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Naomi Nov 26
"Cause when you love the way you’re living
It's just hard to fret about much
Because if I got time I just regret most of it"

"From every hangover, my head feels
To every ex, I didn't treat right
To every Monday I called in sick
To every argument, I let slide"

Song: Catfish and the Bottlemen - Twice
Naomi Nov 26
.... I love seeing your  eyes wrinkle when you smile
I love your random freckles and chocolate eyes.
The way they look at the world with a hint of surprise.
As if every day you discover something new.
I love the way you look at me when you think I'm acting stupid.
You don't judge, you just question where my thoughts are coming from.
I love the way you say my name as if its the first time you've heard of it
I love the way you crinkle your eyebrows when you focus.
I love the way you laugh at me and with me.
I love how you listen.
Truly, listen.
I love the way you make me love life.
I love the fact that you remind me of Spring.
The way you look at life is so refreshing
I've never met anyone like you.
I might as well just tell you.
I think you know.
You have to know...
I stare at you once more ...
I know you feel my gaze
But, as always you're so responsible that you only turn to look at me once the other car has already passed by us.
You just smiled at me.
I'm gonna cry.
I can't tell you...

"Nevermind......He's gotta girlfriend anyway".
Falling for your best friend ....
Aug 19 · 51
The gates are open
Naomi Aug 19
Welcome to the final show:
I hope you had the courage to be yourself
I hope you were kind and good to others and to yourself
I hope you chased your dreams and asked for more when the door slammed in your face.
I hope you kicked the doors that wouldn't open and discovered the right one.
I hope you cried your heart out and then smiled at the ocean breeze as it dried your salty eyes.
I told you that the end came sooner than one expected.... yet you brushed me off.
Everyone brushes my plan  until it's too late.
Stressing about tomorrow when tomorrow hasn't come is the most absurd idea I could ever think about.
Love, I hope you lived. Please tell me you did, as too many come here and are disappointed to see my face.
Too many let their memories bring them sorrow instead of solace.
I missed you while you were gone. I hope all my missing was worth it.
My child, I hope you lived instead of searching for meaning when all along the meaning was there for you to grab.
"Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy?"
Jul 29 · 425
my pencil stills
Naomi Jul 29
I sit near the window.
Searching for some inspiration to clear my restless mind( As someone looks for me)
But all one can do is reminisce and overthink
I seem to live in a movie
where I, I- am, the main character ?
and who looks?,  I really don't know
is it god?
Is it me from the future?
Is it the bee near the lilac flower drowning in golden honey?
Is one their own audience? how uneventful.....
People ask me, who I am are when no one's watching.
But all one can do is sit next to the window and dream about who's watching us. Our movie.
I never  truly feel alone.
iT's all to impress the fool who watches as I sleep.
its all for our selfish ways and thoughts,
Who are we really?

Let me sip my now lukewarm coffee and question my purpose, maybe that may entertain my audience who tries to define who I am before I even know.
Naomi Jul 29
Outside I go to search for meaning in this gray day.
Outside I stay as I see the do do du tu tu  in her walk.
She do do do do all the things I wish to be.
So I follow this girl and her do do do hoping to become her do do dude.
At night, yes at  night
at night , yes at night
I'll follow her down the other road
to breathe in something more
I find it harder to ignore her do do do as she notices me following her.
she sleeps with a book close to her heart.
My heart goes do do do do as I reach out for it.
She looks so peaceful in her  sleep but sadly her do do do does not sound as she rests.
I steal her book hoping it shows the instructions to having a do do du tu tu.
It doesn't.
What I waste of my time now she's left without her do do do .
The rhythm was all
I needed to hear
I needed to steal.

Do do do do do do do do do do do do
Naomi Mar 6
Late at night, her skin glows against the pale blue moon.
Mid-afternoon her hair sparkles with the sunny rays as the sun sinks to sleep.
Her hair as yellow and bright as a sunflower field.
Her summer days are filled with numbing cotton candy sunsets, vibrant pink bows, cheesy romantic novels and a luminous tone that follows her shadow.

