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Nico Julleza May 2022
Lead me
sweet cherubim;
your wings
the sunrise,
your hands
the tides.
Pink roses
morning star.

ncj ©2022
Nico Julleza Sep 2019
Light lit's to a morning fog,
Time slips but your never to far.
Ends of the past ablest thou still
Keeping hopes upon raging fear.
Caught up in cloud in infinite blue
Though a thousand years could pass
Yet I'd still remember you.

Spring and winter drifting by
As my seasoned mind ask of why's;
Will you love me if thou not seek,
If dreams you opt are not on thee,
Even riches aren't my bestow?
A troubled soul, My lonely ghost.
Would you be even if death's a host?

The ways of life is strange.
Strange in promise, strange in fate.
Believe in one can be held in hand;
The heart that see's to prosper.
A love that seeks to understand,
I please you this words I could pen.
But will you love me even the end?
#Love #Even #Death #Soul

"Love speakes to the heart, to the soul and even to death.
It lingers on when that one you love is evident, timeless, gold and forever."

Finished: March 19 2019

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2019
Nico Julleza Jul 2019
A glimpse of tears,
an evening rain.
Weeping of this melody,
a melody of her last refrain.

"I had loved you,
as you would ever known.
I had loved you,
till last, thy everything shows."
#Last #Sadness #Rain #Love

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2019
Nico Julleza Jul 2019
The daystar fills his folly time;
warmth, passion, fulfillment and ease.
But thy heart was blinded by much uncertainty.
His love for the night is like a transient song
with the urge to lurk a distant tone.
For as he knew; one can never be wrong

The beam of the moon waketh,
And lo, it silks to that may-time dew.
She rise and sets to an empty hemisphere
to yonder mountains of ebony hue.
An angel cries for thy night has fallen to thee.
To that heartless lover without a single plea.

The heartless day, the drops of night.
A blazing trail of his dubious light.
The day ponders to his dessert dreams,
may they met again or never again as it seems.
As the night trod to her vanishing place.
She gazed to the day rising to his misty grace.
#Love #Day #Night

July 17, 2019

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2019
Nico Julleza Nov 2018
The light discloses to dim;
as you were bridled—
in the walls of uncertainty,
fragile, inherently you'll be,
hearing voices of foolish lies,
in verge of suffering demise.

So take it to Jesus,
As he illumines your way,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

Hands that carries of such;
Alone, as the anguish sought
a cost high as the price,
though one cannot bear.
As you are tempted to profess
that God was never there.

Just take it to Jesus,
a trusted friend who stays,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

We seek in earthly views;
the infidels disbelieving cue,
A chronic chasm,
dividing the unions truth,
the doubtful ones blinded sight,
Caught between the unwise.

But take it to Jesus,
As doubts just freely fades,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

To think of end, may it be?
yet in Him a greater place—
beyond is to see.
A promise of God is eternity,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that finest day we meet
#OneFineDay #God #Love #Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Aug 2018
O youth, vulnerable youth,
Let not thy self be of dominion,
But be the land as thy flesh,
And the waters be thy blood;
An armor of truth and serenity,
Passing forth seed to seed,
Reaching billows, soaring as trees.

O moss, saccharine moss,
In morning glow till night has fall.
The earth is man's account;
With nations each accenting,
and a poet is made to sing.
Saint eve is folly, faded and dim;
Man is rest but a smile and a dream.
#Harmony #Concord #Nature #Man #Life

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza May 2018
Dreary of a dark empty space,
The loneliness crowded,
Which somewhat I called—
"A Place Unwanted."
To them may it be madness:
A pretense of his suffering,
His mindful selfishness.
But not how I would label me.

To be covered in lunacy:
Lies coming from about,
Changing colors and theme,
Wading of goodness.
Their ways of hypocrisy.
I was a sea of countless woe,
To be brave but unsure.
Am I ever safe, if I never show?

The gaiety beyond avenue,
Through under glass I look.
The joy fits for most,
But not a dream to be oath.
Overtaking my inmost true,—
These things behind the sun.
What I should walk away from,
But it could never be done.
#Dark #Self #Sun #Unwanted #Insicurity

Sometime we are unwanted by the world, but there is always a place for you underneath all of it. This is one my dark poetry I made this year. Hope you enjoy the art of it.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
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