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Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Dull, a boy is he
names he would not plea
eyes like baby blue-
lips a crimson hue
Feelings like me and you

Outsiders he'd not choose
In his mansions he bore
luring himself-
with enchanting lore's
drifting away, loosing woes

A Xenos
Traveling in his hallways
unknown, ominous
a wretched life he portrays
even in his heart, he'd say-
"Loneliness, such a Cliché"

Befriended, unseen
though he's not a devil
-for I believe
tortured, battered on thee
delude by his mistress' skim

He Left
portals out from misery
gone himself eagerly
then comes back, with such
-A Victory
for now, a statured man is he

Knights & Kings
upon bended knees
and everything he please
from a man to a boy
-in a dream
A Castle, now he redeems

#Boy #Castle #Man #Dream

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Nov 2017
Shut the doors
and drift the words away
we act like rascals
toiling with our frays
weakening to the knees
idyllic river feels,
reaching an ominous sea
longing our moments
as our tale would breathe

She adores many
may it be pretty in pink
or baby in blues
but I like most a lot
how she paints prism hues
unfailingly she tells me
—that she's in love
and I could tell
in her gleaming smile
extending up above

She's the Juliet
I would never trade
the starlight in between
my midnight eyes
the snow I would trail

A poem and A prose
everyone's dying to sigh
a binding might
our hearts of ribbons tied
and we sat to an oriel
—above the bedroom floor
touching hands
grasping each other’s core
a common connection
the afterglows of love
a better reason
as we left kisses to depart
#Eternally #Inspired #Love

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
A little bit of summer
a little bit of breeze
in the days of warmer
love has so much-
to bring, come let us sing

A little bit of freesia
a little bit of lilac
never can resist a scent
-of Ms. Narine
Ogles, a morning scene

A little bit of sunshine
a little bit of eventide
caress upon the shores
-of such imagery,
passions of immortality

A little bit of cosmos
a little bit of crocus
in a glebe-like galaxy
stars white as daphne
from a garden of syzygy

A little bit of cerulean
a little bit of vermilion
shimmers the lucid lake
with trout's and doves
Golly! autumn is awake

A little bit of plowing
a little bit of sow
the hard workers of
-those pumpkins
reaps a stewful of zin

A little bit of snow
a little bit of flail
fly away as butterflies
hibernate as snails
Forging! a winters gale

A little bit of details
a little bit of trail
from dew drops of-
a frozen rose, icicles on
a drowsy bear’s nose

A little bit of sleeping
a little bit of wait
till the sun comes up  
gray clouds strew away
spring is here to stay

A little bit of sprout
a little bit of grow
And can it be, on thee
an Epiphany shows
the Lords glorious prose
#sing #flowers #seasons #nature #God #colors

Thank-you soo much for all the great poet who red, liked, and commented on this poem.

Don't you just sigh when Seasons Sing...?

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Touch as the fervent feeling seek to know the ambiguity of it,
Feel as the ****** of a sparrow wing crept upon my dreams,
Fathom as the grief of rocks shrieked on deserted mountains,

And the Sky was blue
Touched by a Crescent Moon
Unraveling the hidden truth
How life was promised to me and you

Awe as landscapes vanished from distant perplexing shores,
Sigh as Long ships sailed on white ashes coasting inherently,
Fright as the voluptuous sights, faking wonders in my night,

And the Sky was blue
mellifluously My Heart as to see
a magnificent feeling to be free
the beauty relentless, endlessly weave

Pray as the growing wind whisper, a phrase to forever keep,
Kneel as crowds offered Him, a gratitude of rejoicing praise,
Trust as dandelions glides, the strength of His binding faith,

And the Sky was blue
for God is forever faithful & true
to broken lives, he one's renew
Keeping his promise to come again soon

Awake as the daybreak reveal, memories of our love revisit,
Sing as angels on white veil’s, bring you to heaven's place,
Gone is the world I once knew, eyes closing as my soul flew,

#God #Heaven #Sky #Nature #Creation #Peace #Rest

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Dec 2017
Sitting at the balcony, a sunset to her face
a scent of chamomile, an elated memory rephrases
frolicking aster's in autumn color graced
the imbue of old feelings, her craft of curtain lace

Spinning a rustic harmony, the rustle of leaves
dips a chocolate pudding, her smile swept by me
a dessert like sky, the billow swirls in place
our grandkids tag-along to the hounds that chase

An old love song, a diary of stories we made
halcyon, even her face freckles and her hair is gray
she gave me fields that kisses spring and fall
our magic remains forever, even our time is called
#Love #Relatioship #Song

It Took me many months to finish this poem, to get the inspiration. I'm Glad its finally done.. Enjoy my love story poets.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Mar 2018
As long...
               as the rainbows reach
    the wayward’s hand
As long...
               as the dawning light
    touches the griefs of men

The burst of hope that trails along
     the shame suffering road
Forgiving the vexations, I sowed
     setting it free and far I go

As long...
              as the page is turning
     my stories tell to this day
As long...
              as the company of love
     can find the heart its way

Above the heavens, below the bend
      hope places to commend
Bringing back the joy to my soul
      together thee as long till the end
#Hope #Rainbows #AsLong #TillTheEnd #Friendship

Good to be back.. My first write for this year.. Hello poets. enjoy my write as it brings you hope and comfort.

