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Charlie Dog Sep 15
Peach cobbler sky
in my bowl of milk
round heart
dropped amid the white
color begins to melt together
Charlie Dog Sep 15
her voice has
a physical presence in the air
like wafts of silk paper
or the flap of (a) butterfly's wings
something delicate and smooth
calm waters
naught a ripple

i am quiet with awe.
O luce di quest' anima, that g6 is such perfection.
Charlie Dog Sep 15
i've been holding my breath so long,
i've forgotten what it is to breathe.
is it painful?

when you start,
it's like breathing water.
first breath is both ecstasy and pain.

is that why newborns cry..?
Charlie Dog Sep 15
Am I worth it?

I'm not so sure yet.
I just want them to be happy...
I don't have to be involved.
After all, that might be contrary.
Charlie Dog Sep 15
i am nothing
lighter than air
slave to the breeze
null that i offer
null that i can
i am nothing
nothing can suffer
nothing i am
Charlie Dog Sep 15
resting in my cheek
clinking against my teeth
hard, but
the sugar crust
taking away a little of the bitterness of life
Charlie Dog Sep 15
little ball of confusion
like static it tingles
prickly to the touch
sleep in the head
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