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Aug 2019 · 152
Davyd Adejoh Aug 2019
“To speak of love and being in love alone is not worse
as when you can’t lift the load up or put it down.”

I’ve been a space runner.
The harder I try.
More tears I cry.
Chasing this planet.
Ignoring others in the galaxy.
‘Tis a pity I picked this planet.
Than it chose me.
Giving me ceaseless runs.
I’ve resolved,
I’ve decided,
To quit running;
To quit chasing;
To end romancing;
This planet that tickles;
My unimaginable fancy.
I’ll ride on this lonely road.
To find my mojo.
As I live in crass oblivion.
Hoping to sail smoothly in my spaceship.
To wonderland where widest dreams live.

Jul 2019 · 44
Davyd Adejoh Jul 2019

If he were a man;
what name would he be called?
‘Cause he has paid all my bills,
He forgives all my ills,
He even helps me with my impossible kills.

The way he comes sometimes I don’t expect,
His works I’ll always respect,
He has walked with me than anyone else;
much more than friends with fake caress.
God: If he were a man.

When my hope suddenly dwindles,
He watches over me mercifully,
He understands I’m weak like trickles,
And I could barely give a sound bountifully,
God: If he were a man.

Tell me, what will he be called?
What kind of throne would he occupy?
Wouldn’t His Majesty be so high?
How’d He have coped with streams of endless guests?
Give it a good think if God were a man.
Jun 2019 · 65
An Underdog's Status
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

Cassava pudding,
Vache soup tray coming.
Fresh French milk cooling.
To my table comes la vache.
Accompanied with a great echo.
As an underdog's status gone ashy.
Reality kicks what was once dreamy.
Conquering a war full of undying army.
Jun 2019 · 25
Money Over The Man
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

I learned life's lessons.
That everything happen for a reason.
You'd better start seeing the blessings.
Supposed I have affluence.
I would have had wrong influence.
My life would make no difference.
But, house a clingy pest called a woman.
She'd parade in crass pretence.
When she loves money over the man.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

How can I not know;
she is agabagabious?
How can she sum up all my mistakes;
just to table them one day?

We argued about anything.
But I didn't see what was coming;
was way weightier than I thought.
Little did I know,
She busied herself piling my acts.
And she made up her mind to quit.

Just one last shot killed me.
I know there's no redemption;
when a woman wants to go.
Because her mind is made up long ago.
If you try to keep her in her state.
You will keep a ghost in a shell.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

Let me clean this cauldron.
I must keep it fit, not to abandon;
what tomorrow holds for me.
For tomorrow is heavily pregnant for me.
I must seize every moment.
And stop seeing posing predicament.
I will be glad this one very long day,
Doesn't roll its mat into my next day.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

Today's twenty four hours,
Seem like seventy two hours.
Everything happened just fast.
Each ugly moment chose to last.
I saw myself thinking on my toes.
And I couldn't make stew with my tomatoes.
Jun 2019 · 37
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

If some days were longer,
Today would be the longest,
And direst day for me.
All annoying activities lined up.
Like it was made up.
To mess the day for me.
I know the day didn't mean to dare me.
She didn't mean to upset me.
But, it was worth a one very long day for me.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

When she acts like she’s calm.
She takes her time.
Before she begins to spread her alms.
Uncovering her true colours.
Let her be her true colours.
Let her be free.
All round the aisle she farts;
'cause she feels free.
She smiles so suddenly like the sun.
These are her truest arts.
When she uncovers her true colours;
you’re half safe.
When she covers her colours;
you're crassly unsafe.
Don’t make her seem serious.
When all she needs is to be free.
Jun 2019 · 539
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

The female gender is beautiful
A part of our existence
Without which we got no experience
You see her here and there
She is designed delicately for care.

The female gender is awesome
She was wired to want some
No, to want more
She bear a part to adore
Her innate nature resides in the room of praise.

The female gender is colourful
She makes the world beautiful
Than would flowers, rainbow and music
The male gender hypes her up
She likes to be talked-up.

The female gender is an amazing album
The world can’t put bottom.
Imagine the world bound in boredom
And, God didn’t give Adam
A female gender to pamper his emotion.