Psalms 30:5

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Nov 2017
In the cove where the forest and seas met.
Lies a hut abandoned, but twas never forget.
The vines and moss that crawls and slither—
and the rust of chimes and roses that wither.

Two alike creatures’ dwell within the crest—
and can be found, broken epitaphs lie at rest.
Wings with tail as their ebony feathers trail,
—beaks like gold, a bond that could prevail.

Fly up and below in anywhere they would go.
To unglass windows, scratches on tealish walls.
The hollows of trees that covered with snow,
melts away to crystal-dew as springtime grows.

Rain came pouring, filling the tires off the roof.
Two had a dream, only to raptured by enmity.
With webs that weave the age of their misery.
Both resided the ceiling for heaven once more.

With growls of the wind and cold swiftly blows.
It came strong as the hut is almost unknown.
Both hold on to believe, but one choose to leave.
thinking of nothing, but its own selfish greed.

As skies were cleared onto a rainbow sheer.
Lonesome, broken, one black dove weeping ill,
Breathe, a voice came to the lonely dove's ear.
"Come fly with me, I am God—don't be feared."
#Black #Dove #Spiritual #Nature #Love

Anyone can be this black dove. whom it cared so much for its friend, but sa time goes by. Some things just comes to an end. Some of us can't handle the tragedy. In my advice dear poets, God, for me, can heal in any ill. The comfort I'll always feel. Believe.

I chose the word breathe as a synonym for whisper

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Dec 2017
In a lonely place succumbs.
To my childhood till this day.
Carves the age of longevity.
When colors were once remained.
Blue captured eyes like fame.
Streets pathed along the way—
Guiding to a melancholy lane.

In times of November breeze.
Boat by boat each one sail's,
The building's growing moss—
that cries the tears of rain.
Slipping like a sultry state,
Washing what can never stay.
Filling through but twas too late.

To the race walking in romans.
Sparkles every narrative palm.
Marigolds that lead their way,
The cold traded from warm.
Everybody's longing a friend.
Dark night was a weeping tomb,
In places were life meets the end.
#Blue #Nature #Emotions #Friend

Missing someone I never met

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Crawling down the streets
on pouring rain
darkness cares of creeps
hovering their pain
the lamp post on their niche
thunder blunders a hit
to an abbey
where we used to meet
with white lane trails
and colored vales
a flashback in memory lane

Time used to stop and stare
for a while
to vanish the pain, I bare
and look a step back
from the mile

were we used to melt away
from cones of treats
and giggled from candies
we barely eat
with swirling clouds in play
gazing our hearts
in the moss of grass, we lay

Then a change led you to leave
you cared nothing
but your selfish greed
anxiously I gave all of Me
but just to realize
you gave nothing of thee

As I die
a sign in my heart reside
an echo awakening
a brave woman, a reborn rite
with wiped away tears
and faking leers
she flaunts out her pain

A brave woman
brave enough to begin again
#Brave #Love #Again #Way #RiseAgain #Women

To All the Strong Women Out there, Including My Mom.. I Salute you.
God Bless Poets

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Oct 2017
It seems simple, like all used to be
It might be normal, like everyone's daydream
We would run in endless circles—
In fields of autumn cling, wading ogles—
When this used to be about you and me

The sky was glowing like your cotton cheeks
Marks passionately from kisses of your lips
We would scratch out scars Avast
From every unpainted fence that pass
In moments it was me hoping— will it ever last

As we drift up to that very hill— I envisioned
The grass was as different— different,
Different and effervescent than I ever known
And we'd lay blind feelings, forever in making
But it was you who decided to let it go

We only saw one tree, maybe one dotted line
Not knowing all is going to be— a doleful red
One horizon, everything used to be fine
When time stops you to be—
And someone took you from this arms of mine

Never it was the same or even has it been?
It would even stench fake perfumes
I was pushing to believe on what to be unseen
And where I stood, Died— of barren thirst
My sense, which was all left but never heard

And as I broke from your crimson goodbyes
I thought of every promise— A perfection,
And every commitment— An exaltation
But a solitary torment, only to know I'm trap
Oblivion, still my feeling keeps pulling you back
#Crimson #Goodbyes #Broken #Love #Nature #Tragedy

How Love can Hurt in a Million Stab's and how you tend to visualize the Good memories before the Goodbyes

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
The dawn of daybreak
soldiers in full armor
I am in aim,
ready for battle
trumpets flung up high
a chant of war arises

With a full force we run
up roaring,
and I trust in no one
carrying pride my side
and all I am,
a child with promises

In my mind was anger
heart wants revenge
I'm beginning to falter
the enemy took-
my vigor's and strength

Deluded I fall out
losing hopes,
and fear was all about,
vultures circled
darkness hovered
blame was all around

But on the Sky...

A light seeks below
I cried out to the Lord,
a second chance
from the agony I bare,
give me a revelation
out of this lamentation

Then He told me,
Give me all of you
& I'll show you wonders
you never even knew,
visions of truth
For I am, Who I am

The Beginning, The End

And the light took me-
far and away
and the mist has filled-
my heart
behold a greater glory
has come forth

My faith begins again
night turned to day
I have fought the fight
He Crowned Me...
A Tomorrow
victory has won its price
#Crown #Glory #God #Light #Battle #Victory

A Poem for a Contest I'm Entering. The theme is "Crowing Glory".
Please give me your comments about this work.. I really need opinions.
God Bless You Poets...

