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May 27 · 50
Bvaishnavi May 27
Out of this wonderful emotion,
I have a typical notion,
That there could be a succession,
To remove my inability towards a wonderful ambition,
I'm gonna give effective vision to my cohesion,
After the sunset,
Waiting for you oh! Dear sunrise.
I end it as....
This is my reflection.
May 15 · 15
So lost....
Bvaishnavi May 15
Today in the midst of night,
I don't know whether I am right,
It's not a normal fright,
Sometimes get exhausted by life but sometimes feels like habituated
I don't know about this insane thoughts,
But life is tough enough so I'm gonna stop this stuff
May 15 · 14
Bvaishnavi May 15
I wonder why there are such circumstances,
In which we can't  make any distances,
I need a sword to fight those worries,
And a place to bury my unanswered queries,
I wanna spill this **** out,
But there are only people who knock me out,
I insist thou to give me power that I could be my self till the end.
I am being influenced and changing to the person I don't want to
Jan 29 · 35
A break from you
Bvaishnavi Jan 29
Sitting on couch,
Clicking selfie with a pouch ,
Tomorrow I am boarding to my,
Boarding school.
My heart aches ouch.
I know its difficult
But for a short time dude.
I'll be back soon.
Jan 27 · 49
How would it be?🤨
Bvaishnavi Jan 27
How would it be,
If  I had a robot like doremon,
Which would give me happiness of the world.
How would it be,
If I had a lamp as Aladdin,
Which would grant me three wishes oh!
Enough to conquer this world though.
How would it be,
If I find a bag full of gold coins,
In the broken door of my balcony.
How would it be,
If I become famous in just one night and become rich.
But   I just realized,
That life isn't a thing which is
we have to just follow till
Where it would lead,
Without having daydreams
Have a good time
Jan 27 · 75
Bvaishnavi Jan 27
It feels good,
When a heavy load has been broken into pieces,
Shaped into vapors and are
Named tears.
It feels good,
When the load called tears,
Of various fears ,
Moves from the palace called heart,
And exists through the door called eyes.
It feels good, to be lightened
Brust out crying is the refreshing feeling that helps us to lighten a little.

— The End —