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Sammi Rahman Aug 2016
Palestinian Liberty

I hear your cries, I harken to your call,
Beautiful children, loving mothers I see you all,
Weeping orphans, bereaved parents I share your tears,
The bombs fall, panic, chaos I feel your fears.

Stay strong children of Palestine,
Stay strong oh family of mine,
For the day shall surely come,
When we will rise up as one.

Mutilated corpses, Rivers of blood,
Severed limbs lay on your sanctified mud,
Upon which prophets and martyrs stood,
Pillars of faith, your forebears, upholding all that is good.

You gave refuge to your captives in their hour of need,
You roots of usurpation, you planted that seed,
Graciously breaking bread with the holocaust survivors,
It is you who carry the standard of the emancipators,
Now it is you who call out for the liberators.

Will we laugh or cry at the irony,
That only the men of Palestine carry the bravery,
That only the women of Palestine bear the humanity,
That only the children of Palestine possess the capacity,

To sacrifice, to provide liberty.
Sammi Rahman Feb 2016
I know every soul shall taste death,
And so I pray I shall not die,
Not as a camel at a watering hole,
But as a lion defending his Fathers cubs.
Sammi Rahman Feb 2016
The warrior:

Holster the sabre,
Put away the armour,
Turn away and leave, never to return,
The end has come, you are yet to learn.

The warrior of old, once pious and celebrated,
Life’s sword failed where destiny’s beautiful eyes penetrated,
The lone wanderer, now reduced by love’s glance,
If only he was strong enough to seize the opportunity, the chance.

The perils of the deserts sun and winters chilling air,
Could not affect him, he was safeguarded from all despair,
Until he entered the house of his assassin,
Overwhelmed by the beauty and intellect of the one he was pursuing.

Now he must hang up his arsenal, he lowers his head in shame,
He has realised his defeat to destiny,
He carries but a memory and a name.

— The End —