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Skyler M Jan 13
What do they make of me?
Am I a mistake or a prodigy?
It's really not too hard to see,
I’m just a liability.

Pulling at my skin,
Pulling out the pin,
Loving my sin,
Loving to win.
Skyler M Jan 4
We're so lovable,
Yet so fuckable,
Think we’re functional?
No, just dysfunctional.

Put it in reverse,
Wait here comes the hearse!

Quickly now,
Bring it down,
Not a sound,
Hearts pound,
They surround.
Skyler M Jan 4
Wipe the sweat off your left cheek,
It's been quite a while so you reek,
Open your tired eyes and peek,
Don't you forget to blink.

What do you think?
Maybe, “I’m a freak.”
Or perhaps, “pathetically meek.”
You’ll ruin your own week.
Skyler M Oct 2022
I don’t crave all-American stability,
It depends on our bodies usability,
To keep the systems invincibility,
For the rich to retain their nobility.
Skyler M Sep 2022
There's a smile in every picture of us,
Does that explain away the pain?
Does it excuse the shouting and fighting?
We were happy a few times,
But those few times,
Are outweighed by the crimes.
Skyler M Sep 2022
This conjecture comes sweet like vengeance,
Absolute to the words of the page,
Remark about the stage of grief we never leave,
Visceral emotions call to the passionate.

Hindered under the scorching sun,
Demand our heads to be ******,
Partial to the call of the political crisis,
Harrowing circumstances leave no room.

Line up, babes,
We’re all cardboard cutouts,
Against the merciless manifest destiny,
We’re all worth killing, babes.
Skyler M Aug 2022
A counter defense that’s labeled repent,
It’s backwards I bent to see what you meant
Yet I resent the sentence you sent,
The message is *******, It left a big dent,
It’s all of this rage, it’s all been pent,
Inside of my bedroom, I’ll pay your rent,
Take one more step and see the dread hidden inside of the ceiling vent.

Make your 3 wishes last,
If you’re not looking,
****, they go fast,
It’s worth the wait if you see the reckoning.
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