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and simple as that,

a twist...

even a poet could not resist

an orange peel

with their

iced tea...

the smoke from a hundred chimneys

and the rain from a thousand storm-clouds,

a city made of iron and brick

were we fooling ourselves to begin with?

If wish,

if only

and what's to be done next?  

simple as that,

and this twist?

(an elevator that goes to the moon

is even more irrisitable

to a fainted heart novelist)

ahh, a crafters fortune and vision

a grip on a tether ball, a step on a tight rope walker

falling forever into city
an alleyway croquet mallet
has offed me aside the cheek, mom
and hallow I ruse and relish and weep about it-
carrying the decaying,

I rush to greet certain death, only to find more construction sights
and cars, bothered by their metal and their enormous frames

and my cynical attitude, i know, turns no light for decent people

making invaliuable clauses out of merit heat, and I fear

out of rational and simple,

that I may have exchanged my promise for plea,

I ask the gods and my mother

of such a night like this,

that I may go in peace?

through this one,

at least
I went through a length where I did not write,

I feel like how some poets feel, when they really feel they don't belong anwyhere

Charles Bukowski would say, "like your jacket, have a cigar"

and dylan would earnestly, yet directly ask "how does it feel"

and I'd probaby land on top of keroacs dusty hotel room, listening to bluetooth jazz

reciting allen ginsburg at the northwest point.  yeah.

lay a ray,

lay a ray,

lay a ray
I like to drift aobut the oprah show

with my laptop open, sipping bourbon, it smokes my eyes

and stings my tounge

I like to drift about like this,

I like it when the benches to the barstool are sepraated by groups of three

and I like itwhen the tender leans towards my direction

I like the  laptop open in a giant kazooo, in an inredibly modest church

I like the laptop open while I'm searching for pens and pencils

while I'm picking roses

Iwhile I am farting

now listen,

I like the laptop open because I am flawless,

I am capable of being an inticate wirter,

I have the happensatance on happenstance,
nd lecture to the gods that made wine and whiskey decent,,

so I'll sar face, and tell you that I will dissolveinto a bottole of decent phd balanced wtaer...

you are amiliar with thoseairpborre [ils? yeah thats's thow I go,,
I dissovlvejust just like a hellbent sailor, and a hellbent sailor ispnetjhat smils sand glssensup the deck

and isdefinitel inthe crowsnest
its starting to feel better,

the days are warmer and the initial pressure of summer fun

is dissipating, everyone has that bikini day in mind...

especially young people, but everyone.  

and there's supposed to be a song for the summer, too.

I didn't hear any, however I am sure there is one hiding somewhere

crafted by a team of usual people...

what feels better is the heat,

its hot, that kind of hot where it's definitely hot

no question.

things are starting to feel better because I can let the hours pass by

bring on September
goes into the garden andallws for garden

fixes the air conditioning

go east, go west… west is wehre you can be 30 percent sure

lbah blah and itinerary,for a worldclass

ride to spain

ride to spain

die in paris, in vain
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