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 May 2019 Skyler M
Madison Wright
Hey you remember when you told me it was gonna be ok?
I believe you now.
i was smiling yesterday. i am smiling today. i will be smiling tomorrow. just because you are in my life.
You know how you're so

helplessly in love

with someone that you would do


to make them happy?
I think that feeling is called love, but I'm not sure...
 Sep 2018 Skyler M
 Sep 2018 Skyler M
Sometimes I still miss you
Sometimes is a lot of the time.
I don't know why
but I see you in my dreams

Sometimes you say that you want me
and I say me too
but in other dreams you say her name
and I wake up in sadness

My heart aches
for someone to love me
I don't know why it is so hard to be loved
no, actually, so hard for someone to love me
 Sep 2018 Skyler M
What if it rained daisies today?
And no one got wet
and nothing washed away?

What if the sun shone bright
as daisies flew?

What if the breeze blew
soft daisies like spinners
in the wind?

Would we all be happy then?
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