But, the other girl...
Late at night, she disappears from sight... all one can hear are her cries.
Mid-afternoon her hair is wild and frizzy as she runs from the glowing man.
She does not glow a white light...
She works all day under the sun and leaves with a tan tone and watery eyes.
She is so beautiful. She is not like all the other summer girls. She doesn't need the blinding light to be noticed.
Slavery was practiced throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, and African slaves helped build the new nation into an economic powerhouse through the production of lucrative crops such as tobacco and cotton.
Mar 6 · 82
I see through you
Naomi Mar 6
Some want you because they like who they become around you.
Others hate you because of how much others love you.  
And sometimes, only sometimes you're just too much for some people.
And you: well, you can't even see it.
A picture perfect boy with a clean background check.
I think I know what you're hiding. But I don't dare assume. I don't want others to mistaken my admiration for jealousy.
And I watch you. My eyes always seem to rest on your knowing face.
And you know this. You feel my gaze. You know so much more than what you want us to see. how dare you trick us this way? You love how others see you.
So pure and kind yet so demanding and unkind.
Your trick us. You create this image of yourself that is so unnaturally perfect it weakens everyone's heart. I wished somebody would have warned me about how fake your magic is.  But I see through you, I really do. You want what doesn't want you because you don't understand why they can't see what everyone else is supposed to see. But you don't see it either? Can you?  You search for the answer that you have never understood. What's missing? Why don't they want me? You know what you're missing you are just waiting for someone to point it out for you.

No one will ever treat you better than you treat yourself and this is what I wish to scream inside your ear.
Dec 2018 · 916
Pale yellow
Naomi Dec 2018
It is now my favorite color
It fills me with joy
fulfillment it gives
It is the soft hue of an  8 am morning
the honey-tinted specks in your eyes
The blanket your freckles lay upon of
the color that means so much to me
Its a soft summer morning in Italy
its the color of the curtains that cast the pretties light pink reflection unto your cheeks
it's in the pages of my dads old travel journal
its in the sand of the worlds deepest sea
its in the walls of the little room beneath the Canadian stars
Its in the gold glasses when the sun shines on them
Its life in a color.
iTs the color I see in you
It caresses me like a feather
it embraces me like a hug
I feel it, like I feel you.
I want to sing this color and what it evokes
I wish I could be this color
this simple
Nov 2018 · 1.5k
Naomi Nov 2018
There are people who cannot speak without smiling.
There are people who cannot cry without blaming.
And there are songs I cannot sing without dancing.
And I sing you like a song I heard when I was young.
And I  love like I discovered the concept.
I want to teach you how.
How to feel...
How to sing...
The drizzle of rain hugs me.
The shadow of your eyes miss me...
I Want to sing you like a song I cannot dance to.
Oh my love, There are people who fantasise about freedom and then  slowly build the walls to their own prison.
Sep 2018 · 969
sent to
Naomi Sep 2018
Beauty in a bottled ship is sent to a bottled man.
Hurry in a speeding train is sent to a timer.
Loneliness in a creeping plane is sent to a grave digger.
Roses in a colourful base are sent to a dead man.
Words from a love poem are sent to a fearless man.
Tears from the sea are sent to a child.
Ashes from a burned soul are sent to a jew.
Maps from a traveler are sent to a paralysed boy.
Stars from an astronaut are sent to a blind man.
Sep 2018 · 452
Two separate tears
Naomi Sep 2018
I cried my eyes out today.
I drowned in despair.
And I floated in air.
Two eyes shed a different tear.
One, warm and forever - remembering the childhood friend.
The other, craved a forgotten person.
One reminds the other  of how happy she should be!
The other, weeps in silence as it endures memory de-fi-cit.
Falling simultaneously towards the ground.  
Quiet and unnoticed/ drenching and drowning.
Why is it that I go back to such horrible thoughts?
I live in them with a colourless splash.
I am happy, I believe. I was happier, I recall.
Jul 2018 · 5.1k
Naomi Jul 2018
Even numbers _even numbers
No one chooses odd~ they can’t be split in 2
See, the odd will be lonely forever.. while the even will find love.
We only appreciate those who can give to society.
Go away you odds.
2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate ?
Even people even people

