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Onoma 2h
as the sky tugged its

blanket war, and a bridge

met ways over water that

shall not be named.

i beared with birds, ****...

watching them open a distance

as fly it.

form in the purest balance of the

disappearing act.

a body, maybe yours...shifts

itself from a witnessing position.

taken with an almost unbearable

Onoma 1d
at a confluence

of rivers, water

suddenly opened

its eyes.

sight still amid

the flow.
Onoma 1d
genius in the absence
of color,colors--room for the
subconscious to stretch
its legs like a weary *****.

greasy rats nibble through
a maze of waste, upping their
collective intelligence--emerging
from the thickest night, beady eyed.

an anbandoned seven story building--
peels away at architectural thoughts
left to disuse, spoiling brilliant
silences while falling to the floor.
Onoma 2d
stripped down to the spine--

vocable blood banging between

your ears.

thing placing person.

skipping feet backwards on water.

atmospheric like the sounds of early


death at every meditational attempt--

equanimous loss at gainsay enlightenment.

sure you stand for something--but you're

never fulfilled.

until you are, until you simply are not.

any longer.

you see...when you become It--

you're left out of It as much as you're

let in It.
2d · 46
Onoma 2d
if i say: I'm not myself--

i laugh myself off the

confines of a mirror.

then thank something

or other for the


with a ferocious

vehemence, clear as

water and electricity.
Onoma 4d
duirnal vector--

hard grays evincing

chalky white tracings

of tree limbs, redrawing

a season's circle.

dancing off till danced in.

last dangling leaves of thread

through fallings.

ghost of the ghost network.
Onoma 5d
even when one thing doesn't

follow another--

it's still about survival,

they get so desperate when

their mouths fill up with


forgetting to gurgle and

cleanse their mouths.

a liar can't float or sink,

the weak will continue to

look one another in the eye

to spot what's dead.

fear is a shore easily reached--

like thinking you can touch

down anywhere in the ocean at

all times.

get a foot on something when the

the sky goes out, and the water

comes over.

no--there are always those for that,

don't worry...hahaha~
6d · 85
Ace of Spades
Onoma 6d
Lucky Luciano's lazy eye

in the sky--

daring his city to double cross


sure ******* thing--which rat

******* you got?

spit the odds like a kick to the

teeth, think like a kick to the


or lay there with a bloodied

ace of spades in your

hand like Joe Masseria.

the fix is in.
7d · 84
Sturm Und Drang
Onoma 7d
a glass ocean meeting a mountain--

dead of the night discordant pitch

of thorough breakage.

tinkling shards in whirlpools slicing

and splintering in spiraling inundation--

toy like vessels sunk, what could not

float the tonnage of drowning sound.

cargo of guts bust open, miles long tangled round

those vessels, wrapped tight for the ride down.

Beethoven's defiant deathbed fist clashing

with lightning, thundering blows--the

mass exodus composition of an unbreakable


******* The Face of The Deep that voids

eyes at will--to behold its own!

nothing is in vain, even when beset with

such vanity!
Nov 3 · 71
Opt For Exposure
Onoma Nov 3
the colder air has begun breaking

open the patternized flights of birds

like stones.

against what?

above a land of leaves in toppling

rotations--skirting along the second

wind of ground, how the breathless


that which stares at the sky intently

enough to trade places, with all

it's burried--knows what it takes for

snow to fall.

if there's an exactness to a moment, prior

to its occasion, that can be seen beforehand--

fitting perfectly into a long time come now.

it's here, chilling fingertips that reach for

warmth, or opt for exposure.
Oct 19 · 465
What That Bareness Saw
Onoma Oct 19
rusty dusks

leave twinges

of sunlight that

may not lift from

where they lie again.

shadowed corpus

growing late to rise--

the psudeonymn

of the last stranger.

revealing what was

so perfectly hid away--

delivered by the cost of


bared--that's all, who's to


as no one can see what that

bareness saw.
Oct 18 · 129
Quaternity of Face
Onoma Oct 18
there's a tremble at the edge of

every which world--as one and none

gathered round a fire spits snowy


into skies that pass on skies--same

yet different in eyes made single.

