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Apr 1 · 22
Her Voice ! Again
Today, I heard her voice again,
That wake my slumbering heart.
Feb 19 · 35
By You
There's a wound in my wish,
To be healed by you.
There's a clamour in my wish,
To be soothed by you.
There's a dilemma in my wish,
To be unwoven by you.
There's ahypnia in my wish,
To be lulled by you.
There's a monster in my wish,
To be killed by you.
There's dough of clay in my wish,
To be moulded by you.
There's a distance in my wish,
To be scaled by you.
There's a formless feeling in my wish,
To be shaped by you.
There's a wandering desire in my wish,
To be ceased by you.
There's a place in my wish,
To be explored by you.
There's a caged bird in my wish,
To be freed by you.
There's a book in my wish,
To be read by you.
There's a longing in my wish,
To be loved by you.
There's something excess in my wish,
To be curtailed by you.
Feb 7 · 53
Your Curse
What you did
to my life,
I devoured it

And now,
inside me,
Even more dangerous
than before.
Jan 29 · 37
Beef You Up
Rise up, rub your eyes,
abrade the illusion.
You have lost her,
Is the sole conclusion.

So move to wash room,
Wash your ****** face.
Comb your scattered hair,
And tie your shoe's lace.

Run! till you pant and choke,
Beef you up to survive.
She is a poison to you,
And don't let you thrive.

Today is your day to repine,
By tomorrow try to be firm.
Have a pledge, never allow anyone,
To fun with you by their condition and term.
Jan 4 · 146
Foggy Situation
In these days of winter
You're not apparent,
         Not because of fog in the air,
But the foggy situation.
It's not compulsive,
The one standing behind,
is always a foe,

You can say that
he will love you
by front.

But I'm the one
who loves you
by back.
Please suggest any improvement.
O lord ! How should I tell her, my sufferings?
She has been my passion, soul and other things.
You form match, It is saith,
So make her in my faith.
Jan 2 · 48
how would be
the eve?

When my eyes
would have tears,
And no vigour in my sleeve.
Dec 2018 · 137
This Idea Makes Me Mushy.
I'm trying
to let erase myself
from her life,
As it is well being and cushy.
I know it
and the situation says too,
So this idea
makes me mushy.
New Year's Resolution
Dec 2018 · 120
Loving You Forever
You forget and miss me never,
But I Keep loving you forever.
Dec 2018 · 55
I'm happy
without you,
is not a fact,
Would achieve a lot
be always lacked.
Dec 2018 · 158
I Wait and She Ignores
I wait,
As desert for rain,
A patient to recover,
A sowed seed to sprout.

She ignores,
As baby to food,
As the elite to the poor
Having some doubt.
Dec 2018 · 147
I'm Still Flying.
You gave me up,
As a fowl lose its feathers,
But you see,
O my dearie!
Away from you,
I'm still flying,
Cause me and my heart
Is light-weight.
Im still flying. Broken heart poetry
Dec 2018 · 78
I Hate to be balanced
We are three blades of a ceiling fan,
You, he and I,
If one goes it will be imbalanced.
Ask me, o you!
I hate to be balanced.
Broken heart poem
Dec 2018 · 352
Everywhere in me
She chills me as the winter breeze,
Which I can feel everywhere in me.
Dec 2018 · 65
What's My Identity?
What's my identity? Am I a broken soul?
Or a rhomboidally diamond fabricated of coal.
Perhaps I'm no one, so you define me please,
Make me alive or curse me till I freeze.
Dec 2018 · 74
So I Can Weep
To illume the earth,
The sun has to be burnt.
This instance is known,
So I too learnt.

That I shall be scorching,
When you would leave.
Infact, I would be hindered,
But bestow my wish to relieve.

Thinking how would be the eve?
When my eyes would have tears,
And no vigour in my sleeve.

Then a liquid which is ignobly famed,
Would be complice of mine.
Would console my heart in this way,
So I can weep and whine.
This poem depicts the presumption of the poet's mood at the time of departure of his beloved for forever.
Dec 2018 · 67
Someone is The She
Someone spacial asked me, why do you love?
No words I said, since I keep her above.
She is the someone and the someone is the she.
I was mum perhaps she could hate me and flee.
So I decided no to open my mouth and let her be free,
She loves me or not, but I do, is a different plea.
Thus I thought don't let the issue unfurl,
Because she has been my precious pearl.
To conceal my agony, was my decision,
So that it will emerge our new horizon.
Poet is unable to say his feelings about the girl whom he loves. He himself narrates his feeling to the girl by sending this poem.
Dec 2018 · 143
French Kiss
Last night, dreaming of you,
To me, my heart informed.
That your lips are so good,
For a french kiss to be performed.

In the very enigmatic dream,
You appeared as a doll of wax.
There was nothing but a scene,
We were clinging to the wall of ***.
Broken heart poem
Dec 2018 · 56
On My Dejection
I woke up early in the morrow
Due to clamor in my head.
I was distressed, gooey and restless,
It was the illation of what she said.

She said that she couldn't be with me,
The reasons were painful and dolorous to me
Burning in the flame of the anguish and parting.
Obligate enough was me, as she departing.

O lord ! How should I tell her, my sufferings?
She has been my passion, soul and other things.
You form match, It is saith,
So make her in my faith.

Else show me the way, how to forget her?
But think about me also, doest it better?
If this err you did, I won't spare myself,
If I manage some how, but what will happen to my elf?
Broken heart poem
Dec 2018 · 57
Weeping Rhyme
O paramour ! Will melt myself for your delight,
So that I'd stay weak and you be might.

I would go meaningless for the whole life,
And may you be someone's loving wife.

Would carry loads of your blames lifetime,
No clarification, write only a weeping rhyme.

I'm happy without you, is not a fact,
Would achieve a lot but be always lacked.

If you still accompany me but I can't be,
As it always rings in my brain, that you hate me.

It doesn't mean I don't miss you,
Perhaps it should be a good adieu.

I always devote you like my muse,
And through my poesy would make readers amuse.

You forget me but I'd never,
Drape your dignity ever and forever.

I always would be bitter like a neem tree,
And heal other's deseas to make them free.

You forget and miss me never,
But I Keep loving you forever,
Dark love poem
Dec 2018 · 616
Hate Me
O you ! Do me a favour,
Please not love me.
Yet I asked your hatred,
So please hate me.
But you gave not either,
And left deserted me.
Losing your company, was a shock,
This hazard is shame on me.
Broken heart poem
Dec 2018 · 75
The Glance
Thou hast given clefts in my heart
The glance doth me that impact .
Never knew how Cleopatra was beautiful
But could know how the goddess stare.
'tis come to knowledge which made me that impact.
O lady ! O darling ! Mend me
I'm burning bare.
I wish I were to thou in the gala and fair
Thou Could halt and nodus send me
Containing thy avow then and there.
Now in my lonesome I'm invoking thee.
O My paramour see , I'm on my knee
I'm on my knee.
The glance
The moment, when I was dying for you,
The moment, when I was crying for you.

And my liver was burning by the acid,
You were mum, solemn and placid.

Then you came up to me, as a great saviour,
What you did, that really changed my behavior.

Devoid of it, I would have turned into rabid,
And then my poetry could also be invalid.

Whatever you did to me, was a great occasion,
And my adversity had been defeated by that invasion.

Now I think, why did you care about me?
It was a great love, and didn't you see?

I'm beholden by your chivalrous noble deed,
That made another day of my life, to lead.
Love poem

— The End —