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Phosphenes Dec 2019
I was watching the waves
come and go back
the shells asked me
"where is your heart?"

They didn't know I gave it to you

Then the stars pointed at something red
and I just stood there watching my heart
drifting away not coming back.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
She fought to not get lost in my eyes
So she gave me her back,
at the same time I had to leave
and I was saying goodbyes with my eyes.

For the last time
you never turned
You'll never see me again.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
Little does she know       

No one deserves her love.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
I didn't love you enough
Can I try again harder?

I think I loved LOVE
More than I loved you
Phosphenes Jul 2019
She laughed that day and I smiled forever.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
My eyes were clouds
     but it's raining red

     My voice like thunder
     but my throat hurts

    Next night the sky was purple
        and there were shining stars

    Small things
         could change her every night.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
When I go to my old poems
I find your love
The love I forgot                
The love I hated the most.
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