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Onoma Apr 3
concentric rings around

a rosie, tiny magicians with

pockets full of posies.

rattling in a birdcage, dancing away

between bars--teal blue

hats and cloaks, overlaid with

icy yellow stars.

broom-beards wisped down to

their feet, apercus gloaming.

scroll mustiness of aslant starlight--

shuffling space dust divining an Age.
Mar 6 · 85
At Last Black
Onoma Mar 6
there's an irresponsiveness

that gets turned on at

first black.

still the features that show

up are distinct.

an entire entity leans in.

withdrawing the ashen bathwater

of Shiva...who knows when

to slather it on.

though he's cleanly extracted.

draining the sounds contained in

broken water.

post, post, post scriptum...

Escher etchings of a raven

motioning its only pair of wings.

turned out at last black.
Mar 1 · 231
Table Manners
Onoma Mar 1
feral dichotomies

have already wolfed

down the pre-bitten


burping unapologetically.

there are Table Manners

too impeccable.

a sign of appreciation in any

culture of bad blood.

made good.
Feb 28 · 147
No Need of Restoration
Onoma Feb 28
there's an emphasis on

hands melting like the

wax of unlit candles.

reaching out.

the stifled coughs of a

pew's darkness  can be

heard, along with the

smell of freshly baked


Rembrandt works his way

through a crowd, to where

icons live in paint.

with no need of restoration.
Feb 28 · 88
Unchained Saw
Onoma Feb 28

can see every

revolution of

a chainsaw.


to a knife leaving

its mark on an

open country.

unable to lie about

seeing something

spit about like

wooded water.

catching the windless

fire of ether.
*Inspired by the ******* band, Boundaries: "Carve".
Feb 28 · 51
Please Overstand
Onoma Feb 28
please overstand,

that your aftershocks

will take a Heart.

combing over your

coldest grooves.

long after they've

been pronounced

by her music.
Feb 28 · 75
Verdant Pinches
Onoma Feb 28
having  been forced

to repeat Ourself--

Mother dearest was brought

back to life by something

of spring.

as one of her own slipped

out of the door.

she tried to bring

her family together.

noticing verdant pinches

crop up.

hell had its fury.

when stated, bold-faced:

I don't understand You.

if only pauses could give

what they take.
Feb 28 · 71
Onoma Feb 28








for a lifetime.


rundown of


stolen away on

dissimilar skin.
Feb 27 · 45
Might've Seen a Dust
Onoma Feb 27
I've might've

seen a dust

kicked up in

such a way...


its desert  floats

on water.

finding the walk

on that water too prosaic.
Feb 27 · 39
Beaded Chandeliers
Onoma Feb 27
these beaded chandeliers

of a very hard

rain pop out the

twinkle of a color

from branches.

stolen from the riches

of a Queen, handed

back with both hands.

as threads stream

across a fetching


by dreams as flies

nose in.

leaves are softening

their handprints from

a forgotten fall.

juice climbs a tree

with no sound on it.

no skeleton is craven

while held up to a

Feb 27 · 90
Neatly Contained Flood
Onoma Feb 27
as rain is unhatched,

startling roofs with

a knock that partook

in what came before


I lie none the wiser...

to an imploding


a neatly contained

flood in another

Feb 27 · 47
Finding no Fault
Onoma Feb 27
Diane Arbus

purposely mismatched

inside out eyes.

finding no fault.

staring out of rooms.

breathing in mold

deep enough to peel

the paint off their walls.

unwilling to condemn

a solitary thing.
Feb 27 · 51
Unhousable Adjustments
Onoma Feb 27
the muscle memory of

bed sheets are starving

to death.

they keep being pulled

off of their own accord--

one night at a time.

they receive adjustments.

unhousable adjustments.

worshipping a structure

so far from home.

direction remade from


encompassed memory

devoid of bone.
Feb 27 · 39
A Yellow Journal
Onoma Feb 27
Van Gogh ensconced

to a yellow journal.

whose reportage

curls the toes of stars...

something like airliners

coupled with the streaks

of speeding boats.

carving sediments.
Feb 27 · 41
An: O of Breath
Onoma Feb 27
there are ways in which

things are happening...

that should round off to

another sphere.

an: O of breath.

blown by a crystallized

little girl...

with a rattling halo

settling like a soundless


watching that rounded off

sphere bubble clear off

her freedom-land.

shaping up to her wish.
Feb 27 · 37
Solidity Smiles
Onoma Feb 27
let alone--

a pebble

to pray







coming in

and out

of an Ocean


the first drop is

always too slow

to quench itself.

which's why the

last drop has to fall

Feb 27 · 37
Spiritus Sancti
Onoma Feb 27
purple is

the oral history

of our undissolved

Onoma Feb 27
my Mother told me

more gently than herself...

what it took to get me here.

in her inimitable way.

trees stuck at attention...

falling all over a horizon.

