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M Mar 2017
Why is it that we
Hold onto the ones
That don't see us
And let go
Of the ones who do
M Feb 2017
My dear
One day you will have the he
You will never be wounded
He will never make you work
Or fight for what seems real
M Feb 2017
It's terrifying feelin that at one moment
You can be someone's everything
Then all of the sudden
Their nothing

M Feb 2017
The exclusion of my spilling heart
Is burning me alive
I feel everything but you coming into me
Like a clash of irresistible waves
Guiding me home

M Jan 2017
The only one who hurt me- was me
I knew you were wrong
But I let you carry me away
M Jan 2017
As I look back at our black and whites
The girl I see is a stranger
Masked with artificial words and false images
Unaware of her own voice- screaming to be free
M Jan 2017
I am trying to feel the pain of you
You led me to absolute numbess
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