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Shreya Ghosh Mar 2020
Bless the soul for it carries you
Bless your body that it handles you
Bless the life for it is still what we look forward to

Bless yourself for you're alive
And never forget that you're worthy of Life!
Shreya Ghosh Feb 2020
Truth is eternal
Lies are drastic

Say what you mean
Otherwise it's misunderstood
Say what you feel
Otherwise it's a daily death
Do what you feel
Otherwise it's a puppet show
And not a life to live

Truth is eternal
Say it once,
And it will echo
Touch you like the treasure you are

Don't assume things and declare
Otherwise it's a rumour
Don't change words and tale
Otherwise it's mistrust
Don't keep it to yourself
Otherwise it's regret

Lies are drastic
Say it once,
And you will never stop
Treat you like you're on a rollercoaster

Truth is eternal,
Lies are drastic,
Choice is yours
Otherwise it's a what-if.
Shreya Ghosh Feb 2020
There's too much to feel
Too much to conceal
On this day of Valentine's

There's too much of crying
Too much of internal dying
On this day of Valentine's

The epitome of rattling
That we are battling
Comes in force full
On this day of Valentine's

“I Love You”
We wanna say it
We wanna hear it
On this day of Valentine's
I hope that y'all have a great Valentine's! If not with the one, then maybe with the other people in your life that make your life worth living. Remember, Valentine's isn't just for lovebirds, it's for love. Show your love!!!
Shreya Ghosh Feb 2020
I love you
Doesn't mean I love you

It means your eyes
Are deep enough
For me to dive in
And trust the waters
To keep my secrets

It means your lips
Are never harsh upon me
And they make me happy
Every single time they open

It means your hands
Are with you always
Except when I call them
To hug me and leave traces on me

It means your ears
Never get tired of
What my lips convey
And never will , they respond

It means your heart
Has touched my heart
And they'll never get apart
Like they are in a hug for eternity

It means you are special
It means you are mine
So I can be possessive
And you'll say nothing
I can be jealous too
And you'll never see
My hand leave yours
Or our hearts leave the hug

You are mine
And you will remain mine
Shreya Ghosh Feb 2020
The Sun gets up
The world stretches
Everybody gets up
But you, you remain lifeless
Eyes closed, mind afar
Beneath the ocean once,
Above the Sky next.
What's not to love of this?
Of your own thoughts,
Of a world of only you
Where you make and break
Life as you want it
But the life is to be lived,
Lived amongst others
For if not, what's the use?
Making words, having dialects
If not to be spoken with others
If not be on the tip of our tongue,
But our own minds?

The Sun rises
And the world stretches
As I too, get up
Leave the comfort of my bed
And my world
Into the world of others
Shreya Ghosh Feb 2020
Days, and days pass,
Where there's no urge, no will
of taking apart time for them, but only
and only, you and you think, then,
This is selfish.
You've failed, and you will be so;
But isn't mistake a step to learn?
Isn't this step a stair to something better?
Steps you don't want to climb,
Steps you inevitably do climb,
All for reason one:
I don't want to fail
Is that how life works?
Expectations, image, and
What will they think?
The they differs, always
Never the same, them
But one thing is constant:
Them, them, them
expectations, expectations, expectations.
And then those who don't climb
Take a ride to the part other,
other, the place where expectations zero,
rebel a hundred.
Unique. Different. Inspirational.
And yet, when it's you,
It's not. It's not for them, not them.
But you. Who lives with you forever,
Since the breath first,
And 'till the end, he will.
For, he's you, and you need you.
Others, they have someone too
Them, them, them,
Days, and days pass,
hardly anyone understands.
You're the best thing you're ever gonna get.
Don't let others deceit you,
Do by them right,
But that's service and not living
And never let you be in despair
For you, you, you.
Days and days pass,
And you grow cold,
Because it's the wrong words,
not deeds that have you here
It's the wrong perspective
And now,
Days, days, and days pass,
As i offer my services-
For them, and me, and you
And that's the essence of life.

— The End —