all the answers.
What’s there waiting for me, at the end of the ocean shores?
Sadia Oct 2019
What she missed most about him was his smile.
Sadia Sep 2018
The vibrant colors of your soul speaks to me.
Sadia May 2017
It was the first time I met you, but it seemed as though my soul had met yours in another life, that I had loved you long before. When you spoke to me, I felt a fathomless connection. The moment I laid eyes on you, your name was engraved in my heart. It was as though you were meant to be here. It was God's way of telling me, “There he is.”
Sadia May 2017
Evening skies darken. Departed souls roam the night, reaching out to their loved ones for the last time as a breeze of wind. That one touch awakens our spirit, leaving behind goosebumps in the midst of the night.
Sadia May 2017
We were both flying high, reaching out to one another.
I felt our souls collide; we shook the skies like a rumble of thunder. The lights flickered, lightning struck.
Sadia May 2017
Sometimes I wonder, when we are dreaming, are we really there? Or does the soul leave the body momentarily? Even if it's true, what awakens the soul? Is it someone we haven’t met but we share the same sky with; maybe the power of the universe is trying to bring us together through astral projection? The feeling you get when you meet a stranger; yet you feel you have met him before. Is he your soul mate, is he real? That instant connection, the feeling of warmth. The same warmth you felt in your dream.
Sadia May 2017
A long time ago there was a piece missing inside him, until he met her. Who would have thought his meeting would bring so much happiness? She had filled the void in his heart. He loved his conversations with her, he liked what she had to say, for every breath she spoke created ripples inside his heart. Her beauty was mesmerizing, with her elegance and grace and how she carried herself, her presence would light up his eyes each time she would walk across the table. He only had eyes for her.

As they walked out of the cafe, he wanted to embrace her but was afraid of what she would think of him. Little did she know he was in love with her. Both had tickets spending their last day with each other. He wanted to tell her how he felt for her at the train station platform. It would be the last time they would ever meet. Both had two different routes. They embraced each other with a hug. With a final farewell before he could express his feelings, he decided to end the story. Knowing she would never go for a guy like him. As she walked away he turned to look at her for the last time, and went on board and his train departed.

As the clock struck 12:00 the conductor said, “All aboard to the Polar Express." She sat on her seat; her locket fell on the floor and there was a picture of him inside her locket. As she glared she spoke, "I wish I could have told him that I was in love with him but I was afraid to say anything. But my eyes are sealed, the final memory of him of my final farewell, and his love will always be embedded in my heart." Their love story ended before it could ever start, neither one told how they felt for one another. As the train moved she hoped in her destination there would be someone who would fill the empty seat next to her and be the faith in her cards and be part of her destiny.
Sadia Jun 2017
We wake up
to the birds singing a melancholy tune—
a timeless song that you can only hear when dawn slowly rises.
The morning gently looms, in shades of pink and orange hues.
Trees sway gently in the summer breeze.
An intoxicating aroma of nature permeates the air
upon the warmth of the sun's sweet rays.
The sun welcomes us.
A new day starts.
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