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©PmcCoywrites 2019

I’ve braced myself with the teachings;
my mother gave me.
She would say:
My son if you must eat frogs.
Eat the ones with eggs.
She taught me not to perceive the repast;
I know wasn’t prepared for me.

I’m in between crossroads,
I really don’t know what to do.

That I’m holding on to what’s not mine;
for the future that awaits me.
I can aver: jolly good.
That I’m having hitches letting it go.
‘Tis absolutely true.
But, I know that’s not what’s for me.
I’d better take my eyes off;
than plunder on what’s not mine.
Losing face of the future and wander off;
the right thing ahead of me.

I’m in between crossroads.
I really don’t know what to do.

Should I be greedy today?
To live the rest of my life;
In perpetual pain and regrets.
When I could count my teeth with my tongue.
I’ll let go what should go for good.
For the good in tomorrow;
that seems pretty far away.

I’m in between crossroads.
I really don’t know what to do.

In all honesty,
I should stop holding on to anything;
I should long have left to go.
What shouldn’t be, shouldn’t.
©PmcCoywrites 2019

When pain no longer hurts.
When pain becomes sport.
Since times have changed.
So is the man with pain.
Now pain seemed to me like fun.
I gusto and bask in its euphoria.
‘Tis now a mere entertainment.
Instead of tears and screams
I burst out into a baneful laughter.
When pain no longer hurts.
When they drank of the jar for their joy.
Their joy is my pain.
My pain gives them joy.
They sing joyfully of the hurts in my heart.

They make it seem a record breaking.
When it's actually a heart wrecking.
Little did they know the beauty they see,
Is the hurt of a lifetime.

They empty the jar for their joy.
While I feel the cut right deep in my vein.
I lose my last blood.
They give their best applause like a flood.

They get entertained.
In hell I am detained.
I hope I'd survive this bleeding.
And my nightmares don't get to see the day.

They empty the jar for their joy.
Their joy is my pain.
But my pain gives them joy.
I wish I will wake to see it's only a dream.
David Adejoh Jun 7
I’ll conquer this thing called distance.
I’ll beat it to its core.
I’ve not forgotten we were to meet.
So you will give me the promised dish.
I know once I have a taste,
I’ll forever be confessed to you.
Do you know what you don’t know?
We have a strong connection.
The kind that can’t be broken.
Or, can be hacked ;
by high-tech hacker.

I fell pregnant of these words;
the very day our connection turned consanguineous.
Now I have to be delivered of them.
Do I not need be free of them?
And, make preparations to come for you.

Believe me my beloved.
Not even a million mile;
can hinder me from reaching you.
Not a hailstorm or hurricane.
Neither will earthquakes swallow the burning feelings;
I nursed a thousand years for you.
Nor will any terrorist or his attack;
dissuade me to forgo my desire.
I’ll come for you over and over again.
Believe me my beloved;
when I say a million mile;
won’t stop my search for you.

— The End —