Even during math we are haunted by our deepest fears.
Change love rebel society *****
Jul 2018 · 3.5k
Naomi Jul 2018
Somehow, life drifted me away from the ones who knew.
Somehow, bliss  remained when all I knew echoed away.
life seems to always miss my direction.
While time ticks  clockwise towards the end... I counterclockwise - towards the beginning.
I never really followed lifes rules.
Or maybe those rules never really followed me.
I leave when I love the most.
I miss when they hate the most.
I give when I  lack.
And I lack when I  flourish.
I miss who I am when lost.
I forget who I am when  found.
Jun 2018 · 141
Naomi Jun 2018
Sunshine let it burn
Sun let it shine
Rain let it flow
Moon let it glow
Future live in the present
Past forget yourself.
Im feeling different.
Im living for different.
Days live them wisely.
Nights uncover them wildly.
Jun 2018 · 124
Naomi Jun 2018
I welcomed change.
Mind Dreaming and reliving all the new adventures that would come.
I knew I would chase the fire that called my name.
I knew I would extinguish the sorrow that came from the burns.
I greeted new ideas, to get rid of utopias.
I will love new souls, to forget the evil souls.
I left my home with watery eyes.
I left my kind souls with a broken smile.
I left my unchanged self in the hands of my dear loved ones.
I was wrong. While I  longed for a new beginning, I forgot that this was the beginning... of me. The me I am now. The me that now has to change.
I will welcome the change. Knowing that the past is where I feel the safest. Hopefully, when my future self is reliving the past, I will once again feel like the future is the real me.
Jun 2018 · 154
spring rose
Naomi Jun 2018
Blank pages and blank minds.
When can we Escape the suffocating lines?
Teary eyes and lost hope.
All halt for lingering news.
All waiting for spring *****.
Just like lilies stay on hold to bloom.
Roslyn, you came to us with a secret gaze.
You knew from the very beginning you would hide.
A special one you were,
One that wished to always bloom.
When the arctic souls came once again, Roslyn extinguished when winter froze her delicate wings.
The arctic souls once shed a little light, liberating hushed words to her pink ear.
"When times right, ignite and leave the white"
So they all continued the white life, waiting for the perfect moment to bloom, hoping for the spring to bring happy days again, but, sadly forgetting that time has no owner or predictor.
So time sang softly in the towns frozen ears...
"You will leave this cold world behind, forever dreaming that the time will come for you to rise. Oh my naive fools, you had to make the time right for you, you had to make yourself bloom. Life does not make one's blooming time, you are the creator of your own spring.
Blank pages and blank minds.
All halt for lingering news.
All waiting for spring *****.
time fools love, don't wait for happiness to come to you, or you will be waiting forever. Make your own happiness, change your mindset.
May 2018 · 1.6k
hEY Mr. STARgazer
Naomi May 2018
Dad loves stars, but hates darkness.
Mom loves driving, but  hates traffic.
Brother loves, but can't forgive.
Professor loves questioning, but  won't answer a simple question.
Love has a fascination for  eyes, but not when their teary.
You say you love the sun, but you hate getting burned.

                  Hey Mr. Stargazer, have you ever noticed how people only love the best version of, well, everything? They ignore the truth. Beauty comes from sacrifice. A calm soul comes from a suffering past, a bright starry night comes from a million stars imploding.
May 2018 · 279
Naomi May 2018
Clover take cover!
People pick you to soothe their bitter reality.
You may be the lucky one, but you cannot escape the harsh hands longing for you.
After all, everyone wishes to quiet down their demons.
Oh clover, take cover!
If only you didn't give people promise.
If only you ran away from your own utopia...... like those **** leprechauns you once called your friends.
"Chase the golden coin",
-But, dad always says,
"Everything that's shine ain't always gonna be gold"
Oh clover, take cover
May 2018 · 155
Going back
Naomi May 2018
I crawled back to the life I said I was over with.
I drank to the brink of implosion- for them to say I was over it.  
I smoked to end my clear breathing- to say this is living.
I danced to the end of our song- to say I never belong.
I drove to the end of the night- to say I see a new light.
I dived to the end of the sea- to say I no longer agree.
I flew to the end of the country- to say *******.
You never deserved me. My love was too much for you.
love is a broken thing
May 2018 · 127
what do you love?
Naomi May 2018
“Wanting to test desire is nothing more than a ruse to get what we want without admitting that we want it.”

Tell me.
Tell me what you refuse to tell others
Tell me the meaning behind your secrecy
Tell me why you hide, sweet love
Tell me why you forbid  
Don't ignore the grave
It's right next door
look around
Everyone hides their deepest scenes
No one says what they long to scream
Uncover the truth
Discover the truth
Tell me,
what do you love?
May 2018 · 560
The child
Naomi May 2018
Its exciting
To run through the light
To escape the forever days
To escape the non stop reality
To release the naive child
Who loves and explores with glimmering eyes
Who chases butterflies that run away from her
Who speaks to dead toys that come alive for her
Who sings a madeup melody for the dead
Who splashes with color the suffocating white walls
Who never looks back
Some love was meant for the young
Some love was meant to remain the same
set the child free
let her run with the wind
let her fall and rise again
let her love the wild
let her messy hair untangle her thoughts
let her be
She is a child after all
She is only learning
May 2018 · 125
Open the door
Naomi May 2018
Why does it feel like sand rushing through my grasp?
Why does it burn like the crystal alcohol I consumed?
Why does it smell like burning wood?
the small flicker of light rushing through the unclosed door
The one that called on me for days
It remained opened for so long
now nothing remains
I'm sick of losing this game
The stars are leaving me
The sun is outshining me
Everything seems to move on
The once opened door now clicks its lock
May 2018 · 191
Naomi May 2018
SeeK the sea.
And feel the sand.
Ignore the seagulls who chase the sun.
For all we know, it is the only thing that keeps us from sinking. Floating.
Learn to float instead of drown.
Learn to let go of the clown.
May 2018 · 122
She takes her coffee black
Naomi May 2018
It was all she ever knew.
To see the glimmer in darkness.
Her head cleared when all was dark.