there was a lightness

moved so violently that

it refused to speak to

no one.

an unexpected guest

blissed-out her son,

unbeknownst to her.

what a liar has been unmade.

the metallic grooves of a

guitar...picked away to morning


swelling to a cello.

bees dying face-first on snow.

flowers mastering magicians.

tapering off the right color.
Feb 26 · 44
Sticks can Sway
Onoma Feb 26
having seen

what you have

seen is no competition.

internality smiles away.

leaving tracks in a snow

sitting far too pretty for


sticks can sway in city

spots...opening a forest.

a random observation

is a telescope if I say so.

don't be afraid...die-up.

down is a stranger to it's

own craft.
Feb 26 · 51
Take it Some More
Onoma Feb 26
if a black hole

were a dial,

and your favorite


your favorite song.

helping your hand to it.

until you couldn't

take it anymore.

take it some more.

then the record will

not skip.
Feb 26 · 55
Triptych of a Bridge
Onoma Feb 26
the triptych of a bridge

volumes its water...

a passable erasure.

of an altar nothing should

be said.

the triptych of a bridge

smoothens over again.

poised as light murmuring

to its confidant.

setting aside the differences

of air pulled by constant


there's this triptych of a

bridge, that knows what

wind is made and


separate as ways gone as far

as they can go.

seeing passed doubles.
Feb 25 · 68
Her Oranges
Onoma Feb 25
precisely at dawn

she worked out

her oranges around

this chest.

spelling color differently.

angulation on a heaving


dancing through

a window, elated

to rest there.

it was so striking

that I had to look...

all there was, was

the wonder of how

she got there.

the metric of her

genius exceeds


there's no grappling

with a poet in residence.

how many times can

you wake up is not

a question.
Feb 25 · 77
Onoma Feb 25
the art






from its


can draw

a flawless


Feb 25 · 58
Already Outrun
Onoma Feb 25
fruits bruise

in the musculature

of a stallion.

plum-purple beating

the heart of a night.

already outrun.

taken by its own




movements left...

Feb 25 · 63
Chanting Blue
Onoma Feb 25
Shiva's central

obsession is being

touched by the

color blue.

open or closed

books chanting


staunch memorization.

chanting the color blue.

wherein, whereby...

meta-phors sleep with

their eyes open.
Feb 25 · 93
History of Flight
Onoma Feb 25
birds are talking

away through drawn


they can see their

words way before

they hear them.

songs go a long way.

might I say I have

heard something I've

never heard before.

might I say.

if their words were

anymore candid,

their whole history

of flight would cease

to exist.
Feb 24 · 52
Onoma Feb 24
duplication is

rotten, it goes

bad when left


an unkempt

temple cleaned

for food.
Feb 24 · 79
Not be Survived by
Onoma Feb 24
just now,

spring lie

on her serrated


on winter's bed.

he's fast asleep...

she's looking him

over, thinking:

you haven't killed me

yet you ****.

i will not be survived

Onoma Feb 23
You know you

ought to join

them, but you

leave them to

their study.

such brilliant

deductions walk

off bodies.

centering their

Feb 23 · 39
A Golden Calf Fattens
Onoma Feb 23
a crumpled napkin

slides across a table.

a golden calf fattens

on a cloudy day.

a propped up flower

reads a Chinese vase


so much so, the mountain

it depicts is no longer

woven around villagers

that seek enlightenment.

unconditional as clouds

beaten to wool.
Feb 23 · 30
Onoma Feb 23
in this welling's

music--seas remain

unparted, there's

no flailing in water's


multitudinal calms

have washed over

the look of every


fitting perfectly on

distant shores.
Feb 23 · 41
Quicker Than Once
Onoma Feb 23
the silver

interments in

a bolt of lightning

smoke out a blind


unstruck between

split eyes that

crack open quicker

than once.
Feb 22 · 62
Onoma Feb 22




bonsai tree...

offers almost

no answer to

its form through

paper-thin panels.
Feb 21 · 78
Crystal Pack
Onoma Feb 21
the sound, the sounds

(singular-plural) coalescing

their surface runoff.

of melting snow, snows


as these sounds issue

from the accumulation

of multiple snows.

weigh on the mind's

crystal pack, which will

soon expose the ground

of a sky.

too little the singularity,

too much the plurality--

therefore neither.
Feb 20 · 64
A Whole Miracle
Onoma Feb 20
holiness dies up

to itself.

a whole miracle.
Feb 20 · 86
Blackest Rose
Onoma Feb 20
in the middle of the night

the unredeemable left undetected.

standing for the deathblow of its

blackest rose.

disinherited as far as the eye can


in love with the despair that rushes

over what's too alone to abandon,

or be abandoned.

what always meant to say nothing...

cut at the root.
Onoma Feb 17
apathy is a rightfully

peculiar equanimity--

growing indifferent

to overexposure.

filming period pieces

of weather.

too still for any life.

