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Phosphenes Dec 2019
I was watching the waves
come and go back
the shells asked me
"where is your heart?"

They didn't know I gave it to you

Then the stars pointed at something red
and I just stood there watching my heart
drifting away not coming back.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
Why do I feel so bad about myself instead of thinking that I'm the sun and everything and everyone is in a circle around me in my galaxy?.
Phosphenes May 2019
I want to write  
and write again,
till I give it all,
till I have nothing more.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
"Thinking about her was the best thing about her"
Phosphenes Jul 2019
She laughed that day and I smiled forever.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
Now his nights are cold
and all he hears is your goodbyes
His tears are dancing their way down.      
I think his pillow is thirsty, there are no tears left to dry out.
Phosphenes May 2019
Your looks,
the way you left
your hair away.

When the sun hits you,
you curse

I made you my shadow,
you smiled
and gave me a kiss.
Phosphenes May 2019
I love listening to songs I don't understand
I feel free and all my thoughts-
are swimming in my mind,
from who am I to what I ate today.

 All I want is- to close my eyes and create
    my own story out of that song and share it with someone else.
Phosphenes Apr 2019
Tell me when you get hurt,
I will take half of it and dance with your tears
I will sing you lullabies till you sleep.

I will tip your face with my fingers gently
till you fall in a nightmare,
You will see you there loving me
and tearing ice shining,
how pretty are you looking like that
I'm  crying
I'm  crying.

I want to leave you in that big blue silence
but I can't help it sinking with you deeper
I'm  trying
I'm trying.

You see me there smiling
but you can't do,
you knew it was for someone else
and kept your heart
Phosphenes Aug 2019
She fought to not get lost in my eyes
So she gave me her back,
at the same time I had to leave
and I was saying goodbyes with my eyes.

For the last time
you never turned
You'll never see me again.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
-Her eyes are trying to find mine,
While I'm watching her from that far

In the crowd she's trying to get close to me
And when we're apart she still finds my eyes.
Phosphenes Apr 2019
-Sometimes I say I have to stop
I'm going nowhere
She don't give a F
so why do I
-Sometimes I can feel her icy eyes
telling me to stay there
What's on your mind?
you're holding me down
and that's not
Phosphenes Dec 2019
playing hard to get
     - I like this game
     - it's my turn now

just don't look me in the eye... I'll lose.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
Little does she know       

No one deserves her love.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
Was colorful
But he was acting in
a black and white movie.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
All I want is
to hold her tight
and listen
to her whisper

Then I'll start
kissing her neck

I just need that
on repeat
Till the ever end
Phosphenes Jun 2019
There is a bit of you everywhere
some how after all these years
It's started to come out
my feelings, my empty heart

Do you feel the same?
I don't think so

I know you're holding her tight  
I know how you love whispering
Under a cozy night

I don't hate her
she's amazing
I hate myself
For benig a fool
For letting her in

At the end
You wanted us both
With all my  heart I hated you
With all my heart I wanted you
So I left
With all the best
I wish.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
He was lying
I was a fool
He didn't want me
I needed him.

He told me
"You're mine"
I believed.

Didn't see that coming
I was blind
I was just waiting
for your voice to say
my name.

I was just waiting
To share stuf with you
To see that look on you
Tell me how bad are you
And I'll forgive you.
Phosphenes May 2019
Are we ever gonna meet again?
That's what I've been thinking
about since the last time.

You were gazing into my eyes  
like you didn't want to leave
Did I get it? You were asking me.

Don't know what happened that day,
I forgot it was our last dance.
I'm drowning, how could I forget
I'm praying, god give me another chance.
Phosphenes May 2019
I want to dance in the dark and love myself more and more.
I want to figure out my wonders and make them shine with mystery.
Phosphenes Apr 2019
Pillow is wet from pain.                         
Naxt year will be hell.                

I know how it feels                               
when you're not there,              
looking at me from that far,      
     your glasses are shining-  
and the sun hits me high. 

