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Charlie Dog May 2020
The soft authority in your voice
A low rumble
Gentle but demanding
You have piercing but soft eyes
You walk with steps of resilience
And become powerful
Laying in your arms
So hot
So lovely
Feels royal
Truly majestic
I love you,
You’re gorgeous
Charlie Dog May 2020
clouds parting,
fragments of light shine down
celestial beams,
that highlight the dewy air
l want to drink it in
and rejuvenate my spirit
Charlie Dog Feb 2020
the lungs of nigh
two shadows in the dark
sinking into stillness
Charlie Dog Feb 2020
it's strange
this coming to terms with age
my body grew without my mind
i thought i was a child still
upon retrospect
it happened without me
my mind has changed
too many experiences to remain naive
Charlie Dog Oct 2019
Who is this separateness?
the one who parents me,
or the one who bullies.
The one who doesn't claim self,
but stands on the sidelines.
The one who speaks with my voice,
and hears with my ears.
They see with my eyes
but they don't think with my thoughts.
Them and I share much, and nothing.
Charlie Dog Sep 2019
Peach cobbler sky
in my bowl of milk
round heart
dropped amid the white
color begins to melt together
Charlie Dog Sep 2019
her voice has
a physical presence in the air
like wafts of silk paper
or the flap of (a) butterfly's wings
something delicate and smooth
calm waters
naught a ripple

i am quiet with awe.
O luce di quest' anima, that g6 is such perfection.
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