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They are a heartless population who depend on us,
They ate the eggs, chewed the meat, drank the palm oil and left our young malnourished,
They drank our wine but failed to give us water,
When I think of how the gods depend on us, I feel more god than them,
With their powers, they never move without our aid and never eat till we feed them,
These are gods that are spoken to, never hear and never talk back,
We see them but their eyes are closed and their ears deaf to our plights,
When their priests bring their supposed messages, it is wrath and curse with no blessing.
These gods have no peace and so offer none,
Anytime we looked up to them, our hearts remain restless and our minds peaceless,
Can they give what they don't have?
Because they were carved from our finite thoughts, they are limited in power and exploits.
They **** but never give life,
Are they gods who can't make?
Are they gods when they can't forgive?
They never wrote to us, so we never knew how to please them; yet they accused us,
That's why we left them behind when the God who was LOVE called us.
His light outshone their dark ills, cleansed our stained selves and offered us peace and Hope.
I present to you Jehovah.
The world of friends has never been devoid of conflicts.
They just choose to place more value on their friendship than the conflicts.
When they share with each other, it is not because they have so much,
But because they learned that group joy exceeds personal happiness.
Friends know how to live alone, but understand that people need people.
Friends don't agree on everything but they move together anyways.
They decide to see the needs of each other as theirs
By time, they'd feel and move to ensure the best of the friendship together.
Friends do not ignore the value of the investments their friends make for the sake of the friendship.
To ignore what your friend does for the friendship and refuse to make a personal commitment to invest in it is an act that kills the friendship. Charles Deku
He goes and promises to return
He always does - so we believed
He's faithful as a healthy heart
Never missing the time to return

He is gone! Reported a messenger
Yes we know was our retort
Of course he is gone and said he would return
No! I mean he is gone was the messenger's next line

The man of valor fell prey to the claws of death
The innocence of our minds took long to comprehend
What does it mean to be gone and not return?
What city is that far and strong to keep the strong man?

We're growing to only know that he was
Nobody who in his stead steps seems to know,
They never know what he means to us,
Nor what he does, they're all unreal actors

If that city still exists, we too one day would be gone!
Painfully we'd leave here but hopefully we'd meet him there
Maybe he still lives with his smile and bravery
In his arms by his help, we'd build our world in that city
Wired within us by nature or nurture we feel this thing
The one that stops the clock, mind and rewrites decision codes
The strong get weak at it and sometimes it uplifts the weak
Even when you say no, build defense walls, and inject yourself with a universal immunity drug, it disregards all.
Is it unstoppable or we're just yet to find the solution.
The antidote to it has been more of a placebo
Do we even need a solution at all for something that all who don't have want to have?
Maybe yes, cos the ones who land in the wrong jails of it cry out for freedom
Nobody seems to have the help
When it knocks and you ignore, it keeps knocking with persistence unimaginable
It gets frustrating and exciting sometimes to know it is love knocking again
A reptile just grew out of nothing
In a forest of dried leaves
The parents somewhat weren't at the delivery
Lonely homeless introduction of the young

The harsh world's pressing ******* its tender flesh
Too young to fight but young enough to be hungry
How do you eat in the animal's world without strength?
The old are a sleeping so it crawls their cave in
For the first hunting try out

In search of just little enough to train his toothless mouth
The snakes wiggle and hissed around
The traffic lights of the forest was red
Unsafe driving it is to venture out

He knew no rules of the game and so jumped uproad
Nobody to warn that the cracklings sound nice,
But are deadly!
A venture for a meal turns the baby to a meat!
The unnatural hunger for knowledge we picked,

Knowledge hunt in which we lose self,

Embracing the being offered by books,

Such a pursuit it is.

We harvest what they plant and rarely plant ours,

It’s a world teaching that knowledge is out there,

Knowledge that needs a refining,

The search keeps growing.

The newest and seeming sound knowledge,

Once researched may be refuted,

We’re rare successes in our job,

Right today, disproved before the morrow.

When counter-evidence makes our knowledge void,

Our fat egos get hurt and deflated,

But by our oath, we accept defeat,

But then we begin other searches.

Hopefully, we’d die before they find out,

That we were false academic prophets,

Like how we fought the ghosts of those gone,

May they continue our ghosts to fight unending.
Somewhere within my me beyond me I found Reason
Reason in Season to accept I was Weak
Weak and unable to secure Tomorrow
Tomorrow unknown beyond my doom
Doom inherited at Birth
The birth that landed me into Hopelessness
Hopeless till I accepted my state
My state was a fate of damnation
****** in the dungeon unbreakable

Like a freed slave I smiled when I met the KING...
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