you'd better be too

dead to play the part

enough to be overlooked.

peace must consider you.
Feb 17 · 106
Wrath Incurred
Onoma Feb 17
a stone


by a desert.

is the shape

of wrath


the clacking

mouth of a

prophet broken

Feb 17 · 87
Wedging in Chasms
Onoma Feb 17
moth-eaten light

listens to the shafts

of feedings.

tear through sackcloth.

worn by elder

nights wedging in

chasms for a sleep

that may never come.
Feb 16 · 81
Forest of Bones
Onoma Feb 16
a blind master's


cover a forest of bones.

overseeing future


he is highly reverenced

by where even space

cannot enter.
Feb 15 · 83
Matissean Reds
Onoma Feb 15
a background of

Matissean reds--

(foremost an apple

of many swelling


among other fruits:

tables, chairs, couches,


luxuriant bloodletting.

nuptial birds of paradises

lost, encaged.

framed by a submerged

Feb 14 · 206
Amulet of Blue Pearl
Onoma Feb 14
an amulet of Blue Pearl

sinks delicately into a chest--

as wildfires burn at the

bottom of its ocean.

while thundering waves

mince and elongate the

windowy surface above.

the Blue Pearl spits out

the starry image of its

truest north.
Feb 13 · 98
Frayed Slither
Onoma Feb 13
against dilapidated walls

a pnuema's frayed slither

undoes skin a blush dead.

moistening motions of

maggots gleaming darkly--

bathed by airless confines

overspilling between an

untamable essence.
Onoma Feb 13
there is a tree narrow

enough for a wood.

to reap a snow around


the trunk of Her ankle.

holed-up white, with

wind and cessation.

incontrovertible water.

though it appears so.

Feb 12 · 122
An Owl Leaves Daylight
Onoma Feb 12
as impressions shorten their form,

an owl leaves daylight suddenly.

flattening its wings over an Ocean,

all-ways light.

alighting at your window, one

motion free from stillness.

so You can hear the sound contradicted

by the customariness of nothing fathomed.

there's something that worries over

an owl that resurrects daylight on a

crooked limb.

the speed of acceptance deemed late.

the owl was there once...

leaving out everything.

And would you know it?

an owl's downcurved beak smiled


falling down lifelessly over branches

that redrew the most vehement disappearances.
Jan 30 · 134
Wolf Moon
Onoma Jan 30
when the land has locked its jaw,

and starving recesses fight to get

loose, only the wind breaks free.

blowing away from what froze it

clear, watching January choose a

place to die alone.

rumbling in the pits of wolves'

stomachs, shadowing and shadowed

by the place January chose to die alone.

their darkening magic severe enough

to cast out what it casts--driven on all

fours through trackless acts of disappearance.

the trees see nothing of this, coldly burning

at their own stakes, having been stripped bare...

their congregations sway from time to time.

the fall and the spread of nothing, clear from

the throats of wolves...rising.

a sickly yellow arena, with last-leg effulgence

comes around to their howls, and hangs there

as the pithy of survival.
Onoma Jan 27
there's a cold in the

grey outside, perspectively

sectioned off.

its breathy paint keeps

running down and

across frozen surfaces.

there's a window to it,

which drifts--oddly enough

to become two dimensionally

sequestered in walls.
Onoma Jan 24
one night outside of itself--

it came to me a pitch too black.

open eyes might as well of been

closed, and vice versa.

the first thing that came to our mind

was death, which did not pass.

if it was to be survived, it would come

through the intervention of time...

slowly or speedily creeping out of its

unseen hole.

as with the boundaries of desolation

made out by a will to life, where

aloneness takes on the character of

otherness, absent from that company.

so was it night or death, or other that

filled in the blanks of aloneness as it

withdrew its thrall?

what was left there was a refuge which

had sought a refuge from what sought

it, and what came together knew it would

never be alone again--even though that's

all it was.
Onoma Jan 23
the drawn parallels of birds...

their countercurrents of flow

colored, stark visibilities.

their patterns recognized against

blue seals being opened.

inherent flights always equidistant

to the distanceless, their lifelong calls...

nondifferential songs composed

by other lifelong calls.

an inmost vibration made common,

thus recognized...returned from

branches that fall and regrow.

as if pointing the way.
Dec 2020 · 79
Onoma Dec 2020

solitary poles in the axial

spin of their snow globe.

haloed convenants clustering

anonymous eyes, broadcasting

a running channel of real time


stranger than a passerby, stranger

still the lonely viewer of the screen.

exposure and nonexposure to

an interplay of elements beyond

weather, yet being driven by the force

behind it all.

were it that a passerby would stop

and look up at a snowcam, with the

feeling of being looked at by a stranger.

to the astonishment of a lonely viewer,

an intimate spell of white suspends

the snowflakes.

an untranslatable moment, with no

lapse but the seeming release of snowflakes


and an unbroken spell.
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