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Davyd Adejoh Aug 2019
“To speak of love and being in love alone is not worse
as when you can’t lift the load up or put it down.”

I’ve been a space runner.
The harder I try.
More tears I cry.
Chasing this planet.
Ignoring others in the galaxy.
‘Tis a pity I picked this planet.
Than it chose me.
Giving me ceaseless runs.
I’ve resolved,
I’ve decided,
To quit running;
To quit chasing;
To end romancing;
This planet that tickles;
My unimaginable fancy.
I’ll ride on this lonely road.
To find my mojo.
As I live in crass oblivion.
Hoping to sail smoothly in my spaceship.
To wonderland where widest dreams live.

Davyd Adejoh Jul 2019

If he were a man;
what name would he be called?
‘Cause he has paid all my bills,
He forgives all my ills,
He even helps me with my impossible kills.

The way he comes sometimes I don’t expect,
His works I’ll always respect,
He has walked with me than anyone else;
much more than friends with fake caress.
God: If he were a man.

When my hope suddenly dwindles,
He watches over me mercifully,
He understands I’m weak like trickles,
And I could barely give a sound bountifully,
God: If he were a man.

Tell me, what will he be called?
What kind of throne would he occupy?
Wouldn’t His Majesty be so high?
How’d He have coped with streams of endless guests?
Give it a good think if God were a man.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019
©PmcCoywrites 2019

Cassava pudding,
Vache soup tray coming.
Fresh French milk cooling.
To my table comes la vache.
Accompanied with a great echo.
As an underdog's status gone ashy.
Reality kicks what was once dreamy.
Conquering a war full of undying army.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

I learned life's lessons.
That everything happen for a reason.
You'd better start seeing the blessings.
Supposed I have affluence.
I would have had wrong influence.
My life would make no difference.
But, house a clingy pest called a woman.
She'd parade in crass pretence.
When she loves money over the man.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

How can I not know;
she is agabagabious?
How can she sum up all my mistakes;
just to table them one day?

We argued about anything.
But I didn't see what was coming;
was way weightier than I thought.
Little did I know,
She busied herself piling my acts.
And she made up her mind to quit.

Just one last shot killed me.
I know there's no redemption;
when a woman wants to go.
Because her mind is made up long ago.
If you try to keep her in her state.
You will keep a ghost in a shell.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

Let me clean this cauldron.
I must keep it fit, not to abandon;
what tomorrow holds for me.
For tomorrow is heavily pregnant for me.
I must seize every moment.
And stop seeing posing predicament.
I will be glad this one very long day,
Doesn't roll its mat into my next day.
Davyd Adejoh Jun 2019

Today's twenty four hours,
Seem like seventy two hours.
Everything happened just fast.
Each ugly moment chose to last.
I saw myself thinking on my toes.
And I couldn't make stew with my tomatoes.
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