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Seems to be a strange day
a cold in the breeze
in the months of May
screeching’s of the door
a mist at the windows
broken pane

The room was lonely
as the leaves, out whirling
a thump at the ceiling top,
rolling, shackling
like those ogling cats
for a savoring mouse

From an ominous weather
to the whispering waters
a crack brought my most
uncanny things lurking
came falling within

I saw streamers
faking shimmers
I saw glitters
but aren't gold
I saw diamonds
yet it wasn't snow

A strong wind gushing
hoist the storm came
toiling, warping
heaven and earth
were felonious, winced
and everything was settled

Crystal drops touching
the tender heart abrupt
shattered glass striking
a sorry won't be sought
memories engrave nothing
flagrant it is to mend

Crystal drops falling
true friends come for once,
an astral to a feeling
stalwart is to be keeping
till when, twas its end
and all of this begins again
#True #Friendship #Love #Rain #Crystal #Drop

Yes Dear Poets.. You will know the Feeling of this poem..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2019
The daystar fills his folly time;
warmth, passion, fulfillment and ease.
But thy heart was blinded by much uncertainty.
His love for the night is like a transient song
with the urge to lurk a distant tone.
For as he knew; one can never be wrong

The beam of the moon waketh,
And lo, it silks to that may-time dew.
She rise and sets to an empty hemisphere
to yonder mountains of ebony hue.
An angel cries for thy night has fallen to thee.
To that heartless lover without a single plea.

The heartless day, the drops of night.
A blazing trail of his dubious light.
The day ponders to his dessert dreams,
may they met again or never again as it seems.
As the night trod to her vanishing place.
She gazed to the day rising to his misty grace.
#Love #Day #Night

July 17, 2019

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2019
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Dream of Heaven
     when there is when
Dream of Earth
     when flowers bend
Dream of People
     when each one need
Dream of Treasures
     when not for greed
Dream of Seasons
     when one is new
Dream of Friendship
     when they were true
Dream of Peace
     when wrath is end
Dream of Love
     when two are meant
Dream of Hope
     when one is taught
Dream of Found
     when one has lost
Dream of Light
     when there is dawn
Dream of Dreams
     when all is gone
Dream On Poets... Nothing Can Stop you...

#Dream #Men #Peace #World #Heaven

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jun 2017
Loneliness is the name we gain
Abandoned in attics of despaired shame
We might not know who our maker is
Nor even how we're birthed without a single kiss

Sailing shore to shore of no causing way
We fly, we glide, we slip away

Each day is our rite without rights
Pondered those colors from black to white
And out our interluding charades
Oh, how we are judge by senseless mocking jays

Enraptured by our capacities we can engage
Still we leered showing a zealous face

From dust, A man was oddly fabricated
A tapestry of wonders to show its vivacity
He's so different from our Avant name
And has a thought that could seize a luring day

But if he never saw how wide the narrow he'd take
From dust a man shall die ever the same
#Dust #Man #Fly #Glide #SlipAway

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Dec 2017
Every year to me, now and then
Families and hollies filled with merriment
Only steps away of the outside snow
Sprawling emotions underneath the mistletoe

Glisten, the pavement covered in hue
Journey of a thousand crystals falling anew
The icicle dew at the gutter lines in row
Constellation tales upon the sky-light glow

Enchant pines adored by ornaments
Treasured memories flew like a firmament
Wreaths to every door, signs of triumph & joy
Bringing glad tidings from God's little boy

Trains in and out of the winter-night
Gifts and glory offered with endless blithe
Hymns from a choir trailing every post
Greetings to an old friend even to the unknown
#Christmas #Holidays #ChristOurLord #Joy # Glory

Merry Christmas Poets and Have A Glorious new Year. Hope I'm not late..
The inspiration just came to me, and this is to be my very first Holiday poem. Inspired with many traditions and observation all around during holidays.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Oct 2017
The embers of the sky,
Telling myths, a winters night,
Winds blowing, trees bowing,
Often, they whispered a voice,
Warming toes, a freezing nose,
An aurora, a sight out of coast.

Each glory of design,
Sparkles wooingly outshine,
An epitome of colors playing,
Often seeking its own grand,
Forming from an artist hand,
Someone will but no one can.

As memories out spores,
Bound of keys, tied with thee,
A Moet of an enduring heart,
Sprung out of an idled dream,
A man-woman of abstract art,
Weaving as embers sky depart.
#Ember #Sky #Love #Inspire #Behold

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2019
Light lit's to a morning fog,
Time slips but your never to far.
Ends of the past ablest thou still
Keeping hopes upon raging fear.
Caught up in cloud in infinite blue
Though a thousand years could pass
Yet I'd still remember you.

Spring and winter drifting by
As my seasoned mind ask of why's;
Will you love me if thou not seek,
If dreams you opt are not on thee,
Even riches aren't my bestow?
A troubled soul, My lonely ghost.
Would you be even if death's a host?

The ways of life is strange.
Strange in promise, strange in fate.
Believe in one can be held in hand;
The heart that see's to prosper.
A love that seeks to understand,
I please you this words I could pen.
But will you love me even the end?
#Love #Even #Death #Soul

"Love speakes to the heart, to the soul and even to death.
It lingers on when that one you love is evident, timeless, gold and forever."

