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I'm sorry for being invested in you too much. It's clingy
I'm sorry for being there all the time. It must get annoying.
I'm sorry for always listening. Awful, always have someone to listen.
I'm sorry for always walking around on my toes for you.
I'm sorry you're too busy to not realise that.
A poem every day

mixed feelings like a smoothie. but with blood and salami
 Jun 2020 Lauren
jeffrey conyers
Write your truth.
Write it with pride.
But when the truth hurts.
You find many that love to cry.
 Jun 2020 Lauren
jeffrey conyers
Not accepted.
Why you inquired?
Because it offends even if it's just an opinion.
 Jun 2020 Lauren
jeffrey conyers
The door.
Enter through the back.

The theater you up top.
They at the bottom.

The fountain.
This for them.
This is for you.

The bus.
They up-front.
You assigned here to the back.

The counter.
We feed only take out at the back.
And not at the counter.

Jobs, we hiring.
Just not your kind.
Or we forgot to remove the sign.
they say writing helps you cope and forget.
this is my 600th poem on here,
but i still remember every single one.
A poem every day
I feel a bit empty inside
Like I'm filled with clouds
But not the pretty kind

The dark ones,
That make you think it's gonna rain
But then don't
A poem every day
i'm tired
and i miss you

but there isn't
really a difference
between the two
A poem every day
"are you still pretending to be a boy?"

are you still pretending to be a good mom?
A poem every day
just my type
you're just my type
but i was never yours
A poem every day
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