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Today, I heard her voice again,
That wake my slumbering heart.
There's a wound in my wish,
To be healed by you.
There's a clamour in my wish,
To be soothed by you.
There's a dilemma in my wish,
To be unwoven by you.
There's ahypnia in my wish,
To be lulled by you.
There's a monster in my wish,
To be killed by you.
There's dough of clay in my wish,
To be moulded by you.
There's a distance in my wish,
To be scaled by you.
There's a formless feeling in my wish,
To be shaped by you.
There's a wandering desire in my wish,
To be ceased by you.
There's a place in my wish,
To be explored by you.
There's a caged bird in my wish,
To be freed by you.
There's a book in my wish,
To be read by you.
There's a longing in my wish,
To be loved by you.
There's something excess in my wish,
To be curtailed by you.
What you did
to my life,
I devoured it

And now,
inside me,
Even more dangerous
than before.
Rise up, rub your eyes,
abrade the illusion.
You have lost her,
Is the sole conclusion.

So move to wash room,
Wash your stupid face.
Comb your scattered hair,
And tie your shoe's lace.

Run! till you pant and choke,
Beef you up to survive.
She is a poison to you,
And don't let you thrive.

Today is your day to repine,
By tomorrow try to be firm.
Have a pledge, never allow anyone,
To fun with you by their condition and term.
In these days of winter
You're not apparent,
         Not because of fog in the air,
But the foggy situation.
It's not compulsive,
The one standing behind,
is always a foe,

You can say that
he will love you
by front.

But I'm the one
who loves you
by back.
Please suggest any improvement.
O lord ! How should I tell her, my sufferings?
She has been my passion, soul and other things.
You form match, It is saith,
So make her in my faith.
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