Finished: March 19 2019

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2019
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
Eyes that Lies
heart of disguise
hurt is the truth
mourns of youth
for no reasons why

Eyes that Lies
a painted door
feelings to sigh
not even knowing
what could be inside

Eyes that Lies
self that hides
shades unalike
each of us despise
a feeling of outside
#Eyes #Untrue #Self #Hidden #NeedAFriend

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
Scent like its spring
feel like the summer breeze
in the meadows were chartreuse weeds

Sweet Gardenia, dearest one
your petals shine the moonlight
and grace the rays of the sun
a touch of you,
deliquescing as canvas hues
how the world's heart told tales
in visions anew

Of any color you choose to be
white, as resemblance of purity
your scent forge to every desperate nose
a sneeze which bring forth arose
and with all to guarantee
your aroma is no match in any of thee

Oh Gardenia, Sweet Gardenia
vulnerable, gentle and free
sailing the skies above, praising every tree
sigh, as she waltzes with me

But Gardenia, Sweet Gardenia
when will the world stop hating you
grieving in delitescent
burying your every truth
shadows washing, dreams forgetting
soon as winter swept all of you
#Gardenia #Flower #Nature #Death #Life

My Love and Appreciation to Flowers that Inspired Me. Enjoy Dear poets

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
A God of everything
From my hopes to my dreams
and even more..

A miracle of the world
from its earthly to the heavenly
everyone adores..

A wonder to my eyes
from man whose blinded faith
he lets them see..

A voice of my song
symphonies of life lose its note
you conduct a new..

An ark of Le voyage
sailing tides of shore to shore
trod waters core..

A blimp up above  
gracing colors of glacial on air
everlasting he care..

A rock of revelation
standing every storm to storm
Avant is his norm..

A shepherd of lambs
from my heart whilst was lost
to him, I found..

A cross to my soul
were Calvary’s sins he bargains
a new life regained..
Tomorrow gonna be Sunday...
God Bless you Poets..
Bring the Lord to any place of your heart..

#God #Shepherd #Cross Wonder #Miracle

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
with all this sleepless night
wide eye like butterflies
fields of yesterday's pain
take a step to look
feel the whispers at the back
memories again haunted me

with all your pretty lies
words of shredded disguise
a promising of dreams
only to have realize
a state of foolish paradise
storming forever haunted me

with every blinded glass
musing images of our past
infatuations overtaking
wondering why it never last
weeping every tear to fall sleep
a finished love that haunted me

with every sickening heed
a figure keeps to overdue
fragments, a drowning sea
twisted disenchantment
on the floor, now gently fading
ending, but still haunted me
#Haunted #Me #Fear #BrokenHeart #Melancholy

What a better way to Haunt you. Is your Very Own Fear

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Nov 2017
On this very hour— in four corners
Upside feelings, the doubt of those at by
Some shackled your ability to sight
Some did they have to do but you fight

With blind uncertainty, an innocent child
Either your true— nor unright
No one dares for all of you might just air,
Breathing in, then vacate for no one cares

The snow and gail might over flail
With mocking questions from quo's
You are forced to be reckoned with— But
Only your heart answers where you can go

You might be an oblivion wondering
Or someone hated who you really are
But to only hover the truth
Wake up! They're just unwanted scar's

With all the wrongs you bestowed
With all the steps— you skipped a row
Dear self-remember this,
Everything triumphs, that you must know

Heavenward, Face above, you’re a diamond
Your eyes only possess— true as gold
Know you might crumple and even fail
But your dreams are more than all remains
#Heavenward #Faith #Believe

A Good Start to Inspire..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jun 2017
Home at last,
A place I played my memories,
And dream't all my fantasies,
Were melodies had begun.

Oh, how I grew so fast,
Yet I'm so glad to be home at last.
(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
I was out and abound in the world that was selfish for its own need
were they keep those precious gems in a casket for no chance to shine
a dawn of the daybreak, the gleam was covered with shattered fear
a hue inside of an innocent’s heart so precious, so gentle, so refined
waiting to burst but afraid to be defaced, to be destroyed, hated, forgotten

Heart has change.

I've taken time to love those who in return, and with nothing to return
it bewilders me to see that everything I do wasn't normal anymore
I've broken a branch of a tree that wasn't meant to be touched
I've forgotten those I've manifested to be me
I have change me.

And now everything seems to be almost in its final place
my only hope is to lift my head up high and gaze, that I might see
the path where everybody is blind, and dream that everybody had ignored
and only if I can begin again.

