Dan Beyer Jan 6
Dance swaying candle
Lo, enchanting flames
Dive into unblinking gaze
And erase my pain
Blow ever with me
You the eastern wind
Entwine with soul and body
Die and live again
The stars that shine above me
With abiding glow
Though we be so far apart
They too must flicker so
Dan Beyer Dec 2018
Longing migration,
My heart is caged, wings bound.
Searching for springtime
Dan Beyer Dec 2018
It felt like a dream.
The event unfolding,
In which you said hello.
An unexpected gift,
You gave to me;
A reason to smile.
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
I wish things weren't
black and white
i find myself
so often
in the gray spaces
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
Rain pummels against the pavement of my skull.
So loud is this silence, like static on my tv.
White noise floods the every corner of my brain.
I slide out of people's lives as quickly as I come into them.
should this be longer? An unfinished thought...
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
Thirsty waters,
lapping at the shoreline.
on those salty beaches,
of my sweet, sweet, Caroline.
The melting horizon,
pools in the bay.
From the grey clouds of storm,
sending down their rain.
Wet and heavy clothes,
stick against our skin.
But feet, light and merry,
running in the sand.
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
in a mud pit.
around my ankles, saddled,
slowly advancing.
Moving is a lot of effort.
tired, I just want to lie yet
and let me sink.
more into this swamp.
my body becomes numb.
extreme pressures,
now around my ribs
suppress breathing attempts.
this mist fills my brain and,
I cannot even whisper...
I just want to lie in bed all day. but it only makes things worse.
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