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Raegan Low Nov 2015
It's taken some time, and a whole lot of pain. But finally I'm starting to see the sun, and not just the rain. I've hurt the ones I love the most, the people I hold dear, I hope you can forgive me, and still let me stay near. The clouds are at last lifting, so I can find my way, I know I'm getting stronger, a little more each day. I will always love you all, you mean the world to me. I hope we can get back to where we once were, and you get to see the me I want to be....
Raegan Low Oct 2015
Take me to a place
Where it doesn't hurt
Take me to a place
Where I won't get burnt
Take me to a place
Where I can be happy again
Take me to a place
Where there is no pain
Take me to a place
Where I can be me
Take me to a place
Where I can be free
me to a place
Where I don't feel alone
Take me to a place
That I can call home....
Raegan Low Oct 2015
You make me smile, you make me cry,
And through my tears I wonder why?
Why we go through so much pain,
When really, what is there to gain?
Raegan Low Sep 2015
Sometimes I wonder
Why I even care
Whenever I turn to you
You're somehow never there
I know you think I'm crazy
Some days I think so too
But even though I shouldn't
I still worry about you
People say I'm selfish
And I need to let go
But I still hurt when you do
I think you should know
No matter what may come
I'll always be here
And will do my best
To wipe away your tears
Don't forget I loved you
And will always care
Whenever you need me call on me
I'll always be there....
Raegan Low Sep 2015
've never felt so numb
This day has struck me dumb
I know it's not my place
To get into your space
I feel so helpless, without a clue
I don't know what to do
To make it all okay
To make your pain go away
I just wish you were here
So I could dry your tears
And hold your hand,
So you understand
That even though you're heart's breaking
And it feels like it won't stop aching
That I'm here for you
And everything I do
Is to always be
The person you need me to be....
Raegan Low Sep 2015
When will I learn?
I should have worked out
My fate won't turn
Just becuase you're around
When will I see?
That things won't change
So many years it's been
Things are still the same
When will I know?
That it won't last
I need to let go
Of you and the past
I know I'll learn
When you leave me in pain
My tears will burn
And my heart will break again
Raegan Low Aug 2015
I should have known this would happen
That nothing for me can last
I should have realised from the start
That I'd suffer another broken heart
It's no one's fault but my own
That I feel the way I do
Though I feel like I can't help it
Because you just keep being you
As my ideal world is crashing
Around my ears, and my heart
One thought keeps going through my head:
I should have realised from the start....
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