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Phosphenes Dec 2019
playing hard to get
     - I like this game
     - it's my turn now

just don't look me in the eye... I'll lose.
Phosphenes Dec 2019
I was watching the waves
come and go back
the shells asked me
"where is your heart?"

They didn't know I gave it to you

Then the stars pointed at something red
and I just stood there watching my heart
drifting away not coming back.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
Let's run to the mirror and love ourselves as they are.
Let's watch the night sky and wish nothing from the stars.
Let's forget our secrets and never hold on them anymore.
Let's stay here till the dawn, looking at each other with wonder in our eyes.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
Now his nights are cold
and all he hears is your goodbyes
His tears are dancing their way down.      
I think his pillow is thirsty, there are no tears left to dry out.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
Maybe  I don't need another shadow in the dark.
Maybe I'm lonely and that's all I want.
I changed the lyrics
Phosphenes Aug 2019
She fought to not get lost in my eyes
So she gave me her back,
at the same time I had to leave
and I was saying goodbyes with my eyes.

For the last time
you never turned
You'll never see me again.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
Little does she know       

No one deserves her love.
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