Human kind would be bankrupt
Without love to sooth wounded souls.
Without her we wouldn’t have evolved.
The male gender would retire his soles.
And mankind goes into extinction.
Jun 2019 · 41
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

Your demise is devastating.
It’s shocking last I saw you;
will serve the last I will see you.
It is haunting;
like a dejavu tormenting:
my mind periodically hibernating.
It's still a dream to me.
I recall the titbits of your dreams;
you shared with me.
All down to the hurtful hands of Hades.
Though you're not my close pal.
But I know you’re one with morale.
The little of you I know, my rationale.
It hurts you left so soon your place of Royale.
Rest on.
Good night Eric.
Jun 2019 · 45
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PMcCoywrites 2018

When praying mantis wrestles with grass snake.
Your fears will turn into amazement.
The grass snake serpentines;
Closer, closer, closer,
It approaches,
To poach the praying mantis.
Sight not enough to speculate a fight.
For power can never equate strength.
For to whom Grace is given is strength.
And, who dances the dance of early pride;
is the fall of Grace to grass.
The end of a thing tells better than its inception.
The muscular grass snake falls;
to the seemingly weak fangs of the praying mantis.
I'm a praying mantis.
Serpentine your ugly belly through the Atlantis.
But I will cast you into the abyss.
You strike first but amiss.
But I promise to strike you with incurable arthritis.
Jun 2019 · 41
Imagine Life
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

Imagine life in only black and white.
Imagine life that we are robots.
Mere machines covered with flesh.
Ordered around at the click of a button.

Imagine life that Nigerian politicians are saints.
That angels are now men;
seeking salvation
and us humans are holy.

Imagine life where all men can love themselves.
That all men are equal.
Slaves can share the same bed with their master.

Imagine life was chaos free.
Where you can leave your house open,
Till dawn and no burglar visits.

magine life where terrorists would serve;
in mosques and churches as protocols.
Welcoming people warmly to sit.

Imagine life where we don't have to live on cellphones.
Where we can have time for families;
than pressing our phones.

Imagine life where we can love each other;
like little innocent babies do.
Where smile is on the cheek of many.
Where hatred is a thing of the past.
Where we no longer have fear for strangers.

Imagine life where PHCN stop buying generator set.
And we no longer have to shout UP NEPA.
Imagine Life.
Jun 2019 · 38
Not Emotionally Hijacked
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2018

When I thought my day dire.
When nothing good at sight to stare.
I forced my body to free my mind,
So I do nothing but wind;
down the furnace burning me out.

The moment I saw her,
The very minute she shook my hand.
As a clairvoyant I could read her;
mind and every strand;
of hair swirling on her body.

I deliberately destroyed her doting;
when I stayed out of sight.
It became even more glorious I was floating.
'cause I don't want to fly kite.
Like kids trying out paper invention.

I knew I wasn't done cooking;
the *** of beans I have on fire.
Why should I **** a goat for feasting?
When I no longer have the desire,
To live like the boy I was.

For, I was once weak at heart matters.
My holy heart wrecked and left like tatters.
Now no longer emotionally hijacked,
Or be gullible to give myself to her to attract,
By the bountifulness of a woman’s beauty.

I can no longer be a Savage.
Not in my age.
I’ll leave my mouth to eat cake.
And have a bath in a lake,
Spiced with the reddest red wine.

When she was asked her name,
She absentmindedly mentioned my name.
'Tis funny how I got into her head.
Like a disease, I watched its widespread.
                                                                     I left her sick on love bed.

'Tis true I’m not emotionally hijacked,
Like I use to be.
Let me eat my *** of beans in peace.
When the time comes to **** a goat,
I will give a feast to man and beast.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2018

Moments metamorphose into mere memories.
What was sweet can be sour.
Friend today,
Foe in the future.
‘cause patience vexed charity.
If the heart bleeds,
‘Tis because of attachment.
You were once whole.
Weren’t you whole before?
Stop building a monument.
Don’t dismantle an anthill;
that will bite your foot.
Charity will find you.
Decline unwholesomeness when it finds you.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2018

When emotions run hot.
The heart becomes hurt.
The moment patience vexed charity.
What was webbed in the west,
Falls apart at the east.
Breaking what was built.
Ranting ****** sayings.
Hurting self and acting unhurt.
Forfeiting the once beautiful memories shared.
Jun 2019 · 35
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

Happiness they say is free.
I started my year grabbing the hands of happiness.
And, I won't let go.
I feel fire in my being when you kiss me.
The rhythm of your body resonates with mine.
I feel like an Egyptian god.
You remind me of queen Nefertiti of Egypt.
I'll ride your bike till I faint.
Like a boy rides a new bicycle.
I'll fly your kite into sky's highway.
Let your cloud swallow my sight.
I'll still own my vision.
Let me kiss all your bad memories away.
Let's linger longer,
Abandoning the whole world.
Let your water ***;
fall into irreparable pieces.
Let's let this moment matter.
I'll buy new pots but lets seize the moment.
By morning I'll bring the stream to your house.
Jun 2019 · 54
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

