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As Authored By Phyll.

( *Content;-
this is where the boy child's Bushy drama now to know more...haha)


Me: Sorry Ma' but that's what many know me as.
       Well i do. Phyll is my English name then.

Her: Phyll...(smiling) What a nice name you have.
       I envy you. Please don't mistake me for others.
       Am a high class lady so you shouldn't expect
       me to pronounce all that. I like it SHORT
       and SWEET just like it is; PHYLL!

Me: Thank you Ma' and am Sorry for challenging
       you with my Tribe and family name.(smiling)

Her: It's ok Phyll,I was born and raised in the city.
        So i wouldn't manage to say it. So tell me
       Phyll, What do you do for a living?

She told me about her birth place as a trap so i could tell her i sad neen raised in the rural area.

Me: I work as a job seeker Ma' (trying to be smart)

Her: So you work with a bureau or you post the
        Jobs online?

Me: Noo! What i meant is that i have no job Ma'.

Her: Huh! You really are funny Phyll. Couldn't
        You just answer that to me directly.huh!

(as she keenly looked at me head to toe and up again)

This lady smiled after having looked at me for quite some time; 3+ minutes. She almost forgot that she was driving. Thank heavens that we were driving in the interior zone where cars weren't passing so often. Definitely she was wondering where i might have picked those colour blocking mtumba clads i was wearing plus the extremely ***** kavunja shoes.)

Her: Do you need a job?
Me: Yes! Yes! Sure Ma' i really need a job.

Her: Could you work for me, at home that is?

Me: Yes Ma' i can.

Her: Okay. Consider yourself employed from now
        On Phyll. You'll be working for me at my
        Compound. You don't have to tell me that
         you were raised up country for i already
        Know. Haha. My compound is yours Phyll!
        Btw where do you stay and with whom?

Me: Thank you so much Ma' May the heavens
      Grant you favour upon the eyes of me...

(as i turned to face her with so much joy in my heart having toiled for two years with no success this was a golden opportunity right before me)

Her: Phyll! Phyll! Phyll! Pleeease! Cut the drama
        Its nothing much for You to turn heads over

Me: you can't understand Ma'. Well, I live Alone
       in Kanungaka-behind the famous busaa
       Madiaba pub.

Her: What! That place...Jeeez! I don't want you
        Far Off the compound and so i will give you
       a room in my home where you'll be staying.
       Btw don't worry about the households for the
       Room is fully furnished with everything in.

Having been raised in a matope house which would always shake when the winds were strong and no electricity, i saw this as a blessing which had come my way. And the fact that i had nothing under my name expect my examination results i didn't bother going back to my former hood where I'd always lay my body down after having paid visit to more than 15 offices and met all kinds of receptions some of who were beautiful but arrogant while others were warthog like facially but dove like at heart.

We directly went over to her place and i was shown my new Chamber- it was a spacious room inside her mega massionate. To me; a bush boy-this house and everything in it were heaven on earth and i was astonished beyond words and the only thing that came from my mouth was; wawawawa!!Mamayoo...,(Shocked) but to her; the cool kid from the city- it was normally to stay there.

Her: So Phyll, this will be your room from now
       Onwards. You have all you need there. I'll be
       In my room just next door incase you need
       Anything do feel free to come by and ask,Ok.

Me: 'nitaambia nini watu?'

Her: Phyyyyylllll!! C'mon am talking to you.

Me: Oh! Am Really Sorry Ma' i didn't hear you.

Her: I just realized that you've been wordless since
         We got here. Please this is where you'll be
         Working from tomorrow onwards and also
         Staying so you better start getting used to
         All that's new to you around this place, Ok?

Me: .....

(looking at the chandelier hang on the
       roof top with different lighting bulbs shining)

Her: Pushed me and laughed out loudly; haha...
       Go on at take a shower Phyll. Am gone to
       prepare dinner.come down ones you're done refreshing.
       (as she walks away headed downstairs)

◼◼◼Continues in Ep3

Episode two
As Authored By Phyll

( Content;- this is based on a true story about a poor learned guy who finds himself gardening two farms(land and boss-if you know you know haha)and he ends up... Read all episodes to know more on what boy Child is capable of ...
An episodes produced story
Title          : i don't love you,
                         I LOVE YOU!
Poet          : Phyll
Genre       : Love/Confession/
Year          : 2018
P/Sw No. : Unlimited Edition

I don't love you,I LOVE YOU!
As Authored By Phyll

Triciah Babe,
Sorry but i can't do this any longer.
I can't live with this guilt inside me,
So today i choose to confess to you,
Hope you'll find it easy in your heart to forgive me for having lied to you all this while.
It's today i choose to tell you that;
I don't love you!

All this while,
I've lived to think that i loved you.
But with what you've shown me,
I just can't continue to love you
You don't deserve to settle for less,
For you are an angel.
And angels like you,
Don't deserve to be half loved.

