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Feb 2019
Love is the greatest feeling
Especially being in love and having children
Building a foundation that can’t be destroyed
The greatest joy came June 1st 1996…4:12a she delivered my little boy
Wipe the tears
I’m going to watch my son grow through the years
My family can’t hold back the cries
My sweetheart and I since ‘95
You are my life
I didn’t believe in marriage but you are my wife
My days and nights my sight
Without you I didn’t have vision
My life is complete…you were the piece I was missing
When I saw the shooting star it was for you I was wishing
Your love…I wouldn’t even trade it
I was your shield from problems family and friends created
You are my every thing
Tied a friendship bracelet to your wrist
I couldn’t afford a wedding ring
You are my passion
You’ve kept me smiling and laughing
I could never be mad at you
If I was then I was acting
I will never let you go
My love and hug you will never break this hold
My love for you shows with each tear of joy that flows
Together on the forever road.
Written by
Neighbor Hood Poet  41/M/Nashville
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