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The excitement for the young to be involved in a protest
With the belief that all these causes seem to make sense
Just remember to think of your future
Because good jobs are rare with a felony offense
Joe Marcello Sep 17
There are many mysteries and questions about the Bible
It's hard to know where to begin
Starting with the pictures of Adam and Eve
Why have belly buttons drawn in
Joe Marcello Sep 10
It's the campaign of could of, would of, should of
As the pundits get their knifes out for carving
While we are left to digest all this food for thought
Which leaves us all intellectually starving
Joe Marcello Sep 4
I have the same faith with the medical experts
Forecasting what the virus death toll will be
As in, if fortune cookies could actually predict the future
You would certainly not receive them for free
Joe Marcello Aug 27
I like to keep matters in perspective
Avoid the news is how it's done
I prefer using a straw to drink a beverage
Not perceiving the world through one
Joe Marcello Aug 21
There are 5000 times more fish than people
More ocean than land would be the reason why
But then again there should be 70 times more birds
Since neither compare to the amount of sky
Joe Marcello Aug 14
Note to the rioters and looters
Though justice maybe blind
All the law abiding citizens
Can all see you just fine
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