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Joe Marcello Nov 2022
So many events have occurred
For reasons we cannot conjure a clue
That someone from the future has never intervened
Tells me time travel can never be true
Joe Marcello May 2022
All this talk about genders is a bit confusing
All emotions have been torn
But then again, I was a man trapped in a woman's body
Until the day I was born
Joe Marcello May 2022
There are many advocates for voting rights
They say, more people voting, the better in touch
Although when it comes to voting for abortion rights
Wouldn't you know it? Maybe not so much
Joe Marcello Apr 2022
I long for the days before the Internet
When ignorance was bliss and life was carefree
Now with every ache and pain, I've become aware
Of just how many diseases it could be
Joe Marcello Apr 2022
President Putin has always had a plan to extricate himself
In case he was unable to take this hill
He will claim victory by eliminating the Nazis
As he sticks the rest of the world with the bill
Joe Marcello Apr 2022
With cancel culture and the banning of words
Free speech is being put in its place
When comedians can no longer make a joke
Now that's a real slap in the face
Joe Marcello Mar 2022
Imagine when scientists find the center of the universe
And how does all this space and time fit
Watch for the surprise of the politicians when they realize
That they are not the center of it
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