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Nico Julleza Nov 2018
The light discloses to dim;
as you were bridled—
in the walls of uncertainty,
fragile, inherently you'll be,
hearing voices of foolish lies,
in verge of suffering demise.

So take it to Jesus,
As he illumines your way,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

Hands that carries of such;
Alone, as the anguish sought
a cost high as the price,
though one cannot bear.
As you are tempted to profess
that God was never there.

Just take it to Jesus,
a trusted friend who stays,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

We seek in earthly views;
the infidels disbelieving cue,
A chronic chasm,
dividing the unions truth,
the doubtful ones blinded sight,
Caught between the unwise.

But take it to Jesus,
As doubts just freely fades,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that one fine day.

To think of end, may it be?
yet in Him a greater place—
beyond is to see.
A promise of God is eternity,
thine in His heart shall be,
till that finest day we meet
#OneFineDay #God #Love #Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Aug 2018
O youth, vulnerable youth,
Let not thy self be of dominion,—
But be the land as thy flesh,
And the waters be thy blood;
An armor of truth and serenity,
Passing forth seed to seed—
Reaching billows, soaring as trees.

O moss, saccharine moss,
In morning glow till autumns fall.
The earth is man's account;
With nations each accenting, and—
one's a poet made to sing.
Saint eve is folly, faded and dim;
Man is rest but a smile and a dream.
#Harmony #Concord #Nature #Man #Life

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza May 2018
Dreary of a dark empty space,
The loneliness crowded,
Which somewhat I called—
"A Place Unwanted."
To them may it be madness:
A pretense of his unsuffering,
His mindful selfishness.
But not how I would label me.

To be covered in lunacy:
Lies coming from about,
Changing colors and theme,
Wading of goodness.
Their ways of hypocrisy.
I was a sea of countless woe,
To be brave but unsure.
Am I ever safe, if I never show?

The gaiety beyond avenue,
Through under glass I look.
The joy fits for most,
But not a dream to be oath.
Overtaking my inmost true,—
These things behind the sun.
What I should walk away from,
But it could never be done.
#Dark #Self #Sun #Unwanted #Insicurity

Sometime we are unwanted by the world, but there is always a place for you underneath all of it. This is one my dark poetry I made this year. Hope you enjoy the art of it.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza May 2018
A soul welcoming spring,
the heart of autumn.
Gentle leaves flailing, A scene of pictures falling.
Rapture of one's old past,
but rain was out of site.
The roads were a barren land, as birds did not sing.
As days were meek of the night,
though I was aware:
My seeking heart desires, seasons through the eyes.
Sweeping a material dream,
fading out of sight.

Till it came to life,
suspending what bridled me.
And everything changed, a future beyond the wall.
Luminous summer:
vigor upon meadow fields.
Her daffodils blooming, heat of the breeze within.
Written on the wind,
the scarlet tied between our lines.
Transcending all is well, an image of a childlike faith.
My ought to trust and wait,
for now, I'm brave enough to tell.
#Love #Wind #Dream #ThePossibilities

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Mar 2018
The seraph sky on ebony night,
A white marble of placid light.
Casting to the living glass,
Haunting, the feelings elapse.

A time of gardenia drapes,
Hanging the mourning wall.
Scent of ambrosia fogging,
The pavement covered in moss.

Portraits of Celts amidst,
Drifting upon moonlight mist.
Eyes delving, ears opt to hear,
Voices whisper of ancient fear.

An oracle muses the unguided,
As trees speaks the truth.
Humanity strives to be the art,
Yet only remembers by a few.
#MoonBright #Humanity #Haunting #WeAreOne #Nature #LoveInOne

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Mar 2018
As long...
               as the rainbows reach
    the wayward’s hand
As long...
               as the dawning light
    touches the griefs of men

The burst of hope that trails along
     the shame suffering road
Forgiving the vexations, I sowed
     setting it free and far I go

As long...
              as the page is turning
     my stories tell to this day
As long...
              as the company of love
     can find the heart its way

Above the heavens, below the bend
      hope places to commend
Bringing back the joy to my soul
      together thee as long till the end
#Hope #Rainbows #AsLong #TillTheEnd #Friendship

Good to be back.. My first write for this year.. Hello poets. enjoy my write as it brings you hope and comfort.

Psalms 30:5

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2018
Nico Julleza Dec 2017
Every year to me, now and then
Families and hollies filled with merriment
Only steps away of the outside snow
Sprawling emotions underneath the mistletoe

Glisten, the pavement covered in hue
Journey of a thousand crystals falling anew
The icicle dew at the gutter lines in row
Constellation tales upon the sky-light glow

Enchant pines adored by ornaments
Treasured memories flew like a firmament
Wreaths to every door, signs of triumph & joy
Bringing glad tidings from God's little boy

Trains in and out of the winter-night
Gifts and glory offered with endless blithe
Hymns from a choir trailing every post
Greetings to an old friend even to the unknown
#Christmas #Holidays #ChristOurLord #Joy # Glory

Merry Christmas Poets and Have A Glorious new Year. Hope I'm not late..
The inspiration just came to me, and this is to be my very first Holiday poem. Inspired with many traditions and observation all around during holidays.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
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