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CLARYT Mar 2020
Take heed of the prize,
For all too often it flies,
Right before our eyes

(C)  02/03/2020
CLARYT Mar 2020
When you hurt someone,
The whole world turns black and white
And rosy cheeks fade

(C)  01/03/3020
CLARYT Feb 2020
I had it,
Right here in the palm of my hand,
But my stupid,
Relentless insecurities,
And failure to believe,
Has cost me my life,
My reason for living,
Of course, I will go on,
But never the same,
My glass is shattered,
Shattered, my glass.

CLARYT Feb 2020
Two years to the day,
I still can't believe you're gone,
I miss you mumsy.

(C)  26/02/2020
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