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Phosphenes Aug 6
Maybe  I don't need another shadow in the dark.
Maybe I'm lonely and that's all I want.
I changed the lyrics
Phosphenes Aug 6
What if... I can reach the stars?  
What if...  I stayed more?            
What if...  I can't see you again?
What if...  I never learned?        
What if...  I can't love?                
What if...  I didn't care?              
What if...  we never met?
Phosphenes Aug 4
She fought to not get lost in my eyes
So she gave me her back,
at the same time I had to leave
and I was saying goodbyes with my eyes.

For the last time
you never turned
You'll never see me again.
Phosphenes Jul 31
That song is on
I can hear you breathing
So close
Looking at each other
with wonder in our eyes

He touched where my heart is
he said "That's mine"

I closed his eyes
I said "You're all mine"
"If I lose my hair will you give me yours?"
I asked

"No, I'll give you my belly button I don't need it"

Guess I'm going to put his belly button on my bold head then.

It was romantic but...
Phosphenes Jul 17
Little does she know       

No one deserves her love.
Phosphenes Jul 16
-Her eyes are trying to find mine,
While I'm watching her from that far

In the crowd she's trying to get close to me
And when we're apart she still finds my eyes.
Phosphenes Jul 12
I opened it and I found it empty
my heart my mind even my phone

God knows how bad I'm
trying to find the right  fill
To all of the emptiness I've got

Now I just feel like a lost panda
in the desert looking for caviar.
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