If only I can.
#IF #Self #Light #Hope

One of My Very First Poems Ever Written. Hope you Like it as much as I Do.
Happy Sunday Poets, God Bless Your Soul..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
Rejoice and praise
in all my voice He bestowed
-music upon thee
in shores were the seas meet
-and mountains reached
were the valleys peaking feat

He treasured a song for me
and every day I'll keep
-just as I'd sing
A song only Jesus give,
-comforts my woeful soul
blissfully of His forcing Lo

Nineteen in a world I never
people in strife, unbridled-
broken in the midst of life
hide away in His wings,
-As I find my peace of mind

Thieves strive, a callous ****
to ****** the song I sing,
but of all in all between,
a Cross He carried for lives
to save and shall not parish
a tomorrow for me to sing

Cling as He promised He be
His heavenly touch,
-reaching a thousand as much
Angeles came in joy
as I keep singing this song,
The song of my Savior & Lord

#Cling #God #Heart #Endless #Joy #Sing #Glory

Maybe Its Time To Bring Light in the World, rather than be a part of Darkness
God Bless Poets, may this poem inspires you to Live Faithfully to the Lord, even in troubles and joy. There's always Good News in Gods Presences.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2019
A glimpse of tears,
an evening rain.
Weeping of this melody,
a melody of her last refrain.

"I had loved you,
as you would ever known.
I had loved you,
till last, thy everything shows."
#Last #Sadness #Rain #Love

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2019
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
The sky...

A canvas of blue
as I climb up
-on the roof
laying beside you
I counted more-
than one to ten,
dreaming of oriels
till all is well

Up a Hill...

Were I gaze
towers of cupola,
a heavens place
were we dreamed,
To Venus, to Mars
of dancing stars
a wishful reverie,
circling above thee

Then I blink...

Twice to think,
and opened freely
seeing all of You
in tangled vines
Coasting up above
loosing mimes,
an aurora night
on New York's sky

Time traveled...

As eyes passes-
to were it humbled
on fountain trails
and bluish vales
Horizon unwinds
hands that bind
etude punctuates
'twas a circa of mine

Morning rung...

A fadeless runic,
I fell out of flung
following sheets
my bedding's reap
A story unsung
lips were unkissed
wondering why
Love was not found
#Love #Sky #Dream #Roof #Aurora #Nature #Moment

A Moment With Someone, Just a moment... And It Didn't Last
and I Left with no one..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Mar 2018
The seraph sky on ebony night,
A white marble of placid light.
Casting to the living glass,
Haunting, the feeling's elapse.

A time of gardenia drapes,
Hanging the mourning wall.
Scent of ambrosia fogging,
The pavement covered in moss.

Portraits of Celts amidst,
Drifting upon moonlight mist.
Eyes delving, ears opt to hear,
Voices whisper of ancient fear.

An oracle muses the unguided,
As trees speaks the truth.
Humanity strives to be the art,
Yet only remembers by a few.
#MoonBright #Humanity #Haunting #WeAreOne #Nature #LoveInOne

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Going to the mountaintop
nothing to keep
to see, an explicit wonders
a blissful dream
only, holding in my hands
a flute withstand
when I reach at top of peek
I inhaled a scent
that nobody ever breathed
with full air I blew
forces of nature awakening

A Galway style comes out
music bars slithered  
all across coming
down my feet
guiding notes far & near
peace touched to
the rivers warring
solitude filled the valleys
fairies and goblins
in delitescent
filled with great joy,
the mountains were vivified

At the end of my song
I blew a soaring note above
and caves opened
some going here and there
hopping, waving
trees bowed with splendor

And all I saw comes frolicly
sigh of full relief
my phantasms has finished
on my way home
leaving my flute up a stone
hoping someday,
someone, would be willing
-enough to play
to hear my song over again
#Flute #Mountains #Nature #Fairies #Dream #Happiness

I dreamt of flutes.. and I did't expect it would come far to this..
Beautifully done by my imaginations.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
A pour of liquid upon the sky
hollows around the city
flickering unknowing lights
as she stands on the corner
A fantasy strews in my mind
with walls painted to emblaze
floors swarming with haze

Red on her lips
A tense that lures my eyes
reaching the inside-out
tangled in a state of enmity
as I wade in serendipity
nobody asked me how I feel
the fact she was never even real

We tag around the maze
I baffle between truth and fake
boundless as we kissed
Breathtaking, filled with bliss
A perfection I'll never miss
But twas a treacherous crime
And thankfully I woke up in time
#Love #Fantasy #NovemberNight #Rain #Kiss #Treacherous

Sometimes love can lead you to paths you never even wish too. And the feeling is unexplainable. You only hope you could control it, cause it might build you or destroy you.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Long Journey,
yet it was never too late
to crest the memories of yesterdays

A voyage that was finished before
and here I am gazing beyond
through oriel windows once more

An ocean wide stretched from afar
with a quill and vellum on my hand
I wrote these words and understand

life was never easy reaching its core
self must refine from silver to gold
dreams red as velvet, white as snow

Pure as the heart of every little boy
molded from a mother’s fervent love
brave, a father’s heritage in honor of

Blessed by the gift of God up above
toiling day and night from my storm
He never left me lonely, till all is won

I gazed back to the oceans and saw,

Someone familiar...

Could it be…

Land A Home,
it was a moment of spring
I step the shore, my heart felt its beat

And Lo, my guardians caress on thee
for there is no sweeter victory
than the ones who truly loved me
#Family #Guardians #Ocean #Nature #Life #Love #God

Have A Blessed Sunday
God bless you Poets
There is no Place to feel Victory... But in Home

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza May 2017
I'd tried to run but you led me to wait
through surging snows and rusting gates
I'd crumple but you pushed me out of subtle
what is it that you want from me?

