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  Apr 2020 PixieWee
Aryan Sam
Years ago
We stayed up till
3 am talking,
And today
I don’t even know
How to say hi,
PixieWee Nov 2018
Darkness peacefully speckled with celestial bodies.
The great Obsidian leaked a violet flare.
Violet melted into a baby blue and on it floated a salmon lid.
Streaks of gold gracefully pierced the abyss Coating the nimbus in a honey.
The sky brewed into a ginger before the horizon set fire.
Its light spread at full length across the land as it rose into the sky.
Starting the day.

I’ve been working on the wording of this one for almost a year. I hope you all enjoy
PixieWee Feb 2018
Beyond the realm of everyday
In mankind’s attempt
to portray the mystical and metaphysical
Sounds are bent

The Shepard’s tone is heard
But a human presence is felt
For in each note you hear a breath
An exhale from within
that make the soul melt

sounds made with air
a human quality
For it needs to breathe like you and me
Bringing the feeling of Religiosity

Stone walls and Choirs
Stained glass and pews
Added with The *****
Sets a polyphony muse

~ p.w
Like to thank Pepper Dove with being my Motivation to get this done as it took me some time to become confident with it
PixieWee Oct 2017
They say when a swimmer dies
the heavens cry out the vast waters they swam in
Giving each raindrop a unique taste.
I’m glad the ocean was your favorite
Because as I sit here in the rain
I can lie to myself and say my tears are your oceans waves

To my late friend Samantha Laubscher
PixieWee Sep 2017
S H A D O W   C U L T U R E

Time eroded your voice from my ears
The voice I'd hoped to hear for many more years..
Darkness's veil clouded me from your gaze
In confusion I stood for days.
My mind trapped in a conscious maze..
The lingering melancholy of what was once joy is no more
It left me in the month of four.
My Parabatai
A long battle fought but the enemy
Do not let me suffer my fathers fate
For I want to be an old man at heavens gate.
I fear my prayers may be to late
So in the shadows I shall wait.

~ p.w
A poem written for my late father
PixieWee Jul 2017
We gifted each other dead roses..

Light hearted kisses turned into a thirst for one another..
the type of love meant for a lover.

And in sinful desires and lust we were drenched..
The type of love that struggles to be quenched.

Her nails carved crimson chasms across my spine..
a clear visage of Red Rose vine.

Her Scarlet lips drew blood to my collar..
she was gifted with the ways of a master but was merely the scholar.

I gifted her with a lilac necklace while she gave me a rose-petal tie..
I closed my eyes blinded by an all time high.

The petals bloomed with personae on my neck..
She imprinted every move on my body until check.

We lay in the sheets like two roses wrapped in a bouquet.
Twisted as one I knew that we'd be okay.

We hid our thorns in the beauty of the moon light..
Our love slowly softened nearing midnight.

We lay there together entwined with one another..
In this life I knew we were destined for each other.

It took me forever to write this piece and I'm still unsure of it. I hope you enjoy it
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