swearing to no end that you are here--

set down to look up.

clear as the cold draft of magic--spelling


doorways for the protusions of bodies--

held slow in their long fast.

searched for something other than meaning.

as curves catch on to their circle, and holes

moan black--spirituality offers the most

ironic grin.

earthy as ether in the quaternity of face.
Oct 7 · 187
Sheared Off Water
Onoma Oct 7
water spread through the boulder,

enlivening dead weight with vibratory tide--

a high living flood of changing symbols.

regenerate cells that interpret feel as flesh

would--iterations of fishes.

tiny flickers over water, in the eyes of birds

to their mouths, downwind withdrawn wings

to sure fall of hunger.

far off a ferryboat docked to measureless distance--

leaks the sun's silvery white from its side.

a commotion of sight trying to see something amid

the whelming blanch, then there were waves.

as the shore sheared off water from the tops of them

backward--that could not hold the forward momentum.
Sep 29 · 1.5k
Pillar of Fire
Onoma Sep 29
Shiva's pillar

of fire upholds--

what cannot fly

upward, fall

downward to

exhaust it.

nor can it be

gone around.
Sep 24 · 340
Onoma Sep 24
in Benares

the bells ring

in a way bells

can't contain

themselves while


flowers heaped

beyond color but

never more bright.

as pyres forgive

the host with flames,

and yogis bathe in ash

along the Ganga.
Sep 24 · 205
While Roaming
Onoma Sep 24
ask yourself this...

while you become

the hypocritical that.

as always--to those

concerned, what power

drew your eyes to read

into words?

what made them a doorway?

they mean something to you.

they want to show you some

kind of way, they're spatially

unchallenged when they look

dead in G*d's eyes

for your Self-sake.

the first and the last breed, breed

sons not of Man.

as women bear birth,

so they might feel for themselves.

these two hands wash the

blood out of water

to clarify nothing.


the Word of their

mouth to dash across the

tongue of their drink,

ever parched.

only visions of water.

Jeshua too passed out and

in with the devil while


~Aum Namah Shivaya~
Sep 23 · 163
At The Feet of Nataraja
Onoma Sep 23
I've crumbled your

letter and tossed it,
smoothed its stubborn

creases to place it at

the feet of Nataraja.

watched daylight live into

the folds while leaving

them at nightime.

my impulse is to destroy,

I've approached your

letter in that way many

a time.

I can't bring myself to

do it, and that tells me something out

of nothing--that I need to know.

but when I consign

it to flames it will be


a single soul come

together to face

the faceless face of


the mind will dissolve

its flesh, to deny itself

the most glorious touch.
Sep 23 · 154
It's Too Free
Onoma Sep 23
you took it

that far in, then

stepped back


a clearing's only

a brilliant observation

point among chaotic


suddenly seen harmoniously.

you're doing

what you have

to do.

telling a man you'd

be there to wait

for him when he

comes home.

that your servitude

spills with anxiousness

to fulfill that end.

the temple door closes,

as it opens

behind Our eyes.

we serve each other.

as you wet with the

security of Home.

I've already entered,

and you've received me


there's not a solitary

thing that can take

that away.

it's too free.

choices can blow

through hair enough

for shedding.

you're not doomed.

i've already lost my

ultimate gain,

it's about dying on

your feet.

the very last punch

Sep 22 · 135
Onoma Sep 22
the fruit

that you've

taken inside

you grows.

what it bears

you will Know

for what it Is.
Sep 22 · 133
Walked Thru
Onoma Sep 22
seasons don't

want to be


divisions, but

I'm walked thru

falling leaves.
Sep 22 · 76
Bore Hole
Onoma Sep 22
a bore

hole in

a mountain's

a cave.

where yogis

forever dwell.
Sep 20 · 95
Birds Agree
Onoma Sep 20
birds agree

on music,

the falling

trees in the

deads of


always silently

Sep 20 · 155
Samadhi Stone
Onoma Sep 20
leave off

where life


ambled curve

where death

nears its perception.


never figure


or out.

the samadhi

stone that water

flows blind thru.

washing its

Sep 19 · 134
What Is
Onoma Sep 19
i now build a

shrine of wilted

flowers cooking

over the moon.

icing light meets

its angled lightning--

how it falls on what Is.
Sep 18 · 138
Concordant Flow
Onoma Sep 18
love loves to be

left alone--

to pair marks indelibly.

concordant flow,

as to say my love.

materialized water.

named by.


