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Jan 2016 · 733
Pushing Daisies Jan 2016
You know I'm not sleeping.
I drink black coffee in the evening,
Hands ticking past midnight,
I even miss the fighting.

There's something you've hidden,
You've quietly taken.
Why can't you feel guilty,
You've got me under you're thumb.
Jan 2016 · 936
Packed lunch
Pushing Daisies Jan 2016
She sits down in the chair,
And opens the tub ever so slowly.
Her hands shake a little as,
They gently remove the content.    

Each parcel is precious.
Perfectly wrapped in silver foil,
That shimmers in the rooms dimmed,
Lights. She stares at them with perceived admiration.

Or maybe she is just admiring herself?
Her brain refuses to remove their case,
She doesn't think she needs to,
Although she craves their warmth, the taste, everything is left unopened.

She can do without.

She is better than that.


The tub is thrown in the trash,
And she seeks satisfaction from the
Delayed reaction,
of her peers. Who's heads turn away
Before she,
Has taken a bite.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Pushing Daisies Jan 2015
Rain won't always
make the flowers grow,
Yet I insist on watching,
From behind,
A glass widow.

Stems from beating hearts,
A hot rush of air,
Cannot mask,
My harsh remarks.

No stretch of time can,
Caus the present to pass,
And reveal newly,
Bloomed petals,
From the brown and brittle grass.

Rain won't always,
Make the flowers grow,
Yet I smother,
All the seeds,
We have to sow.
Jan 2015 · 893
Fault line
Pushing Daisies Jan 2015
I am the one who cuts the strings and,
Then ties them back together.

I am the one engulfed by tears and,
longs for a forever.

I could never,
blame you.

For this knot containing,

Giving up on me is the only answer,
To those questions never asked.

You tried (once or twice) I do remember,
I'm the one who remains masked.

I could never,
blame you.

For the things that go,

I expexted you to be a little more like

I expected you to look inside and,
delve deep into the sea.

But you did not.

*For that I cannot blame you
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Pushing Daisies Oct 2014
Everything is spiralling in a backward motion,
I never seem to see straight.

Eyes hidden behind clouds of profound and true devotion,
Wait for you to evaporate.
Sep 2014 · 847
Pushing Daisies Sep 2014
Maybe you just can't cope,
With another scar,
Upon your heart.

Maybe you don't want him,
To take hold of,
Your everything,
With his rough and,
Clinging hands.
Intertwine himself,
Though the branches of you,
And work his way,
Every closer,
Imbedding himself,
Into your roots.

Maybe you don't want,
to get caught,
In the warm thermal winds,
And let them uplift,
Your entirety,
Dilute your sense,
Of gravity.

So, If you feel yourself falling,
Just close your eyes.

Maybe it's better you crash and burn?
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Pushing Daisies Aug 2014
I am still in motion,
The cogs nestled deep within my lungs still turn.
Despite the lack of air,
I find my breathing,
Remains steady like before,
Steady like the motor cars,
Steady - though my tank is near empty.

I keep driving,
Waiting to crash into you,
So are hearts may fuse together,
And our lips,
May finally meet.

I keep driving,
Searching for a sign,
Following the lamplight,
And cats eyes.
My fingers clenched,
With naive anticipation.

I keep driving,
Trying to take control,
from the backseat,

"Are we there yet?"

I scream, like a child, immature.

But there is no response,
I've been given the silent treatment,
For we've already reached,
our dead end.
Jul 2014 · 962
Pushing Daisies Jul 2014
We are the clothes,
You hung up to dry,
But left out in the dark,
Soaked through by rain.

We are not forgotten,
- just unimportant.
Me, seemingly the least.

You'll tell her what's wrong,
Underlying the burden,
And allowing the satisfaction,
Of validation to balm,
You're careless actions.

I don't even get that,
You give me nothing but a gap.
This vast expanse of emptiness
That serves as a constant reminder,
Your leaving,
And I never mattered.

I could call you selfish,
-I guess that's what you are,
But I'd only regret it,

*I already miss you.
Jul 2014 · 3.8k
Pushing Daisies Jul 2014
He is the inconvenient truth,
And always goes unnoticed.
I guess it's for the better,
I would hate to be ****** into,
His heart he hides,
Under the vacant smiles.

He is the boy who tells white lies,
And balms his good intentions.
I want him to tell me so,
I hate the fact he doesn't.
His mouth just seeps sugar,
What he thinks I want to hear.

He is a constant misconception,
And prides himself on his demeanour.
They think of him as nice, or kind,
I hate the fact I see the latter.
His delusions of how things should be,
Will never cloud my judgement.

