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Numb04 Aug 2021
There are questions I often don't want to get answers.
I'm afraid that the answer would be the opposite of what I've expected.
Sometimes my mind would create stories
To give consideration to my hearts' fantasies.

Funny how we seek for advice
But in reality we only know the answer.
We just refuse to believe it ourselves.
For we are afraid of miseries, of the heartaches and a possible heartbreak 💔.

We keep on consoling ourselves,
Telling lies, believing the lies we feed to ourselves.
We are the one creating our own heartbreaks.
For we already know what's happening but we choose to continue on ignoring.

from frequent to less
From sometime to no time.
Accept that it was only temporary.
Just be thankful for the memory

I opened my heart
Let someone in
I welcomed happiness
But I know it comes with pain.

Now I ask myself....
Should I go on? Or
Should I move on?
These two option bring nothing but pain,
But at least I know where to begin.
Numb04 Oct 2020
She used to smile,
A smile that caught your eye.
She's once full of life,
That made you fell in love ❣️

You entered in her life,
She let you in.
She gave you love,
You paid it back with pain💔

She tried to fight.
She held on tight.
But you pushed her away
You chose not to stay.

She let you go.
Tears falling from her eyes,
Sobbing, with begging eyes.
And then you turned your back without sparing her a glance :'(

Days, months and years passed
Since you last saw her
One day, unexpectedly
You crossed your ways

You saw her.
Spare glance in her way.

She became more beautiful than before.
Then you started to regret.
Leaving her was a mistake.

You tried reaching her again,
Thinking she would accept you again,
But things are never the same,
For she already found the man in her dream.

From a far you're just staring
Saying the words "Never the same"

Her smile, they're never the same".
Her eyes, there never the same.
Her love is never the same,
It was once for me but now for him.
Treasure the things you have while you still own it.Not everything will stay the way we left it
Numb04 Sep 2019
I said the words
I was answered with laughs,
I conveyed through actions,
I was avoided without reasons.

I cried, I really did
I laugh that's how I pretend.

It was just all a joke,
that made this friendship broke.

I was sincere,
I made it clear.
You we're unfair,
made me believe a lie to be real.

Now you apologize,
after hearing my cries.
You want to compromise,
When you finally realize.

'twas all a joke,
but it made me broke.

Now everything is lost
We are now each other's ghost
Numb04 Jul 2019
Everyone notice your laughs,
You stood out among'st the crowd.
Your like a picture of happiness,
In your world problem seems unexpected.

But when the curtains are closed.
Tears and sobs explodes.
No one's there.
Cause nobody care.

You fight you're battles alone.
You always tried to stand on your own.
But the continuous battles made you weary,
that made you forgot to wear your mask one day.

The crowd starts to wonder.
You we're just staying in the corner.
The constant chats and laughs,
Are just echoes of the past.
Numb04 Jul 2019
I am the one you always turn to,
Every time the world ditches you.
I am always the witness of your late night cries,
I am always the listener of your lovers lies.

You keep coming to me,
When you can no longer take the pain.
You keep crying unto me,
When you have nothing else to see.

But when times that your ok,
The image of your back is all I can see.
Now your ok,
Your smiling unto the world, not to me.

It's sad and painful but true,
I'm just an option when it comes to you.
I can hear clearly your sobs,
but just the distant echoes of your laughs.
Numb04 Jul 2019
Just so you know how happy I was the day I met you,
You were like a star that I look up to.
Just so you know that you give me reasons
Reasons that gave me strength and motivations.

Just so you know that I only once loved you,
Just so you know that it was already in the past.
Just so you know I already cried enough,
Just so you know that I have now moved on.
Numb04 Oct 2018
Why does a simple word
hurts like a sword :'( ?
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