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Raegan Low Aug 2015
You were here, I didn't know
You never had the chance to grow
Now you're gone, and I'm not sure
If for my feelings, there is a cure
You were here, and now you're not
Somewhere inside me, there is a spot
That aches, that cries, that wants to just die
That wants to know, the reason why
You were here, but not for long
I don't know, if I can be strong
Strong enough to let you go
To try and let my feelings show
You were here, I'm not sure why
I'll find the strength, to say goodbye
You were here, and now you're gone....
Raegan Low Aug 2015
The things we want, or need
Are those we that can't have
Or we have to wait for
To see if they will last
My time with you is slipping
I don't know what to say
That will make the break easier
To stop the inevitable pain
I can say that I'll treasure
Every second I can be with you
And I hope that somehow
You feel the same way too
I can't say I won't cry
When it's time for me to go
But I can say I'll miss you
And hope you'll think of me too....
Raegan Low Aug 2015

I feel like I'm fighting, something I can't see
I feel like I'm fighting, who I want to be
She wants to be happy, she wants to smile
I guess it's okay, if it takes a while?
I feel like I'm fighting, the demons inside
I feel like I'm fighting, when I just want to hide
I know she's in there somewhere, crying to come out
Why does no one hear her, no matter how loud her shout?
I feel like I'm fighting, but the battle I can't win
I feel like I'm losing, against the monster within....
Raegan Low Aug 2015
I have no heart, I have no soul
And honestly, if truth be told
They're things that I am better without
And honestly, I have no doubt
My heart is broken, beyond repair
And honestly, I just don't care
My soul is gone, it won't return
And honestly, in Hell it can burn....

— The End —