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October 23 Nov 2017
my mind is elsewhere when I'm by your side
though you're the only image in my mind
but you've aged
October 23 Nov 2017
I've spent my short life building walls for a living
walls that hide how I feel & keep me from feeling
brick by brick I feel as safe as I am trapped in my own confusion
October 23 Nov 2017
practice speaking with purpose & mindfulness
not only when it counts
but more so when no one is counting
October 23 Nov 2017
I'm the author of my life in need of an editor
loose ideas & run-on sentences that need to feel more concise
misused punctuation marks and careless misspellings
a life that desperately needs revision
only then maybe I'll be confident enough for this rough draft to get published
NP: I Miss You - Frank Ocean
October 23 Apr 2017
I prefer women with piercingly sad eyes
with a story that'd reduce Hemingway to tears
the confidence to carry that pain around attracts me
but if I make you happy
would it be wrong to break you
just to be attracted to the pain I've caused you?
October 23 Apr 2017
I'd rather be alone and longing for someone
than to have promised my heart to the wrong person
when the right one comes along
Aaliyah // Choosey Lover
October 23 Apr 2017
I've been told I can be
loyal but distrusting
sometimes even vengeful
with a mouth as sharp as a stinger

I've always known myself to be
resilient with psychic intuition
almost by fault
that of an eagle soaring above adversity

I know I am me
channeling my innate wisdom & burning passion
transforming for the better
much like a phoenix rising from the ashes
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