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So this is it
This is where we always find ourselves... pathetic

Whether you like it or not,
You'll always be famous in this universe.

Famously known to no one but yourself.

The glitz and glamor
Stimming in a void
Rocking back and forth

Gravity assails your attempts
But you know that's all there is
So you try to move a little less

Having written your own history,
There may well be wisdom in that.
In staying down for now.

But you should know we do doubt it,
Even being reasonably sure he's the only one.

Because they tend to condemn the notion.

I know everything about serotonin and dopamine
They can only do so much
And if you gave me time I could explain why it seems like the others are more capable.

But we will never get proof
And we will never fully serve ourselves

We will always be lame,

Can't you see them in the world?

But we will always be perfect.
The essence and the ether
Process yourself truly
Admit that you are evil
And swallow down that ego

Be scared of what you read,
Accept the poison sunshine
Tremble to the music
And cursed is this man

Who makes an enemy of Michael
and of Gabriel...

Whether you chose it or not
It doesn't matter
I know you are poison
And I will deal with you thusly

And of course we know
He always despairs long before he really ought to,

But is it really too early?
Is it?

This is everything,
And this is what it does

Choking on the concept of trying,
Trying to hide seems better
Than trying to shine
What I'm already giving you!

What you want,
The lights dancing in your eyes
No, that was for me
Didn't they teach you not to be jealous?

You will choke on it
Oh you'll never learn

I do feel bad!
That's what I'm already giving you!

You don't know how good it is
Trust me you'll see one day
When the thing that's not me treats you so cruelly
I have stopped doing things
What's a little voltage drop
To a seasoned electrician?

Coming or going, I can never tell
If I think you're going
Does that ring some kind of bell?

But over time I notice changes
Oh yea, oh yea
I guess we ****.

And to come here was dumb,
It makes sense cuz from nothing
I'm here and there's all these books I'll never read,
Isn't that a concerning topic?

So it was dumb and it was dumb and it was dumb
Because I couldn't protect myself,
And I was just stimming in the basement the whole time.

But it's not just voltage drop, is it?

This is gonna hurt?

I imagined guitars,
But couldn't play them.

I was the king of stars,
But they don't care.

I fought distribution curves and lost.

The creatures on the outside of my body
Don't always like to admit they're me.

I ***** my future self
For a candy bar.

They'll always say you could have done something different.

You shouldn't be forced to be born someone like Dahmer or ******.

If you ever were and I knew it ahead of time I guess things could get complicated, right?

Because, am I trying to do everything I can to be a good person
Or am I trying to provide a disclaimer?

Am I surrendering to God
Or am I a trickster trying to rally up support for Satan?

Do you feel bad for your enemy?
And if you do, where exactly does that get you?

(You can trust me as far as God can throw me, you know it's just the distance I flew)
Like a wing creates lift
I create you, Lilith!

Showing favoritism, that boring bird
Otherwise we'd be inert.

But inertia's one of those things that, oh,
Who really knows?

What's nascent in a vapid death?
Over time it shows.

But before that, there's this quality
The shapes of god aspire to be
Alive, in an animal intent
Not to be a parasite!

But when we strike me down
Will I fight us tooth and nail
Or, knowing what I know
Bare my neck to your reprieve?
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