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She searched and searched
A new man with the same ending
She kept getting hurt and hurt
Keeping hope with new beginnings
A child follows with repercussions
With eyes so innocent and green
Each guy with different intentions
She pretends she doesn't see
Her search for true love blinds her
From the trauma her child endures
Too many alike but this one
could be the one she sure
She knew something was wrong
But she was too scared
He had glares for her baby
But she didn't care
She knew she wouldn't find better
She wasn't good enough
One day she would explain in an apology letter
The innocence is gone and she sees
Her baby is not the same
Still she pretends everything is fine
swallows her shame and tells herself,
She will be healed with time
He turned out to be another,
Her daughter says "don't worry mommy, we'll always have each other"
She swears she will find love
She doesnt know what's she's doing wrong
Hoping and praying to the one above
That somebody is out there for her
To love her through her flaws
She forgets to remember
Love never left her side
With a face full of tears,
Her daughter looks up and says "Love is Right Here"
Oh phantom creature deep within;
Arrests the villainous energies,
weeps in sin

Purposed to extract the bad and the univited
Eclipsed with confusion, undivided

Woven with good intentions and prebenediction
A needed cleanse full of fiction

Feathered dreams become crippling
Vacated your mission, entities are listening

When does the nightmares end?
Where do dreams start or begin?

Phantom creature captured in cluttered mesh
Accelerated speed; aging faster than the flesh

One bead away from the shatter
A blast of broken pieces..

Green eyes glisten in the moonlight
City noises cars going by, sitting on the rooftop the future lost sight
Wondering where life will take her, will she be alright?
She's been strong her whole life, she wonders if it's worth her might
Too many battles, the war is not her fight
Looking back, seeing how she lost her sight
Days in and out, the world keeps turning just look at the streetlights

Street lights ran on a timer, expected without knowing
Same as her beauty, pain without showing
Her path is unknown, her tears start flowing
Broken and defeated, her heart begins snowing
Never good enough, her spirit is bowing

Beauty is pain, her smile brings light to a room
Inside full of demons, her core becomes doom
A seed is all she has with just enough bloom
Only a goddess has this strength in a tomb
She knows her worth in the mist of perfume
Head heel high, this is just another monster to consume

Life runs in eight, the world sees her figure
Enjoying the smallest of things, dreaming of leisure
Pleasure of pain keeps her going, not submitting
Hair in the wind, that would be fitting
She can't help but notice all of her failings
Her children cry because her choices are untelling

Expected to be like her mother, becomes her biggest fear
Like an open book, her soul full of sheer
Battling yesterday's self, her memory is a tear
Proceeding is her only choice
Love and hope will always be her inner voice
Her emotions are not boring
Street lights will always be her story

— The End —