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Jul 2019 · 235
Rimea Jul 2019
I lay awake,
Under the starry skies,
Look into eternity,
Casting upon thy cries.
My daily crisis of having depression, anxiety, insomnia and many more mental disorders in a nutshell.
Thank you for reading!
Jul 2019 · 106
Tear me down
Rimea Jul 2019
I sat at the back of the class,
Observing everything it has.
In a room with 40 people,
I'm ending up looking at You.

I felt something being teared up.
Be it the walls I put around,
To my secrets and feelings that
I have kept and refused to have.

I did not want myself to fall.
I do not want to risk it all.
But what can I do if my heart
Keeps beating and feeling for you.

You make me melt with those bright eyes,
Calm me with your beautiful smile,
It's like a sea, you are my tide,
And I'm the boat sailing around.

I'm a mere human and you're the
Galaxy that I want up high.
You may be out of my limit,
But I guess I can't help but try.

I just wanted to share a poem I wrote for my special someone on Valentine's.
Thanks for reading!
Jul 2018 · 480
Rimea Jul 2018
I feel this overwhelming happiness,
So called Euphoria.
Bursting into laughter
Turning into a dilemma

Fastly, Swiftly.
It passes by verily.
Rarely felt by many.
After all, you were sad subconsciously.

Oh, How I miss to be purely happy
Never thinking of anything deeply
Playing around like nothing's wrong
Just being happy. I'm really unsure.

Immensely, you'll start Euphoric
After that it feels Terrific.
Maybe you weren't worth for such a thing,
And you'll regret what you just did.

Euphoria, Extreme happiness.
A dilemma of a bitter after taste.
A teenager's problem,
Everytime they find them.

Been so down and busy lately. So heccin sad without a reason.
Thanks for reading =')
May 2018 · 278
Rimea May 2018
I woke up from a dreamy fantasy,
Never wanting to go back to reality.
Cause I'm with you
And in reality I can barely be with you...

I dream of us together
Loving each other as if it's forever.
Talking about our future if ever
Until I woke up, we become severed.

Day and Night
Because of your might
I can't stop thinking of you
And my numbness has been overthrew.

I enjoy dreaming about me and you.
And sometimes I wish you are too.
But I'm hurt of the reality,
That it can barely come true.
Thanks for anyone who reads this. I appreciate it.
Apr 2018 · 226
Rimea Apr 2018
Every time I think of you,
Anxiety attacks.
Not because of what you do
But because of my heart's broken tracks

I love you and I'm happy to be with you
But what do I do?
If my heart's anxiety,
Is perfectly brewed.

As my love intensifies,
So does my miseries.
How is it possible to hurt greatly
When nothing  is wrong barely.

I hate myself as much as I love you,
But am I lost?
Cause how can I love someone else,
If I can't even start believing in myself.
Apr 2018 · 187
Rimea Apr 2018
You're like a Crystal,
Of a great amazing value
Rare and beautiful
That you'll never know where to find

You're also like a Meteorite,
Of a unique existence
Unpredictable and quite shy
That only a few people see what you really are

But whatever happens,
Stay just the way you are
Cuz' I'm already clapping
Of who you are

I know we're Perfect Strangers,
And I wish I will have a chance
You've melted my heart til' its in danger
And I already fell at first glance.
Mylene =<
Apr 2018 · 287
Wasted Efforts
Rimea Apr 2018
Why am I still waiting...
Even if my heart is bleeding...
Maybe I should've stopped caring...
Because I am just "Nothing"...

I should've followed myself...
But now it's too late.
I've done it myself.
I've fallen for an angel dragging me into an eternal dark place.

Dying, Falling & seeking help
My efforts wasted, I lost myself
You seek love and I am always here
But here all along, My feelings can't be heard

I was never enough...
And will never be enough...
Even if I try rewrite the stars
We were never meant to be
Apr 2018 · 172
Rimea Apr 2018
Why does it seem like everything hates me.
Did I do something wrong?
That I shut myself from reality,
And cry along with a song.

Hurt... Yes, I. Am. Hurt.
Hurt from my own thoughts of negativity
That I put myself down to the dirt,
And listen to the thoughts without relativity

You're the cause of my pain,
But without a reason.
My tears streamed like the rain,
As if you've commited treason.

You. Are. Hurting. Me. Without. Knowing.
I don't know why this is happening.
But please feel my pain
And realize what you've been doing.

— The End —