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Get it perfect.”
What was ‘perfect?’
Perfect grades? Perfect manners?
Perfect charade…
I never knew it was pretend…
Just thought fighting and lying and leaving
Was completely normal…
Felt like a broken cocoon with a beautiful butterfly
That’s too scared of the outside world to emerge.
Just perfect.”
Broken chairs, broken walls, broken hearts.
Fighting wasn’t an ideal perception,
It was everything I breathed, all that I knew.
Strangling the idea of perfection
Until it slipped right through our hands.
Perfectly out of hand and sight
The only thing in sight, in fact, was a hand
Across my mother’s cheek, and only
Because she chose to speak
Well, isn’t that image just perfect?
“Perfect, Caytlin, perfect,”
The answer he gave at that moment
When asked if I believed the marriage would work
I was only eleven… eleven…
What was I supposed to say?
Tears ran in perfect streams
Down my mother and sister’s faces
Like rain coming down softly
Calming right after the storm.
My eyes stayed dry because I knew
This was never perfection at all
Just a big misunderstanding
My mother holding onto the edge of the cliff
Because she was too afraid to let go
Of what she knew and fall into the perfect waters.
What is perfect?
Everything that I am not?
The things that I have failed to do?
The people I couldn’t manage to impress?
Perfect is a figment of our imaginations,
Because 'perfect' does not exist.
Lightly traced
curves and hidden contour
fan slow the flames
of passion
as tips of fingers
beg entry to undiscovered
yet desired spaces between
his want
and her need
smouldering eyes bat butterfly kisses
allaying fears
speaking unspoken words of promise
as embers now lit
blaze a trail from nape to navel
with salacious tongue
his obedience repaid by open invitation
as all trepidation is incinerated
within the heat of this solemn moment
his lips meet hers
scorching the very essence of her ***
with love lust and longing
Embers flames scorching incinerate blaze were the prompt words this is the result
Tastes of metal. Tastes of rust.
I take wisps of music from the air
to try to fill up the hole.
I am not whole.
I ******* own limits,
my own blossoming self-doubt.
I am afraid of learning to hate.

I want to be the answer to somebody's question.
Is life so short that love will
evade my outstretched fingertips?
Water droplets and flowers on the ground,
and peaches.
Hugs that end too soon. Can
I ask for it to stop? Can I take
a breath?

Do you draw your own lines or
watch them form around you?
Or did you not notice them at all?

I want to be someone's wispy,
wishful thought,
drifting to touch the ground,
back in the air with the wind,
I bet it would taste like
Having no choice.
What a paradox.
Behind the windows
lays a room
bathed forever
Make of this what you will
still had the corsage


the photograph

but she had long since lost

the smile.
Precious jewelries,cuddly stuff toys, sweet chocolates,
Flamboyant dresses, beautiful bouquets of flowers, luxurious accessories;
All these to me you gave
Though I did not ask for any;
I really do appreciate all these
But, hey sweetie, these are not what I need.
I know you love me so much
And you know I love you too;
I honestly couldn’t ask for more
‘Coz just being with you makes me feel complete.
I wanna go travel anywhere
Just promise me you’ll always be there;
I wanna lie down under a starry sky
While holding your hand, entwined with mine;
I wanna feel you closer to me
Feel the warmth of your arms around me;
I wanna lean on your shoulders
Though it’s tough, it makes me feel relaxed;
I want you to gently caress my hair
‘Til I fell asleep in your chest;
I wanna look into your eyes
See the happiness in you for having me by your side;
I want you to cuddle me tight in your arms
And I wouldn’t mind if it’s making me breathe hard;
I want your hand to cup my face and pull me closer to you
Feel the blood rushing in my cheeks ‘til it blushed;
I wanna hear your sweet voice whispering in my ears
Saying the words “I love you”;
I wanna feel your soft lips
Gently pressed against mine, brushing it lightly;
I wanna stay forever in your heart
And, I swear, it’s you who’ll forever stay in mine.
Maybe I've watched and read too much love stories already. Haha.
Steamy breath,
Sensual kisses, and
Trembling bodies;
Not out of fear but out of
Pure bliss
And thrusts full of nothing but
I hope you know
That with every rushed exhale
And every grin
That magically sprouts from the occasion,
My eyes are whispering
I love you
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