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As the Heavens
Embrace the Earth
Love abounds
In the sky colors at Dawn
See the sunset hues of autumn wine
Let the flame of Amour
Arise within you
If you feel lonely,
outcast, separated
Warm yourself by coals
Breathe on them
See the glow
You are truly
Never Alone
By still waters
Or the babbling brook
'Twixst the spring blossoming trees
Surely LOVE is there
Whispering to you
From long lost memories
Stand beside Her
Gaze with her into your future
A new day of
Grace and Eternal
Never give up hope
never give in
never surrender
Reach out to the finish line
Where Love
Always wins
When you are abandoned,
Listen with your whole heart to the mighty rushing wind
When you are rejected
Watch the falling rain drops descend from stormy skies
When you feel alone
Dip your hand into the coolness of the babbling brook
When you are shattered
Walk on soft earth and lay your hand on rough solid granite
Let the pounding surf, rolling waves remind you where you came from
Let the moon and stars tell you tales of your eternal home
The sun does not cease to share its rays to warm your countenance
Broken, bruised, battered, barren
The flame will speak your name
Calling you a treasure in an earthen vessel
But like any precious metal
You have impurities
Molten smelting required
Before the revealing of...
Your glory
If I am honest with myself, it hurts to grow. It often takes pain to motivate me to change and to see the patterns I become comfortable with are no longer working. Cutting away familiar and comforting habits that are unhealthy still wounds and bleeds. Emotions that I have hidden, don't really go away when I won't face them
Infinite stream
Everything is a matrix
Of information

Some i prioritize
Some i ignore
Some i choose to give meaning

Is that the meaning encoded in the stream?
Or my overlay?

Can i separate my impulse from the incoming signal?
Divide it from the trigger
Slice off the arousal?

The stream of ****
Must it force a rise out  of me?

Or is it just...
Another meaningless image
Saturated with lust
A sponge absorbing and bursting
With the prurient soaking
A blob of sweaty damp pheromones

Best washed away
In the predawn rain of innocence?
The glistening snow melts
On the mountain top
Into rivulets
Fragmenting as
Beads like glass bubbles

The essence
Dew dripping
Dew drops
Portions of
Infinite sky
Where stars are poets
Declaring love
In musical spheres cascading

Shattering corrupted auras
Of lost souls
Triggering their metamorphosis
Into the resurrection of eternal light
On the fields
Of emergent
Nascent paths
Unlocked from this prison earth
And its microcosm of dwindling

This is the panorama
Across endless star lanes
The ever self creating
From Hollywood, the elite  down todregs of society live on your radio and TV
In my home, my peers, the streets
All I was told at my mother's knee

The messengers of our society
Say: believe this about reality
And what to do, who I am supposed to be

From the cradle, hypnotically hammered so-called truth
In the school of youth
Pounding molten metal, letting it cool to steel
This is what is true, this is real

So well packaged, the American dream
Mom, apple pie, pursuit of riches so lavish it's obscene

Pleasures become addiction
...driving obsession
Control, manipulate my mind and emotions

Red pill? Blue pill? Never see the light
Learn wrong from right
The hypnotic matrix of endless suggestions
Believe with no questions

Preachers sell me their brand of truth from the pulpit
So many flavors
Different versions of the savior
This can't be the only truth can it?

Politicians, old and wise
Trust me to guide and tell no lies
Will my vote do what they advertise?

Lies, deceit, illusion - it's crazy
But you tell me to question my sanity
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