Is it my faith, my future longed I have made?
my dignity I had redeemed, or my felicity for your company

Oh Solemn, where can you be?
when uncharted shores crushed my midnight sea
aren't you free? or just uncanningly meek
like sheeps upon my feet, though as I was blinded to see

why did you ever hide away from me?
why did you led me up, when you ****** me down?
why did you give me light when I'm ready to see?

just so as you disappeared, unsaid, unheard, unread from me
Oh, Solemn did you ever try to care for me?
"Loneliness triggered the man to think if someone really cared for him"

#solemn #care #love #vulnerability #obscurity #questions #answer
(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Danger ahead as I walked,
when people beside me talk the talk
and Oh so fragile my heart was shattered
when the one's I used to loved begins to unravel
As I write this letter,
remember this moment when I was in full grandeur
when friends were true, and life was new

Yet I can't say that wasn't anymore the same
but what all you did will never—ever change
bear me no mercy in looking on your face
when a child used to dream
and doesn't fear of anyone will say
I will stand strong, firm to the ground
when all who fiend in my name
Let the Lord be the judgment after death
and their you'll realized the figment of what you said

As I continue to open my eyes to see
and Imagine of what my life will be,
the road was built still constructed for me
And when God delivered me from grief,
I still envisioned of hope
that someday forgiveness is what I will say
and my heart will be once re­­­­­­­­­new in Jesus name

#God #New #Love #Jesus #Life #Savior
God Bless You poets..
And to all who have broken hearts, may The Lord give you a perfect joy and an everlasting peace..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Nov 2018
The light discloses to dim;
as you were bridled—
in the walls of uncertainty,
fragile, inherently you'll be,
hearing voices of foolish lies,
in verge of suffering demise.

So take it to Jesus,
As he illumines your way,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

Hands that carries of such;
Alone, as the anguish sought
a cost high as the price,
though one cannot bear.
As you are tempted to profess
that God was never there.

Just take it to Jesus,
a trusted friend who stays,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

We seek in earthly views;
the infidels disbelieving cue,
A chronic chasm,
dividing the unions truth,
the doubtful ones blinded sight,
Caught between the unwise.

But take it to Jesus,
As doubts just freely fades,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

To think of end, may it be?
yet in Him a greater place—
beyond is to see.
A promise of God is eternity,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that finest day we meet
#OneFineDay #God #Love #Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza May 2017
Blue kite soaring up high on cotton clouds
gently rolling by, and trees gazing up the sky,
A sound of singing lovers, a harmony so grand,
A song no one can sang.

The air steals a gentle bliss
from where their feets kissing the hazy mist,
A mint of scented moss, that sets the mood,
From gray rocks to pink balloons.

It was never a waste of time to be there too,
But only those who looks upon the moon,
In true heart’s desire, faith requires,
To see what true lovers often do.

Underneath the starry night
deaf ghosts sailing by, meant nothing to harm,
But just to bid goodbye, so tenderly they sigh,
For a moment in one summers night.
#kiss #love #stars #ghosts #summer #night #son #sky

This is my first ever poem Published in HP

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Oct 2017
Pretty Pictures; as you are embracing me
Lost in an earthly mood of tranquility
Evident than the shadows fusing my feet
Obscure like pretty lies melodically
Pretty Pictures; sailing, forever will be

Rhapsodize; vividly crossing in my mind
A face of cherubim winged up the sky
Cascading through visions abrupt
A star shoots afar than any distant eye
Longing endless of her passionate touch

We are novels, with so much stories to tell
Red laces, stamps of gold, a lush lullaby
I was the house you painted white
Agitate the deepest hues, then we'd fly
Midnight kisses, Dawn then traded goodbyes

Blithe; for we need nothing to pretend
The clearest blue water, a heaven's scent
To the grass wading courteously
Cloud nine's hanging then lifts my feet
Showering up above washing all anxieties

Pretty pictures; like ribbons untangled
A touch of silk as my heart would lilt
Inner feelings frolic then they'd tremble
For in you the excitement is always a thrill
From the simplest to a goddess divine
Pretty Pictures; moments as you were mine
#Pretty #Pictures #Love #Deep #Sansatuion #Eternal

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Oh Honored,
and Everything shall be done
so still as the rising sun
an enmity of good and evil
a creole out place for all ages
and lo his nights are sacrosanct than days
yet thee remained Avant
than ever more so could change
thus, change forge to my heart
like rebels facing an empyrean, a tragic dream

As their ethereal mind queries;
Could Silence be heard?
Could Uproar be held?
Could Tranquility be forever still?
Could A Wayward be in place evermore?

A life so query,
a mind so wild as spirit so free
for youth is ****** to be astray
and still continues to find its way

Yet in its Maker thee will know...

what lies beyond the depths of shallow springs

what message can be read in papers of blank

and what eyes can see when the world is blind

Am I affront to pry?
when I query for once was mine....
#Query #Love #Self #Peace #Silence #Tranquility #Dreams

"A Poem For Once who was Lost, Forgotten, Untold. Now Returns To Take What Once was His. Unafraid, Brave, Bold, Unshackled.."

"One of my Inspiration is the Story about An Interview with the Vampire, a movie in the 90's. which a life of a man, who wanted to have joy and peace for himself. Ended up being in Hell for the rest of his days, to decades, till even centuries have passed of his life."