For what I hate the most about him,
Is that I know who he really is,
And it's sad,
he wouldn't recognise reflection.
Jul 2014 · 8.1k
Pushing Daisies Jul 2014
I sit and watch her bottom lip tremble,
And know that it's my fault.

The pieces that she can't assemble,
Are locked within the vault.

I sit and watch her eyes cloud over,
And have to look away,

She stills calls me her sunshine,
But I blind her with the rain.
She still calls me her sunshine,
Dispite the weathers change.
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Pushing Daisies Jul 2014
"This is nice?"
You stated nervously, as if it where a question you shouldn't be asking.

I nodded.
- Cringing at your lack of confidence

"Yeah it is, Thankyou."
- for teaching me how to be fake.

"I'm glad your having a nice time"
You said, fiddling with the zip on your jacket pocket.

I could not reply, I just smiled numbly.

You smiled too.
- numbly.

This was when I realised I was talking to myself.

Taking to someone who's thoughts, where so similar to my own.

Talking to someone who was always asking.

I had caught a glimpse of what it was like to be around me, and hated it.

- I hated me.

I hated my unsteady heart beat, my constant need for reassurance.

I hated that I craved acceptance and would do anything to receive it.

I hated that I was so scared of disappointing him, like you where scared of disappointing me.

- I hated the fact I was fragile

Your fingers slowly brushed against my palm, I guess you where asking if we could hold hands, but I moved away.

You where so shy and so sweet and so good, I knew that, but I also knew me.

*- I couldn't hold into something that I knew was going to break.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Pushing Daisies Jul 2014
I am your paper plane,
Soaring gently through,
The thermal winds.

Gradually losing momentum,
Being crushed by the force,
Of your atmosphere.

Our love is crumpled,
Even before I hit the pavement.

I am your paper boat,
Sailing soothly across,
The hidden tides.

Slowly beginning to sink,
Down deeper into the murky water,
Your raindrops creating a swell,
A tidal wave of depression.

Our love is unrequited,
You'd never cry for me.

I am your paper kite,

Your paper bird,

Your paper rose.

Each object useless and fragile,
Easily broken and destroyed.

Yes - they may be beautiful, some more than others.

But ultimately they can be discarded.

Ultimately I am not beautiful.

Each object can be remade again,
All you need is another piece of paper.

And I guess that's all I am to you,

A worthless piece of paper.
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Picture book
Pushing Daisies Jun 2014
I like to watch them,
as they fold gently,
Into newly found realms,
Of softened happiness.
Scents of lavender,
and milkweed,
Blaming their aches,
Until they fade away.

I am selfish enough,
To seek comfort in them,
I am selfish enough,
To pretend I am part of them.

Part of this ever growing bubble,
That is verging on delirium.

But I am not,
I know I am not.
This I hope,
Will be unnoticed.

It's easy to mimic,
Or fake your behaviour,
If the outline of what,
You hope to achieve,
is merely,
A heartbeat away from you,

It's easy to colour,
between the lines,
Even if my pencil,
is shaded melancholy blue.
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Pushing Daisies Jun 2014
There's a rooms where the light
won't find you,
Darkness will dilute all
You hoped to be.
In the black you can't see,
What's behind you,
But his breath is so heavy,
As you breathe.

Trapped in a open space,
That feels endlessly enclosed.
You can't escape the truth,
Or walk down the right paths road.

In this room where the light,
won't find you.
All alone is the life,
You can achieve.
In the black you can't see,
What's behind you,
But you'll feel him,
As he falls to his feet.
Jun 2014 · 1.5k
Pushing Daisies Jun 2014
You tell me,
I need to breath,
As you watch,
My rib cage heave.

There's comfort,
In your clouded eyes,
But I ignore,
Your feeble cries,
It's pity lined,
With bitter lies.

You tell me,
I need to breath,
I hold my breath,
And watch you leave.

*you tell me,
I need to breath,
And suffocate,
My self belief.
May 2014 · 1.5k
Pushing Daisies May 2014
I miss you,
More than the infinite,
Timeless number,
Our hearts cannot define.

I miss you,
The waves of efficient,
Self worth you gave me.
The feeling of clarity,
You stretched out,
across the shore.

I miss you,
Now the wind has changed,
And you no longer,
See me as who I know,
I could be.

I miss you,
Being your namesake sunshine,
Now I blend,
With the greyest skies,
And you just lie,

You just lie.
May 2014 · 1.0k
Pushing Daisies May 2014
Where has the tide gone?
Why does it no longer,
Form a pool around my feet,
And send my aching body,
Into a fragile glass like state?

Where has the rain gone?
Why does the water,
Not fall from the parting clouds,
And crash down upon,
My broken bones?

Where has the wind gone?
Why does it no longer,
Wrap it's wrath around my core,
And wind so tightly,
Around my vacant soul?

