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Paco Manchez Feb 2015
Hello Poetry, I know its our first time meeting,
I would like to introduce my self as Paco,
I can't imagine this as a swell greeting.
Sorry to inform you but Paco rhymes with nothing.

I extend my arm but the decision isn't mine,
The life of misery is around the corner.
I can't be your salvation if you chose to decline,
You don't have to trust me as I am a mere foreigner.

Give me at least a chance,
I wish for you to join me in our endless dance.
Can we get some humorous writers in the community?
Paco Manchez Jan 2015
Hello Cherry we meet again,
I see you know how to entertain,
I lust for the opportunity to devour you,
As the first bite enters my mouth in that second I knew.

We were star crossed lovers crafted by the hands of God,
Although our relationship is a littler bit odd,
Its a good thing that its just us.
Dedicated to ***** *****
Paco Manchez Feb 2015
Wandering around this room there is nothing but despair,
Misguided souls forced to walk this life from dusk till dawn,
But there is one man, who is aware.
The sight of salvation eggs him on.

Guided by nothing but his love for food,
His eyes become seduced at first glance.
Only in his mind has the object become lewd,
This poor soul has become stuck in a trance.

A piece of pumpkin pie rests on top of a table,
The lost soul makes the pilgrimage to his mistress.
He takes a bite without reading the label,
The forbidden food causes a rare sickness.

Only one word is written on the grave stone, “Beware”.
Dedicated to my guy Mark Lewis
Paco Manchez Jan 2015
The streets are dead,
And the sun has fled.
A bright light glimmers in the distance,
As I notice a unique coexistence.

Do I approach the source?
The only answer would be of course.
Peering into the light I knew what it was.
The scent pierced my nose and left me only to pause,

Cherry?...I-Is that you?

— The End —