Forgive me for what am about to tell you next,
I just can't hide it any more,
And since you're far I'll text.
How i hope you'll not judge,
For you are my choco fudge.
Just so you know,
I can feel it deep inside my heart,
It's so huge and real.
I think the cage in my heart isn't big enough to accommodate it,
But some I'll paste into actions,
So that none goes to waste and am sure you'll love the taste.

Sorry for loving you,
Which was half love for sure,
Like the size of a calf.
But Instead,
I should have LOVED you,
Which is so full,
But i was a fool.

And so from today;
My moonlight in the dark you'll be.
It's no longer a secret,
Cause i want to say;
I LOVE YOU Triciah.

Much more than a love song,
You are the lace that ties me,
For am the shoe.
Without your heart my love,
I'm nothing much more than a sad song.

I see a brighter future for us,
projected deep in your eyes, whenever i look into your eyes,
Come on now and follow my lead,
And let's cover our love with a lid,
And save it for our future kid.

Any girl like you deserves a gentle man.
So be my Queen,
But sorry,
I won't be your King,
But your servants for life,
I wish to be,
For i want to always do you right,
Just for our love to remain tight,
And cuddle every night,
After a pillow fight.

Triciah my love,
I can't deny the fact that,
You're more than a dream come true,
For i never thought I'd be right for you,
But you've proven that together we can fly high than a kite,
And see our haters in the size of a mite.

Without you babe,
I Phyll feel broke.
No doubt that I'm half,
Cause I'm incomplete without you.
But with you sweetie,
I'm fully whole,
Much more than the whole milk.
Full without even a single hole,
For haters to plunge a pole.

Without you my Cadbury,
I'm torn,
And aggressive than the storm.

I just can't compare you,
Not to anything in this world.
You are priceless sweetheart,
Not even diamond nor gold,
Can compare,
To how worthy you really are.

I have a wish to make;
I want to wake up every morning to your sweet face my Queen.
So please,
Be my better half,
And forever you I'll have,
Always by my side,
For i want you,
And only you Triciah.

Mob love baby love

Let the feeling flow
I sent her a text,
Told her that she was ****.
We met and had ***,
Now i consider her my Ex.
Finding a real lover is one of the best things in life but not easy.
Some people come into our lives & leave footprints on our hearts.

Others come into our lives & make us wanna leave footprints on their face.
*Sick and tired of fakers.
Stay real in our deal or I'll **** with zero chill.*
This is the Phyll challenge,
More of a fever,
So usishangae ukianza kushiver,
Session ikianza.
A special being ever created,
Sijui nimwite philosophicated,
Juu his ideas are never complicated,
To all he does he's dedicated,
Some may say he has Ego,
But I call it class.
Hata Mimi nilimpata kibahati tu,
Hata ukue stranger atakuskiza tu,
Haijalishi kama uko na issues one or two,
He will always help you too,
In his heart dwells the sweetest stories,
The most intensive secrets,
With him life feels like a series,
Na Niko serious.
No one gets bored by his side,
Unless you have your own issues aside,
Put that aside,
And you will see his good side,
No need to hide.
Having you makes me glad.
Am talking about you...yes you...
Phyll Spoken Arts.

©by Poetess Nyambura
Just me but by her
Title          : Phyll-O-Phobia
Poet          : Phyll Spoken Arts
Genre       : Life/Love/Hurt/Fear
P/SwNO. : 301
Year          : 2018

( Content;- after getting hurt once and then the same hurt happens to you again,but with another person whom we thought would never break our heart again,we often tend to take caution and acquire this fear of getting too attached to anyone.)


I would really love...
Love to take the risk,
Of the thing that crushed me.
Not once nor twice;
But uncountable time.

But I fear...

I fear,
That one day,
You won't be there anymore.
Neither will your comfort be there,
Probably you will have gone o...
Off to do something;
Valuable with your life.


That you got sick and tired,
Of the sickly and "real" US.

I fear,
That I won't be ab...
Able to handle the Phyllin...
Feeling of letting you go.

Watching you walk out,
After the journey;
Of having to know you.  

BTW Phyyyylllll...

What will happen;
To the memories that shared?

I fear,  
That one day,  
You might forget me.

I fear,
That I might be made to do the wo...
The worst i have ever done;
Which is to get over you Phyll!

Imagine me,
Leaving without knowing;
That memories fade in time.
Then we start to fade,
And the US we were,
Now starts to pass.

I fear,
That I might love yo...
Love you too much Phyll!

That I'll not want to let you go,
Even when the time for US to part ways comes,
That particular time;
For you to let me go.

You'll release me;
Off in the air like a balloon,
Which you'll never need back.

That's why;
I fear,
Getting so attached.
Not only with you Phyll,
But anyone who dares mention the name Love into my ears.

Though i know,
That the feeling is mutual.
Dare you not remind me,

I fear falling for you because...

I love you but...
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