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Jan 27 · 102
Lorrin Jan 27
The endless battles
spilling the people's blood
shed for no reason
Jan 27 · 43
Hope's Fatality
Lorrin Jan 27
People search and search and strive
they choose one way to spend their lives
blindly following what they want it to be
ignoring Hope's Fatality.

They listen dumb to Hope's happy lies
and ignore Death's dancing in her eyes
"Choose away you foolish child
choose the thing that keeps you mild."

One day soon you'll surely see
the truth of Hope's fatality.
Jan 27 · 97
She Paints
Lorrin Jan 27
She paints a pretty picture
with her paintbrush running red.
Her laugh rings out the loudest
to drown the screaming in her head.

She paints a pretty picture
her paintbrush gleaming bright.
Curled away inside herself
to make it through the night.

She paints a pretty picture
to hide her every flaw.
Falling ever shorter,
she’s reached her final straw.

She paints a pretty picture
with her canvas running out;
her smiling face is silent.
Inside she longs to shout.

She paints a pretty picture
her canvas soaked with red.
She cannot paint another ******,
this painter now is dead.
Jan 27 · 785
2 AM
Lorrin Jan 27
Hot tears and empty loneliness.
Sharp razor kissing soft flesh.
Whiskey breath. Seeing in threes.
Warm bed and soft caresses.
Gentle kisses. Soft love.
What does 2 AM look like?
Jan 27 · 50
Let Go
Lorrin Jan 27
It's already gone but I still can't let go
the chance that I had and the things that I know.
The ghosts of a future that never will be
still echo before me and haunt all I see.
Jan 26 · 247
Lorrin Jan 26
                    You're drowning in your imperfections.
                    There's nothing left to give.
                    The emptiness drills a hole within you.
                    You wonder what it is to live.
                    The numbing blanket falls away.
                    The pain will make you bend.
                    The silence screams around you.
                    The night will never end.
                    The dawn's slowly coming.
                    It never is.
Jan 25 · 28
Lorrin Jan 25
Dichotomy, I am two.
Which is my real self?
Maybe more, I'm fractured though,
I don't even know myself.
This one here and that one there
which version of me will come out next?
I do not know, but this is sure,
I long to find egress.
Solidify and unify
Please these fractures hurt.
Jagged edges rend and try to take away my rest.
Jan 25 · 49
Those Eyes
Lorrin Jan 25
Soft. Vibrant.
Moss after fresh rain.
Mischievous. Twinkling.
Sparkling like sunshine on emerald.
Distant. Sad.
Full of love and secrets destined only for others.
Jan 23 · 55
Empty Life
Lorrin Jan 23
Empty life echoing in all the empty space.
Empty life of buying things to fill the empty place.
Cram it full and maybe then I can find some joy.
Fill it up with all I want, with every little toy.

Empty words spoken out, meaningless and void.
Empty words and promises are only empty noise.
Fill the void with anything, it never is enough.
It’s always there, hungering, but never filling up.
Jan 23 · 51
The Power of a Word
Lorrin Jan 23
Good and bad are associations
Of feeble minds
Red. What is red?
A blood-soaked war or a velvet drape.
A lashing of fists may hurt for a week
turning purple, then blue, and green.
But the power of a word
can outlast it all.
It echoes on forever
echoes again and again
Raining down fresh blows with each recollection.
Jan 23 · 44
Picture Painted
Lorrin Jan 23
Her pretty picture’s painted,
Her canvas all stained red.
Her mind’s still ******* haunted,
There’s still screaming in her head.

The voice is getting louder
Where can she find release
She tried to lose her razor
But she couldn’t find her peace.

She longs for sweet surrender
And the solace of the blade
It’s siren song is calling
It’s voice cannot be stayed.

Why is she all alone here
Why is her world so dark
She thought she’d found a savior
But she’d sorely missed her mark.

The ones she thought to count on ,
Have fallen all away.
She cries aloud and wonders,
Why does no one ever stay?

Once again abandoned
Once again alone
The cycle still continues
She wonders where is home?

Where is a soul that listens?
Where is a heart that cares?
The silence only thickens,
The darkness only stares.

— The End —