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Why do I want to run away,
As if far away, I would be there with me...
Bvaishnavi Nov 26
Wanting to escape,
Has become a disease now,
And I'm so sick,
I'm so sick,
I'm getting sick with every passing moment!!
I want to run,
I want to be cured,
If not I'll not die,
But I'll be rotten for sure...!!!!
Bvaishnavi Nov 21
I have so many things I'm grateful for,
One must think thee is fortunate,
But wish I could say I love my life,
A life where,
I sure was important,
But never for once, was a priority,
Where I'm sure loved,
But never a beloved,
I hate how I'm never chosen,
I hate the way my opinion is ignored,
I hate the way I'm not considered,
I hate the way you buy my obvious lies,
I hate the way even I never choose me,
I have the way I never got to choose me,
I hate the way I loved you,
I hate the way you love me,
I hate the way I strive for your appreciation,
I hate the way I never give up,
I hate the way I never get used to,
I hate the way only our washroom walls know me,
I hate the way I get ignored,
I hate it so much to admit,
That I'm the side character of my own story,
I hate the way how I feel,
Long gone girl who dreamed to conquer the world,
Long gone girl who was carefree.
From the pit of my stomach to my burning throat,
For once I wish to be selfish and go vanish
For once I wish to to selfish and die.

I laugh at my own tragic fate,
How I'm aware many will cry,
When I die,
Yet no one values,
While I'm alive.
Bvaishnavi Nov 13
It's tragic,
How some things sustained hate,
Without any mercy, without any fault,
Fate for some is Distraught,
And not even bothered to be fought.
Like we appreciate the bright light,
Doing the doable,
And the dark got cursed,
Without any sin,
While the brightest suppressed the visible stars,
Can anything shine brighter when not in the dark?
Bvaishnavi Nov 11
Now my words go rattle,
Why "not hurting" yet "being evident" is always a battle?
Bvaishnavi Nov 10
The future and past are no big problems,
Than being in the present.
Bvaishnavi Nov 10
I'm trying, trying and trying,
To ignite the wavering spark,
To fuel the not-burning burning desire,
But I'm trying to light a blaze,
With mere logs turning to haze,
I'm spilling my life into lighter flames,
Amidst the heavy rains and thunder games.
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