Re posted: Because I love This Poem So much

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Feats of rocks in faking waters
eagerly I step, neither I drown, nor I fell
My hearts pounding to impel
surrounding daggers in hiding capote
True ones whom only knows
plastics, cans sailing away from a boat
Leaving you, an island unknown
and your feelings relentlessly changing
Till it’s time for a grand awakening
#You #Self #Realization #Grand #Awakening

We All Feel This Particular Mood That its Time For Us To Have a Grand Awakening of what we Really are and not to Be controlled by any Who.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza May 2017
(Just like these days)

When my heart
sang a placid song
the speaking brooks
meanders my soul
Wild hounds
hovered the meadows
And the sky was blue
ethereal as the billow
strews in shades anew
For Daybreak
is awake

On the fields
of glowing weeds
a subtle flower blooms
through the breeze
And to thee,
it kisses the gentle mist

Oh! what a Morning
Oh! what a day

When trees glistens
from beams
of never ending sun rays
made me so gay
so yes, it can be.

(Just like these days)

Like Diamonds & Gold
upon barren land
and rubies worn
by a maiden’s hand

Oh! what an Evening
Oh! what a way

When monarchs flew
from voluptuous crooks
dodging witches
and evil dukes

Callous, Treacherous
"A Foolish Irony"
might I say
but yes, it can be.

(Just like these days)
"The poem tells about how a person can have such uncanny days,
still even though how hard or easy it would be. Its Just like those days we would agree".

Inspired of Wild Child by Enya

#Days #Nature #Life #Love #Pain #Joy
(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Nov 2017
In all ado
ten months in misery
It wasn't me
nor was even you
shrills at the back
of my aging doors
I mind my business
As you—
you only mind yours

Red laces tied to leave
forget twas before
nothing was concealed,
we leered in uncertainty
As we're losing—
losing our vast imageries
our bond was never—
just never denote to be

Cease by now
of these tortured schemes
lashing out and say
"wish it was all a dream"
departing to nowhere
as each wing soars
and all of we— all of we
used to be lovers before
and all of we— all of we
used to be lovers before
#Love #End #Cease #The #Misery #Bond

Poems for a Cold November

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Aug 2018
O youth, vulnerable youth,
Let not thy self be of dominion,
But be the land as thy flesh,
And the waters be thy blood;
An armor of truth and serenity,
Passing forth seed to seed,
Reaching billows, soaring as trees.

O moss, saccharine moss,
In morning glow till night has fall.
The earth is man's account;
With nations each accenting,
and a poet is made to sing.
Saint eve is folly, faded and dim;
Man is rest but a smile and a dream.
#Harmony #Concord #Nature #Man #Life

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Jun 2017
Sometimes the rain doesn't tell a story,
or maybe it does.
It just cries out loud from nothingness,
yet it always was .
I think it yearns a friend or something,
but I never endure.
It plays a theme from a Beethoven's key,
melancholy to feel.
Cynical for ones who betrayed its trust,
surging ire it last.
Then tranquility had ended its rhapsody,
gone is her misery.
Iridescent hues formed the aurora sky,
rain bids goodbye.
Neither You and I can't even fathom,
the rains Delphic reasons.
For the rain only comes once a season.
#Rain #Delphic #Story #Mysterious #Lonely

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
Drowsy, as the eyes of mine sleeps
a joyride of fantasies, a jumping of sheep
so, the pages turning mama would red
while my feet are falling and
my arms up my head, hands unsaid

with a gentle rock and a soft abye
I'm off to dream land as I fly
silk of red swooped to the entrance gate
a little slip, a little slide till it fade
and gently I landed at the pearly lake

A boat by Venice caught me alone
with the breeze scented, so cold as snow
and Grims hoisting a whooper
a sure one they'll never throw
passing here and there and off they go

storms of Neptune came up the sea
big waves flung, I swung towards east
clovers led me to an isle and said
"How Lucky you'll always be"
no more thunders but just all reverie

A twirl to the woods, exciting it be
with beams of the moon
and the stars sitting on the tree
lights flashing, a calm of ebb
the spiders glistening, an artistic web

dream land is promising
like vines that whip and crawl
bearing fruit to bless us as we call
with roses of red, daisies blooms at dew
mama's lullaby at once, I knew
#Dream #Land #Mama #Lullaby #Adventure #Nature

Sleepy Poets.. Here's A Masterpiece for You. Enjoy Dream Land

The Boy Hasn't Awaken. And the Journey Continues Soon..

The Boy's Name Was "Drew James Everdream"

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Promenade of Colors
reality ought to fade
watermarks on evening lake
the Lad idling was awake

Torments of Agony
the fear of ambiguity
a broidery of epitaph
toiling the stars up the top

Free of Delusions
impassive feelings strut
to the unknown that fogs
and hems over the mutt

Dashes of Silver
passing vessels of desolate
coxswain sighting out for love
moon bobs from the lake

Willows of Empathy
humming of Mississippi
-a friend that greets
the lake gave its peace

Signs of Eve
the breeze whispered
a wisp of eyes uncluttered
the Lad unshackled

Artistry of Sky
as spirits begins to fly
I was full astound
my purpose, now I found
#Boy #Lake #Nature #Night #Evening #Love #Self

The Lad found his Purpose. And that Purpose is to be what he wants to Be...

That Lad was Me...