Where has the sun gone?
Why am I left alone,
In the absolute darkness,
Unable to feel warmth,
Diffuse across my skin?

Why can't I feel pain?

Why am I so numb?
May 2014 · 1.1k
Pushing Daisies May 2014
I wish I was more,
than a second thought,
If a thought at all.

I wish I was more,
Than a safety net,
To catch you if you fall.

I wish you'd care,
Even though,
I'm always there.

I wish you'd understand,
Take your place,
And hold my hand.

I wish I was more,
than a second thought,
If a thought at all.

I wish you'd notice me,
But instead,
I feel so small.
I am just a second thought,
If a thought at all .
Apr 2014 · 1.7k
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
How could I forget,
The timid flower buds,
That bloom late spring,
And fill the plain meadows,
With a vibrancy of colour.

How could I forget,
To pluck one wilting stem,
From the blackest earth,
And keep it trapped,
Between my thumb,
And forefinger.

How could I forget,
To tear off the fragile petals,
And sing to myself,
As if I was still a child,
A song that allowed,
Not even fractured belief.

How could I forget,
*He loves me not.
Apr 2014 · 1.6k
Wake up
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
You say "I'm an open book",
But you're as closed as your eyes.
Trapped inside your sleepless slumber,
It came to me as no surprise.
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
I am alone,
Like a structureless prose,
A dark waste of space,
A wilting rose.

I am alive,
But they'd rather I die,
Buried deep underground,
Never to be found.
Adapted lyrics
Apr 2014 · 2.2k
Paper plane
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
I cannot,
Soar through the air,
And fly freely,
Across the thermal,

My outstretched hands
Cannot delve into,
The rain clouds,
And disperse,
The ever growing,
Fractals of grey.

Water droplets,
Causing my skin,
To concave.
Leaving me limp,
Exceedingly fragile.
My bones,
Crumbling under,
The pressure.

It's as if,
I am your paper plane,
Left lying,
In the murky,
Puddle water.

*Daunghting realms,
Of forgetful delight,
Causing me,
Too all but,
Apr 2014 · 1.4k
Rain water
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
You can't hold the torrent,
Of salty water,

You can't keep it all,
Locked up,

You can't stop the hidden,
Tides from,

You can't think,
So let go,
*Just cry.
Apr 2014 · 2.8k
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
Can you run,
Your softened fingers,
Along the outskirts,
Of my brittle bones.

Push them down,
Until they jut out,
And pierce through,
My cracking skin.

Can you hold,
My head under,
The murky depts,
Of darkened water.

Sew my bleeding,
Lips together,
And make sure,
I cannot breathe.
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Pushing Daisies Apr 2014
He will never,
Fill your lungs,
With sweetness.

He will never,
Hold your,
Aching hand.

He will never,
Mend the,
broken pieces.

He will never,
Learn to,
(I'm sorry I can't think of anything to write recently)
Mar 2014 · 1.1k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
Crush me,
Push me to the floor,
And force my,
Bleeding knees upon,
The splintered wood,
You tore apart,
With heartfelt lust
And let our brackets,
Slowly rust.

what we could be,

Just turn to dust.
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
I am by,
Myself again,
Waiting for,
The clock strike.

Talking to,
An empty thread,
A path that's made,
For frostbite.

Frozen drops,
Of morning dew,
A dark force,
That I can't fight.

If you came,
Around again,
Would ice thaw?
It just might.
But Time is a person made concept
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
I cannot bear to watch,
her slowly choke you,
unrequited love,
drowning your heart,
in a torrent of numbness,
an endless pool,
of tainted hope.

I cannot help but weep,
as your features darken,
and eyelids droop.
Your dreams evaporating,
into bittersweet nightmares,
your mind disintegrating,
consumed by lust.

I cannot be your salvation,
although I wish I could.
I'll try to tear down,
your wall of doubts,
that stand so proud,
and block the rays of sunlight,
from shining upon,
your gentle soul.
I'll try in vane.

I cannot make you love me,
I don't expect you too.
I just want to see you smile,
That smile you lost,
so long ago.

Maybe I can help you find it.

Use a map and compass.

But you'd only push,
The rusting point,
Into my punctured,
For the boy I love so dearly
Mar 2014 · 1.5k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
A whisper left,
Upon my lips,
No one was meant,
To hear.

Shaking through
My Fingertips,
The numbness turned,
To fear.

And now I have,
Been ******* to,
A knot I cant undo.

For every time,
I seek release,
My headspace fills,

With you.
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
I could only watch,
As you trundled into,
Your ever draining,
Sleepless slumber.

I could only watch,
As your swollen red eyes,
Clouded over with,
A tearful mist

I could only watch,
As your blank complexion,
Grew darker than,
The blackest night.