Sep 17 · 248
What Persists
Onoma Sep 17
a strong man's loss

is a weak man's gain--

find the difference.

what persists...
Sep 17 · 125
Onoma Sep 17
how can light

betray itself
when it sees

the way?

you can't help

but stand for

yourself, crossways.
Sep 15 · 87
Prior to it
Onoma Sep 15
light wants to see once

and for all, we are its

exquisite balance--

though prior to it.

even if the image of an

Ocean were to submerge

its own image, the Ocean

would bob up again.
Sep 13 · 125
Dorothy's Stillness
Onoma Sep 13
sometimes you wake to it--

when supreme stillness can

feel like the moment Dorothy's

house touched down.

after being ****** up into a

cyclonic dreamscape of menacing

sound given to music and

discordant image.

that moment when her bed hits

the ground and her pigtails flop--

where she rises and opens the

bedroom door to full color.
Sep 12 · 212
Snake Charmer
Onoma Sep 12
at birth the stone was

cast and glass went dark--

cursed to wander the sightless

terminus of his days.

a blind snake charmer filled

the holes of his flute with

fingers speedily entering their voids.

there was no more gravely

urgent sound to be heard, as

neighboring ears fell into his

lonely kingdom.

his Heart carried across from

the mountain road which he sat--

way down the valley.

he played from a featureless and

single point, that he would die for

at any moment.

which came across with every note,

what distance no foot could cover.

snakes would often beat themselves

to death on stones to dance away with

the melody that possessed them.

only when he lowered his flute and hung

his head, did he let tears fall down a

groundless ground.
Sep 11 · 221
Onoma Sep 11
the yogi

lives one







empty handed.
Sep 10 · 229
Song of Ash
Onoma Sep 10
between Lazarus

hearing his name

to life--and holy men

washing their faces

with ash.

the river folds as it

flows, wider than the

world--narrower than

a needle.

what births the vow of

silence, as it sings the song

of ash thru the deafening

motions of images.

a kiss upon the forehead

and crown, roosting birds.
Sep 9 · 114
Drew Out
Onoma Sep 9
if i say I'm

dying to hold

you--do not

attend to any manner

of speech.

you've overcome

the life of me and

drew out its arms.

likewise i you.
Sep 9 · 105
A Spanless Body
Onoma Sep 9
there is only before

and after her--gone in

what the heart can not


as a spanless body of water won't

sign the alias of ocean, to point

to itself.

the ever presence of

life to the ever presence

of death.

full in full, nectar to the air

of a flower--whose beauty

terrifies by its resolve.

a single burst in the throes of joy, staying

that openness in a petaled world

of wilt.

her name every one named with

the sound of scent, in the sight of

Onoma Sep 8
this bay-skied easel works

pastels off the frame, to a

baby's palette off the face

of the earth.

as a cooling breeze birds--

with the moving images

of birds not necessarily

in flight.

or in view just now.

the seagrass loosens the

tide as antennas in reception,

picking up on the shadowed

cavities of distant trees

whitening birds

trying to come in.

the smell of sea salt heavy

as a sacrificial animal, trailed

by imploding senses.
Sep 8 · 447
Starker Naked
Onoma Sep 8
love roams starker


with her every

candlelit thought

of him.

milky moon maiden

at loosest ends.

beams a riot of departing

sanity, and a longed

for scream.

firmly rooted to the perfect

mound of her clearing.
Sep 6 · 355
Onoma Sep 6
where went the


defense of life

given up, to

love with

That Love?

