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I wonder all the time,
Is being good or too good,
Whatever it is,
Is it good or not so good,
Huh, what's with this goodness?
Tried in a funny way
Bvaishnavi Sep 9
Once I asked a question,
Why do we write poems mostly when we are sad and not when happy?

I think I get it now,
Happiness is a sweetness,
Which can be shared.
But unhappiness is that bitterness,
Which we tend to keep within ourselves,
Everyone understands sweetness,
But bitterness has its own variation,
Which isn't known until YOU taste it.
So we rely on our ways to express it.
Bvaishnavi Sep 9
Do you get that feeling,

You are loved by everyone,
Yet you are no one's favourite,

The slots are always taken,
They were never empty,
And you are always left behind.
Bvaishnavi Sep 8
When my crumbling
Emotions are rapidly colliding,
But words won't come out.

My mind doesn't think straight,
nor does the stream
Or the wind blow,
I can't even go with the flow
Bvaishnavi Aug 30
Those shiny eyes, faintly smile,
Messing up hair and that soulful gaze,
Your every expression makes me amazed,
How foolish of me to try to seize this priceless  art,
With the countable pixels of this little lens,
Usually, I look at things,
But now I'm rejoicing you, Through my eyes,
Feel you through my heart,
The air around us has a fragrance of happiness.
This is your reality, not appreciation.
It really happens, my eyes see something totally different... Which connects to my heart
Bvaishnavi Aug 25
Mustered up all the courage,
I've unlocked the door,
I don't know what's behind that,
Even if I open it,
Would I be able to step outside the door?
Or the concern of this unknown new world and self-doubt,
End up killing my curiosity?
What's making me scared, will it turn out real or is it just an illusion?
I've opposed many to get here,
Will I be able to answer them?
Many questions are making my heart sore,
Would I  be able to step outside the door?
Bvaishnavi Aug 21
She doesn't like things,
Going round and round,
She likes it short and gets to the point.
But sometimes,
Some things start bugging in her head,
When it was time to bed,
She doesn't know what's bugging her,
And then
That bugs her even more.
And apparently that she is me😁
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