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Poly Via Nov 2018
This constant cycle of asking of how I am certain.

For once you be so certain about yourself and not question my love and certainty.

For once know I’ve been hurt and in pain as you have. else you and I wouldn’t be face to face at this particular moment

For once make love to me like you did the first time. for I still make love to you with as much want, need and intensity.

I’m exhausted but need your touch  

It’s constant.

must have your finger tips against my skin.

It’s constant.

**** over you lips pressed against mine.

It’s constant.

Sweating, realesing, breathing, exhaling in lost. Indeed it’s constant.

My constant is obvious. I leave the past to the past. The moment is first and my certainty of you is constant my love
Poly Via Sep 2018
He treated her beautifully
They where madly in love
they talked for hours
Starring what felt like each others soul
They had a special bond that couldn’t be expressed
Made love for hours
Even days at times
She looked at him adoringly
Wondering how did she get so lucky
She loved how he looked at her
Touched her kissed her.
Both passionate about everything they did
Art, music, movies, their kids, family etc so on and so forth
Little did I know I was the rebound
It was all an illusion
How was I to know?
I’ve never been in that position before to recognize it.
Picking up the shattered pieces of my heart at the moment
Wondering if I even really want to
Or should
What’s the point?
Poly Via Aug 2018
When the fighting for something side is finally broken. Pain isn’t felt anymore and tiers no longer fall. It’s kind of a relief and you pray being in that grey area lasts.
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