it feels very

much like she's

left our

company to

go searching for

the meaning

of what opened

her in such a way.
Sep 5 · 145
Liberties Taken
Onoma Sep 5
they take their liberties--

while looking your Mother in

your eyes.

they're entitled to this--

because they part themselves

from the crowd to proclaim

their presence alone can straighten

the crooked limbs of loneliness.

having watched what always passes--

lowering themselves into that salvific


coming up as a pinnacle washed over by  

reshaping clouds.

the aggregate tumble of shorn cycles--

saturating karmic dream sequence.

with the wide open eyes of a fish, The

Ocean rolling over them.

they tell you they love you, to set themselves free--

then tell you they set you free.

they take their liberties.
~Aum Namah Shivaya~
Sep 4 · 191
Surface Level
Onoma Sep 4
a foot's momentarily


by its placement

into the Ocean.

the surface level illusion

of a walking distance.

it takes depth to reach

the horizon, perhaps

too much.
Sep 4 · 185
Blue Clouds
Onoma Sep 4
birds spend their lives searching

for the root of the sky.

they fall from the sky, only when

the sky pulls their root.

where blue clouds appear full of

their flight, all of their song.

for one final contrast.
Sep 3 · 266
Does Not Disavow
Onoma Sep 3
a river does not balk when

surrendering to an Ocean--

it does not disavow its

forward motion.

it runs with what it means--


it does not sidestep its promise.

there's too much singular force of

faith and surety.
Sep 2 · 182
All Samurais Sleep
Onoma Sep 2
when a sword's brandished,

it will always

reflect the light of mind.

come martyr or assassin--

beyond the sword's double edge.

all samurais Sleep.
Sep 2 · 168
Bone Dry
Onoma Sep 2
helped to waking by liquid

meeting solid--though


volunteers absence for most

of the wetness.


clear about what's balancing

the rain of sound.

bone dry with what mercilessly

seeps in.
Sep 1 · 518
Consecrated Crux
Onoma Sep 1
in a storm of

voices and veils--

Our consecrated

crux stands.

the mark of a

King is his ability

to stand alone in

the face of everything.

the very Heart of his

Sep 1 · 123
Faithful Prodigal
Onoma Sep 1
Christed passion's

culled from air--

how breath becomes


I Am its writing on

the sky blue ceiling--

the span of her lungs,

(faithful prodigal).

lighting significant

eyes of meaning.
Sep 1 · 222
Onoma Sep 1
at her place of green


she sat--

as she felt deities

stare thru her

she wept.

realizing she too

was one.
Sep 1 · 102
A Stone Holds Itself
Onoma Sep 1
the way distance makes an object appear

large or small--this darkness appears

very large.

as messengers of unknowing stir being--

with fewer words of freshly cut flowers

from the future's garden.

there's a feeling of how a stone holds itself


paralyzed by that hold, only blinking back

with the light of mind to offer signs of


how hard it grows in its position, yet how

paradoxically lethal grows the softness of

its love.
Aug 29 · 165
Drawn Horse
Onoma Aug 29
can you feel the hooves that break

the ground of the alone?

that pounding pace strong enough

for freedom, can you feel it?

growing wild with the promise only

it can keep unto itself--held too close

for betrayal.

the manifest cut of the blackest stallion--

flanked with ocher by the sun it sets.

dearer than the life he runs for, and the

warring legs that lose their place in

manic motion.

their moment multitude plummets the

black stallion into his Heart--as the lay

of the land surrenders.

in the unblinking glass of his eyes,  

passing by and thru with clearest of

reflection--uncontainable bliss wets

down his jawbones.

his unbreakable neck refusing to allow

a head to turn that's cocked forth.
Aug 27 · 267
Charnel Cloud
Onoma Aug 27
when Shiva sits

a pheonix rises

from the ashes...

with no two wings

about it.
Aug 25 · 94
Vivid Beyond Blindness
Onoma Aug 25
the moon drove herself

into the Heart of the sun--

dead center to the shape

of light.

a flashing union to the whole

of the round--a moment's

negative space.

vivid beyond blindness.
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