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Do you understand how I feel?
6 years
Do you understand what we’ve built?
Through the lies I’ve always managed to keep it real
Anyone who got close I’ve fought or attempted to ****
Through my wounds you were my heal
At night you were my heat that sheltered me from the chills
Now I’m without you…I’m dying without you
My bedroom resembles a hospital…resurrection
Experience is my direction to find love and affection
God works in mysterious ways
My pain was my blessing
I went from jeers to cheers
Afraid to love to love again without fear
I’ve tried love twice
I’ve got hurt and cried twice
Hopefully the third time I will get it right
If I don’t then I will become a player for life.
A woman blinded and couldn’t see
Being in love with her is all I’ve wanted to be
Through the years…through the tears
I never thought I would go through this fear of us being apart
Since day one you’ve always had my heart
Times changed and we’ve changed with the times
It seems I wasn’t looking into the same eyes
I couldn’t see my reflection or direction of our love
It came to a halt at a cross section
Now I’m asking myself questions
Where did we go wrong?
How did I believe our love was strong?
Why did she seek comfort in another man arms when at night I was keeping her warm?
Now the tears flow every night
6 years…I think I earn every right
To fall in love again…I think I never might
How do you turn love on and off like a light?
I’m heartbroken
I would start smoking and drinking
Then I will really be sinking
Recover and reflect…what was I thinking?
So I avoid
I have my pride and joy my little boy he’s all I need
We’re for an eternity
When he gets older I will tell him how his mother murdered me
It was premeditated
She could’ve walked out if things weren’t situated
She stayed and played with my feelings
She had other dealings planning children
My stomach sour
I can’t eat…don’t have the power
Losing love is too much to devour
I’ve lost weight and sleep fewer hours
Nothing routine but the screams
How can a woman that cheated 3 times be the girl of my dreams?
This is my life
I’ve pressured her to go to college and I sat home and sacrificed
I’ve cooked and cleaned
Well…she never did any of them things so I can’t complain
Lakiesha and Jerimaine…I thought that would never change
Our flames got douse by another man’s game
So he gets the win
If she cheated on me what makes you think she won’t cheat on him?
I love you…I’ve never put anybody above you
I’ve trusted you
Even when times I didn’t want to touch you I’ve hugged you and embraced you
I’ve kissed you and tasted you
Now that I hate you I don’t have to make you my life, my wife or anything in-between
My Queen…my dream
You had your chance with me
You lost it
Now I feel like I was an abortion
An orphan searching for love but finding myself lost more often.
Love is the greatest feeling
Especially being in love and having children
Building a foundation that can’t be destroyed
The greatest joy came June 1st 1996…4:12a she delivered my little boy
Wipe the tears
I’m going to watch my son grow through the years
My family can’t hold back the cries
My sweetheart and I since ‘95
You are my life
I didn’t believe in marriage but you are my wife
My days and nights my sight
Without you I didn’t have vision
My life is complete…you were the piece I was missing
When I saw the shooting star it was for you I was wishing
Your love…I wouldn’t even trade it
I was your shield from problems family and friends created
You are my every thing
Tied a friendship bracelet to your wrist
I couldn’t afford a wedding ring
You are my passion
You’ve kept me smiling and laughing
I could never be mad at you
If I was then I was acting
I will never let you go
My love and hug you will never break this hold
My love for you shows with each tear of joy that flows
Together on the forever road.

— The End —