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Dachon Mar 2019
Oh how she
rains and
continues to bloom
as we tear her down,
violate her body,
and use her
for our own needs.
Dachon Mar 2019
You see me in your dreams all the time and
when you wake up
I'm gone.
You did this to yourself.
Now we both have to suffer the consequences.
  Mar 2019 Dachon
Starving Artist
You deserve someone better than me. But no one wants you as badly as I do.
Dachon Mar 2019
I can't write.
Everything In my god ****** head
Is moving to fast
And my mind is too weak and too tired to keep up.
I want to write
About how you shattered my heart
Like a piggy bank
And took everything out of it.
But I can't stop thinking about those blue eyes
and how they met mine when you went to kiss me
so softly.
I want to write
about how ******* angry you make me.
How you chose the liquor
and leave me on the top shelf
leaving me for some else to grab.
I want to write about us.
About the first time
we made love
how you held my head to your chest so tight.
I want to write about you.
But everytime I do,
I break down and I cry.
Dachon Mar 2019
I have so much love
in my heart
To fill both of us but,
I cant give it to you
Until you let me in.

— The End —