That long I was attached to you;
is how long I detached myself.
To avoid being hurt in the long run.
I’ve always allowed my emotions hurt;
when I get too close.
Now, I have decided to be whole,
and happy without anyone's help.
You proved to be smart.
You felt cool with the art.
Until God opened your ****.
You forgot nothing is new,
Or hidden under the sun.
You labeled me a friend.
Being a cheat you created your white lies.
I chose to be perturbed.
I chose my fate.
And who says I wasn’t glad;
how God helped me expose you!
I wonder what saving power saves me.
I only scribble my thoughts.
I have long forgiven all your wrongs.
But, I don’t think I can cease to forget them.
I learnt all the lessons.
They have become the blessings.
I will live with all my life feeling unattached.
Jun 2019 · 30
As The Sweet Was Swift
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

One year old Vase
Thrown and smashed.
The sweet was swift.
The times swift and sweet
All to pieces and nonsense.
What I remember,
Is I was more of a fixer,
Than I'd be a lover.
Long should this end come.
As the sweet was swift.
I knew this is what is coming.
For this, a part of me prayed daily.
Jun 2019 · 50
The Thought of Tomorrow
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

I don’t need a bed to drift off;
these days to have a nightmare.
I no longer fear the dark.
What terrifies me is the future.
And what it holds in its belly.

Take me aback to the ancient times.
I’m choking with this novel occult;
we all unknowingly belong to.
Where kids are taught evil as good.
And they paint good as evil.

I’m so tired of staying woke.
Let me sleep and be peaceful.
We’ve embraced what will make;
us less human and be super-human.
I’m losing my mind at these thoughts.

They create distractions for innocent children.
Their grips on us so strong.
Yet, the people sing their praises.
While they wallow more in unrecognizable *******.
‘Cause they present their tricks seemingly harmless.

We’re indoctrinated daily.
With their many charming channels;
with which they chain us.
We sell ourselves into slavery.
Even while we live like Freeborn.

The thought of tomorrow;
puts me off the purest ecstasy.
And I sometimes wish I was long gone.
‘Cause there are a million things;
I know I can never change.
Jun 2019 · 33
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

This time,
Not a frog,
Neither is it a Princess.
But, an amazing Angel;
did kiss me.
It felt like heaven held me up by my hands.
And showed me heaven.
This is the hybridization of heaven and earth.
‘Tis a display of celestial;
clapping hands with terrestrial.
It’s nothing but pure heaven.
When I was kissed,
The clouds thundered,
Even the seas roared.
And the wind whispered;
weird mysteries in my ears.
The Angel forgot to fly back.
She wants to stay back.
I didn't see her drop her wings.
I asked her to go see to her things.
I never knew I ruined her emotions.
This became my unforgivable transgressions.
I'll never forget how I felt,
Being kissed by an Angel.
Jun 2019 · 222
Burning Memories
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
I am heartless.
I am bossy.
I care less.
I am mean.
I treat you like trash.
So you said.
I want to feel culpable.
And say, I am sorry.
But, you pressed the red button;
when you labelled me;
a mistake in your life.
I pinched myself real hard.
To let go the shock.
Yet, you feel no remorse.
You're unrepentant.
And that's the extreme.
I recalled your hurt to you.
You asked me to change the  topic.
I understand it's no longer us,
I use to know.
We seem to ourselves strangers.
I no longer see you.
I see an alien.
Trespassing into my galaxy.
I must save my world.
Before I lose my mind.
Let me lose you.
One for one.
Is far better to losing everything.
I will wipe you off my memory.
You will cease to exist in my mind.
I'll pluck a better flower.
Who will see the good in me.
Who will tell me my acts the minute;
I as a human hurt her.
How can you be so bitter?
Nursing all my hurts from day one.
The times you messed things up,
You dragged your sinister shell;
to seek forgiveness from me.
I never turned you down.
I know I am a ******.
I know I am blunt.
But I am the meekest man;
ever alive on this planet.
Your silence and mischief stinks;
like oko filling ground.
Where passers by find it hard to breathe.
Haven't I lived in that strange strench?
For too long I have tried to breathe.
For this once I have to leave.
I know you've long left me.
You had all your actions in a script.
Before a little oil droplet;
hit the wall of your lamp.
For you to shine the darkest light.
What you seek, you did not find.
What I will be is without you.
I am grateful for your good acts.
The times you acted an angel.
These days you are no better;
than a fallen angel.
Wild and rusty.
You've lost your beautiful wings.
I pray you find what you seek.
I'm sure you'll find your kind.
Because my kind is rare.
Now I am looking back.
Garnering all the fragments;
of our memories to burn them.
Burning these memories;
will pave way for a fresh start.
Than waking the dead long gone.
'Tis like making a fire on the ocean.
'Tis like playing romance with a viper.
Getting stung shouldn't be a surprise.
And I'm no fan of surprises.
I'll burn these memories;
so I can live again.