I can only watch,
Her take hold of your heart,
And crush it,
Like a bulldozer.
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
Her lips had turned,
A harsh shade of blue,
Her protruding veins,
Deep purple.

"I'm shaking"

She mumbled,
Nervous hand stretched out,
And trembling,
like a wilting flower.

"No wonder"

I thought,
Wrapping my arms,
Loosely around her pale limbs,
Not wanting to catch her chill.
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Half asleep
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
It was almost as if,
My nightmares,
Had become more,
Than just,
Subconscious thought.

You ran along the uneven,
Cobbled, stone road,
Your mouth stretched open,
A silent scream.

My heart stopped,
As a Large metal object,
Labeled "49",
Propelled into the side,
Of your fragile torso.

Your bones bending,
And breaking,
Mind crushed by the drowsy,
Of a late night bus driver.  

I begged you to be careful,

You promised you would listen.

As the sirens wail,
Caressed the sleeping city,
Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks,
And stained,
My soggy pillow.

*I turned it over,

Then went back to sleep.
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
In my diluted youth,
I used to believe,
our world was perfect.

Spending so many nights,
dreaming with my eyes open,
imagining the impossible,
and creating a parallel universe,
in which I was his to hold..

But like everything else,
my thoughts were
ultimately flawed.

My heart had written its own story,
*a fiction.
Mar 2014 · 10.8k
Burning bridges
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
Don't worry darling,
When I push you away,
I promise,
You won't feel a thing.

I'll be the one,
To burn in the fire,
The smoke,
Causing my eyes to sting.

I know it's for the better,
I'm a burden,
Don't you see?

I promise I won't blame you,

Who would want to be around me?
I promise I won't blame you,
I don't have the guts to leave.
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
You're the devil,
On her shoulder,
Clinging to her,
Fragile bones.

You're the devil,
On her shoulder,
Breaking her,
With sticks and stones.

You're the devil,
On her shoulder,
Pushing her,
Away from home.

But you only,
Want to hold her,
So you don't feel,
All alone.
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
"Push harder"* I scream,
As your fists attempt,
To regain a pulse,
And send blood surging through,
My non-existent heart beat.

"Push harder" I scream,
As your lips dampen mine,
Transferring fresh air,
And leaving it to inflate,
My corrupted lungs.

"Push harder" I scream,
As your eyes stream wet tears,
But my mouth remains,

Your screaming for me.

*But I can't breath.
I can't breath...
Mar 2014 · 763
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
Hansel could not see the breadcrumbs,
Gretel was left on her own,
Following the winding trail,
That lead her far away for home.

With only one pair if eyes,
The lurking witch could pass,
Grabbing Gretel with such force,
Her young heart smashed like glass.
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
She waits for you,
Under a blossom tree,
Nestled in the furthest corner,
Of her floral mind.

She waits for you,
Throughout the winter,
And let's the cold,
Seek shelter within her icy veins,
Rooting her limbs to the frozen earth.

She waits for you,
As the rain falls through the wilting leaves,
And is thankful that she,
Is not the only tearful heart.

She waits for you,
Even when the storm grows violent,
And she grows fearful,
That the wind will break her fragile bones,
And tear down her vacant foundations.

She waits for you,
In the summer warmth.

She's waiting for the flowers.

*but they will cease to bloom
Mar 2014 · 670
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
The blackness seeped out,
From the cracked, bleeding joint.
It spread like an uncontrollable fire,
Destroying the things,
I treasure the most.
Originally about a pen
Mar 2014 · 662
Evading trust
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
Before you,
Rages the fire,
That engulfs,
All that we were.

And you regret,
Allowing that,
Single match,
To destroy me.

I am forgiving,
But I see it,
As my biggest,

For we can seal
The open wounds,
But never erase
The burn scars.
Mar 2014 · 891
Run my darling
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
"Keep running"
He whispers,
Clinging to her,
fragile bones.

"Keep running"
He mocks her,
Footsteps echo,
Kicking stones.

"Keep running"
He chokes her,
His voice screams,
her heart moans.

"You know you'll never catch me,
But run my darling,
Mar 2014 · 718
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
You can't conceal,
Those darkening blemishes,
Laced upon your skin.

Where's the fabricated necklace?

Was the knot too weak, too thin?
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
There's nothing left,
inside my hollow self.
You took the trust,
created distance with your fist.

There's nothing left,
Of our former wealth.
It's turned to dust,
Just like my crippled wrist.
Mar 2014 · 533
Pushing Daisies Mar 2014
But he is imprinted,
upon my heart stings,
and they sound,
the most beautiful melody.
                                             A sad song,
I would never wish to forget.

— The End —