I'm drinking strawberry juice            
trying to be with my friends-
while  staring at you.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
I don't want to sleep
I want to think about You
a little longer

But when I close my eyes
I wish I could dream of You,
Wish I could do that whenever
I wanted  to

Cause I'm missing you
I'm sinking in that dark
Deeper than you think.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
Let's run to the mirror and love ourselves as they are.
Let's watch the night sky and wish nothing from the stars.
Let's forget our secrets and never hold on them anymore.
Let's stay here till the dawn, looking at each other with wonder in our eyes.
Phosphenes Apr 2019
My eyes are trying to look away
when they meet yours,
they are sending love letters-
and they are acting shy,
did you get them?
or you thought my looks are-
skipping your eyes.
Phosphenes Aug 2019
Maybe  I don't need another shadow in the dark.
Maybe I'm lonely and that's all I want.
I changed the lyrics
Phosphenes Apr 2019
How pretty is she between the dirt
Giving love to plants
Crying about your back
How it hurts you- I can see
I've been watching you for hours.

I took pictures of you, and I still think-
I'll never have enough from that view.

Till the moon has woken up,
you're  still in that small garden of yours
Smiling and looking at the plants
like you were waiting for them to grow old~
Phosphenes May 2019
That moment I couldn't stop thinking
about us
  You were just in front of me all alone.

 Couldn't resist staring-                         
Your back was warm in my thoughts.                

Didn't wanna have a word with you
                 Guess I changed my mind

I liked you Like that,
So I remain silent

I know I'll regret it-
And I'll keep hiding.

I didn't want to know you,
What if it turned  out-
We're no good for each other?

My heart and my mind kept fighting.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
I opened it and I found it empty
my heart my mind even my phone

God knows how bad I'm
trying to find the right  fill
To all of the emptiness I've got

Now I just feel like a lost panda
in the desert looking for caviar.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
Is smiling
there in the corner
At me-
For putting myself
in hell
without his help.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
Oh, it's you again
there in the back of my head
     siping on my third vein.
Phosphenes May 2019
My heart couldn't help-
   it made it even worse
for me-
after the sun dies.

The moon is watching
with tears -
for the sky,
the sky above us-
You and I.

The moon is tearing stars,
they made the sky look pretty
but you don't know-
how sad they are.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
I didn't love you enough
Can I try again harder?

I think I loved LOVE
More than I loved you
Phosphenes Apr 2019
Tell me a lie I love
Like how you feel the same or more
And how you told the moon
About our eyes when they met~
Phosphenes May 2019
She had never been touched.
I want to be her first.
To crawl under her sheets 
To kiss her skin- 
and open my eyes on hers.
Phosphenes May 2019
Suddenly every song feels like it's about you.

Crazy songs- how you make my heart dance.

Sad songs- to all your good byes.

Love songs- the moment I saw your eyes.

**** songs- the bad things we haven't done.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
My eyes were clouds
     but it's raining red

     My voice like thunder
     but my throat hurts

    Next night the sky was purple
        and there were shining stars

    Small things
         could change her every night.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
I was scared
so I shut my heart down

Now I know how dumb I am
My eyes are still bleeding

Thought I moved on
turned out  I pretend healing
and all of me  can't live long.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
When I go to my old poems
I find your love
The love I forgot                
The love I hated the most.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
I still wait for you to show up
But there~
No one is waiting for me

I miss you more than you think
and I hate you evenly

I still remember the way you
look at me

That deep looks of yours
kills my butterflies  
Now I'm numb
and scared of forgetting-
your eyes

Underneath your skin, I saw
your scars shine
Underneath your skin, there
is much more.
Phosphenes Jul 2019
do I leave?
I think I'm done

It's too late to cry
Too late to ask
myself why.
Phosphenes May 2019
I want to be someone's world.
The smile that person is waiting for.

When I cry, the cold hits his knees-
then he makes me laugh loud.
Phosphenes Jun 2019
Your sad eyes
Took over me

I want to be your devil,        
The one who took over you    
To make you feel loved better.
Phosphenes Apr 2019
-The eye battle today was blue
you won and your lips were closed
I swear I could watch you for hours.
I asked you when do you leave?
You say, soon.

-The sun was burning but I kept my knees therein,
for you I'll look at the burn when you ask me-
when are you going to regret it?
I say next year when you leave me in hell.

-You never asked.

— The End —