Burning memories.
The antidote to living again.
We meet to part and we part to meet.
Love life is not a do or die affair.
It is a matter of commitment and choice.
I recall all my loses but I never let them dissuade me or deter me from what is ahead of me.
Soldiers come, soldiers go. The barrack still remains.
Jun 2019 · 57
The Dance Just Started
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

I'm dancing to the beat I birth;
of my ignorance and mindfulness.
I will dance.
Let me dance.
To the beat I birth.
But, let it not be in shame.
That it be for future good.
Tomorrow is the ultimate goal.
Today is frontline.
I'll be brave to watch;
the calf of an antelope dance.
And break a foot;
to a dance just started.

The great guidance,
The comely confidence,
That now envelopes your sole.
Pray I it soothes your soul.
I knew the very day,
I met with the White Lioness,
You take covering amongst her pack.
I became a woodpecker;
gravely pecked to kiss my grave.
I need not be told why I get ill treated.
I fetched the firewood in the first place.
That’s used to fry my flesh.
I know the dance just started.

I understand the rhythm of this gong.
I’ll embrace it and call it a song.
There are some things you need not change. There are some situations you have to just stare in the face because no matter what you do, you can never save it.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

I’ve braced myself with the teachings;
my mother gave me.
She would say:
My son if you must eat frogs.
Eat the ones with eggs.
She taught me not to perceive the repast;
I know wasn’t prepared for me.

I’m in between crossroads,
I really don’t know what to do.

That I’m holding on to what’s not mine;
for the future that awaits me.
I can aver: jolly good.
That I’m having hitches letting it go.
‘Tis absolutely true.
But, I know that’s not what’s for me.
I’d better take my eyes off;
than plunder on what’s not mine.
Losing face of the future and wander off;
the right thing ahead of me.

I’m in between crossroads.
I really don’t know what to do.

Should I be greedy today?
To live the rest of my life;
In perpetual pain and regrets.
When I could count my teeth with my tongue.
I’ll let go what should go for good.
For the good in tomorrow;
that seems pretty far away.

I’m in between crossroads.
I really don’t know what to do.

In all honesty,
I should stop holding on to anything;
I should long have left to go.
What shouldn’t be, shouldn’t.
Jun 2019 · 128
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

When pain no longer hurts.
When pain becomes sport.
Since times have changed.
So is the man with pain.
Now pain seemed to me like fun.
I gusto and bask in its euphoria.
‘Tis now a mere entertainment.
Instead of tears and screams
I burst out into a baneful laughter.
When pain no longer hurts.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
When they drank of the jar for their joy.
Their joy is my pain.
My pain gives them joy.
They sing joyfully of the hurts in my heart.

They make it seem a record breaking.
When it's actually a heart wrecking.
Little did they know the beauty they see,
Is the hurt of a lifetime.

They empty the jar for their joy.
While I feel the cut right deep in my vein.
I lose my last blood.
They give their best applause like a flood.

They get entertained.
In hell I am detained.
I hope I'd survive this bleeding.
And my nightmares don't get to see the day.

They empty the jar for their joy.
Their joy is my pain.
But my pain gives them joy.
I wish I will wake to see it's only a dream.
Jun 2019 · 61
A Million Mile
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
I’ll conquer this thing called distance.
I’ll beat it to its core.
I’ve not forgotten we were to meet.
So you will give me the promised dish.
I know once I have a taste,
I’ll forever be confessed to you.
Do you know what you don’t know?
We have a strong connection.
The kind that can’t be broken.
Or, can be hacked ;
by high-tech hacker.

I fell pregnant of these words;
the very day our connection turned consanguineous.
Now I have to be delivered of them.
Do I not need be free of them?
And, make preparations to come for you.

Believe me my beloved.
Not even a million mile;
can hinder me from reaching you.
Not a hailstorm or hurricane.
Neither will earthquakes swallow the burning feelings;
I nursed a thousand years for you.
Nor will any terrorist or his attack;
dissuade me to forgo my desire.
I’ll come for you over and over again.
Believe me my beloved;
when I say a million mile;
won’t stop my search for you.

— The End —