Everything so shadowed and out of place, that nothing and everything could be ignored.

She ignored the disturbance. For she didn’t see it. She enjoyed being in the dark. She takes it black -nao
May 2018 · 173
Lay down with me
Naomi May 2018
As mothers words reach child,
soothing and calming the broken,
Heaven calls and angels sing.
Flowers bloom and bliss remains.
As sin crawls, angels flee
Jealousy moves as ignorance blows
Lovers come as voices rush
Realization dawns as walls close in
Some sense when alone
When there's nothing left to give
Nothing to ask
Nothing to hold on
When shattered and made a fool
The fog clears up
The wings disappear
The singing angels no longer come
Rest your soul, surrender
Let them come back to you
Let heaven sing you to sleep
Blind thyself in the dark
For Light to seep into the soul
Recall once again your mother's sweet voice
your lovers soft lips
your fragile lungs pumping the air you so kindly deprived them of
A rush is felt through every single drop of blood
As wonder seethes through the unknown
May 2018 · 126
Dear friend:
Naomi May 2018
A year from today, I might not be in the same city or country as you. I might not be in the same continent.But its safe to say I will aways carry our memories. I will carry you to all the new places, people, and adventures I meet.I will tell the moon about you, and how much you would have enjoyed the starry night we lay beneath. I will listen to a soft voice sing and strum their guitar, and I will relive our afternoon jams. Because this is life. I was made and build from our daily discoveries. And I will continually explore earth with your eyes. I will replay our 2am conversations and laugh out loud. I will play our road-trip jams and scream at the moon for chasing my car. I will see a pair of brown eyes and remember the day you cried over a pair just like them. I will always remember you. You can’t forget someone who helped you become the person you are now. They will live with you till the end of time.I wish you were a stranger I could forget. Someone I could ignore. Someone I wouldn’t recognize 10 years from today. Someone I didn’t miss. Someone I didn’t need. But hold on my friend. When I come home... I will tell you all about it. After all, I bet you don’t remember. So darling, please understand that even if life separates us, our bond will always be stronger. We will always be stronger. I will wait for the day in which you tell me all about your silly adventures and I will imagine myself being in them. And all those moments you thought of me, I was there. And that is how I will always be alive in your heart. We are the reckless, we are the wild youth. The youth who remembers the forever days and friends. The ones who know when to hold on to what makes us feel alive. We are the kids forever chasing to be free
May 2018 · 84
Destination unknown
Naomi May 2018
We both got in the car
You were the driver
I was the striker
you wanted to speed through
I wanted to stop time
we had no destination
just big imagination
we drowned on the radio
Staring at the bright lights

You kept closing your eyes
while I fought sleep
you kept whispering words
while I ignored yours
while I lost myself in the night
you lost yourself in the light
we were both so different
yet so alike
how could I ever think you would enjoy the ride
When you can't even enjoy the stride

Oh how wrong was I to believe in the magic of the night
I kept thinking we were just in it for the moment
but you were always thinking
always wondering
you never stopped to stare

While I was lost in awe
you were lost in thought

My dear, can't you see?
Midnight driving is not for sane
it is only for insane
I apologize on my behalf
cause those who think - think they understand
But how can you understand..,,.. what you have never felt?
I thought we were escaping
but you were just scraping
Why are you looking for answers when you should be looking for stars?
Stop thinking
Start feeling
May 2018 · 222
-Sunny- love
Naomi May 2018
I used to wait for the sun to come back for me.
I used to shine for his whispering words.
I had forgotten that he only chased the moon-
Whose night and starlight mesmerized him till noon-
I dreamt you would choose me over her, over everyone.
How could I ever believe that ?
Oh Darling, please go.
You don't get to ignore the stars.
While you chase your moon, thousands will sing me their tunes.
I am the sparkle in this universe.
I am this universe.
Sadly, you cant seem to notice.
You hurt my pride.
Oh well, go chase your cheesy moon

— The End —