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Mar 2020 · 193
LK Mar 2020
Walking down the street
Watching people stagger
They ask  me before they greet
Who are you stranger?

I reply with a smile
Letting my mask come down
After the long mile
In this lonelly town
My words shock their body
For I am nobody
Mar 2020 · 169
Poe's lament
LK Mar 2020
Watching the silver shine
From your eyes divine
We had it all seen
When we were seventeen

Those days are gone
In the days the stars shone
For I am lost in the night
Without your light

With love's debt paid
I've been there before
Throught the Raven  words are said
It will be nevermore
Feb 2020 · 77
LK Feb 2020
In the darkest night
She came sweet
With her silver light
Love I greet

My heart broken
I gave her fast
With my dreams awaken
That it could last

As always
Fate forbade
But I cherish those days
And the joy we made

So remember now
Your heart's vow
For the fame
Of her  name
Feb 2020 · 75
The epitaph of Terra
LK Feb 2020
On the serene field of evening
Earth sat alone
Where it used to be singing
It is all gone

Through the barren fields
And living land
Now the road of death leads
To the cold sand

So as we gaze at the sky blue
It changes hue
As if painted by the king of lies
It weeps before it dies

Goodbye mother dear
Mistress of oceans clear
For without you here
There is only fear
Feb 2020 · 120
Bellow the stars
LK Feb 2020
Seeing the stars
High above the ground
Of all the parts
What have i found?

A fool blind
Behind the mask of rage
Being bound
To his own cage

For he coulnd't see
What they could be
With those soulless eyes
He now cries

And the only friend
In the end
Are the stars cold
As he grows old

— The End —