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Nov 2017
Dark linings
Underneath her eyes
Blond swept my shoulders,
A dust of silver moon
And I'm eager to spy.
Laughs like circus clowns
Our kindest ways.
Letters on pockets show
Lips delivered
Words you ought to know.
Hands on holding
We left the plan to sleep.
Took it to highway bridge
And chased to a steep.
It didn't rain, it didn't snow
Eve is perfect,
The same city cars would go.
Post lights faded
Scents of clover-lime
River loops a symphony,
A midnight's crime.
Pretty lady
Your whispers never lie,
The beauty of legit art
Displays of stars up the sky.
The city sets to slumber
You and I would hide.
A placed we remember:
In misty rocks,
crafted trees overflow,
Together in wonder
Till both eyes are closed.
Two spirits embodied
Dance's a night-light show.
#Love #Nocturne #Endless #Forever #Inspired

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza May 2017
I've never been startled to surprise
seeing a man riding a six-wheel bicycle on my side
gazing up his smile in full plain sight 
so subtle like pinwheels on summer breeze.

Cheese! says the lens-man from southeast
a harmonious melody led me round and round
till horses jump out of the merry-go-round
so as teacups swirling with no succulent tea
but are found to be couples squirming in obscurity.

Surprised! that no one tend to flee
for nights fright of lustful fantasies 
covered their state of subtle ease.

Oh Fun, Fun, Fun, when there seems to be no sun
and I felt heedless to ponder 
the fact that I endlessly Run, Run, Run 
in far out yonder
then oops! ouch!
I howled like thunder.

Deluded, how I fell on the ground
when music suddenly lost it sound
colors I've knew were out of bound
and haze of somnolence was all I found.

Where could I be?

He shrieked

Who could it be?

Unexpectedly he's someone I could not see! 
yet only I can hear.

A nowhere man whom greeted with sigh
though I've never seen him in beacon's of light
for he always knows how to welter my sight 
his eerie voice orchestrates the eventide
shocked me with so much surprise.
for his eyes lilt like fireflies.

He given me a euphony, took away the agony 
and hid me somewhere I can't even grasp
how many he had taken away to his untrodden land
to turn me as one of them, his very own nowhere man.
#NowhereMan #Surprise #Adventure #Mystery #Nature
(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
October fifth, the night begets
Midnight hallways of uncertain threat
A whooshing of trees marks ambiguity
The cold hovering beneath my very feet

Sacrosanct creatures in Epiphanius state
With dust in shelves and candles that melt
A frightening woe nigh unsaid nor upheld

Twas an airy voice lurking the dark
Such lush but nothing of any spark
The floors were tilted and web's shifted
Fixated minds suddenly felt desolated

With all the corners of every dorm
She yearns something, finding her prose
Crossing borders, ruffling like a storm

The woeing wind woes as she goes
Nothing to keep, nothing to show
Her runic is fading, losing its tone
It never stopped till morning and all is gone
#Wind #Night #Mystery #Dark

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza May 2018
Dreary of a dark empty space,
The loneliness crowded,
Which somewhat I called—
"A Place Unwanted."
To them may it be madness:
A pretense of his suffering,
His mindful selfishness.
But not how I would label me.

To be covered in lunacy:
Lies coming from about,
Changing colors and theme,
Wading of goodness.
Their ways of hypocrisy.
I was a sea of countless woe,
To be brave but unsure.
Am I ever safe, if I never show?

The gaiety beyond avenue,
Through under glass I look.
The joy fits for most,
But not a dream to be oath.
Overtaking my inmost true,—
These things behind the sun.
What I should walk away from,
But it could never be done.
#Dark #Self #Sun #Unwanted #Insicurity

Sometime we are unwanted by the world, but there is always a place for you underneath all of it. This is one my dark poetry I made this year. Hope you enjoy the art of it.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Oct 2017
The grass was clear in the moist of the ruins moat
Twas dawn and all this hike, not even a city I could sight
The plains were sheer as the white satin coat I've seen

Clash, a clustering view from mountains down to hills
Shaking knees as I rise to pick up my bed of sheets
Then the breeze swept as I shivered to its grasping chills

Distant peeks; unbridled stallions are troubled free
The sunray spots the verge and brightens the darkest end
At lost in the moment, a nature's sage of imagery blends

A brown wren swiftly glides upon to rest at my tent
In the midst of the day like rain in June and blooms of May
Swans, Geese and white petals dancing to a bluish bay

Solitary to be, but with the rivers overflowing symphonies
We'd sing hymns to delight in an afternoon galore
A steadfast rhythm clinging as I walk with God alone

Euphoric army of billows cascading, a purple-orange scene
As I idle in the view of fields depicting a justful liberty
To smile and remember someone cared with all is please

Singing crickets and fireflies we're all a friend of mine
At eve I rolled endlessly, frolicking at the midnight meadow
Casting joys and crowns as the moon beams a silver line

To the hinterlands, life's a breeze and everybody twas at ease
An escapade I was wanting to get lost from life's reality
Meeting pauper's, gazing wonders, then we'd all fall asleep
#The #Hinterlands #God #Nature #Man

Sometimes I just wanna get lost in this place...

An Imagery of a New day cycling from Dawn, Mid-Day, Afternoon, Evening and Lastly Midnight..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
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