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Derick Stark Jan 31
Guilt is a gusty gale from within.
A soul is but a sailor
Who can’t sail away from sin.
Derick Stark Jan 26
I no longer dream.
Silent sleep and silent thoughts,
No more background noise.
Derick Stark Jan 25
Loneliness came to greet me again last night.
We spoke for a while, reminiscing of long gone delights.
Loneliness stayed for breakfast the other day.
We dined in silence, at some point you run out of words to say.
Derick Stark Jan 25
My nightmare is
Waking up to find myself
Lost in a lifestyle
I didn’t dream for myself.
Derick Stark Jan 24
A bustling busy beach town, where all the ends meet,
That was where you met her, walking down the street.
Just here for a friend, that’s what she told you,
Her smile was going to say far more than she was first willing to.
All those pretty words, you so meticulously rehearsed,
Dried up in an instant, your flirt game died of thirst.
Her name was just a whisper, but it flooded your eardrums,
You drowned in a wave of nausea, swallowed your own tongue.
You never could admit, if you fell at the first sight,
Or if that wave of attraction, rose and crashed down like a tide.
All your voices of reason, found themselves lost at sea,
A boundless sweeping ocean, there’s so many possibilities.
But before you go and panic, just realize what you found,
She’ll teach you how to swim, and you’ll never miss the ground.
Derick Stark Jan 22
It’s funny how, we rush and squirm
To fill our days up to the brim
Filling this coffee cup, that never ends
I’d swear it off for good if it only meant
That I could stomach the days gone by,
A slow ticking clock makes we want to cry.
And it’s funny, how the day’s gone fast
My coffee cups can never seem to last
Long enough to keep me occupied
From noticing how much time is in supply.
Derick Stark Jan 22
Snow capped peaks impede the river’s watery flow.
But come next spring, the birds will sing a joyous note.
All those moments that torment us, the ones that chill us now
Shall unfreeze, thawing more than memories we drowned.
When the waters of acceptance run through valleys unbridled,
We shall remember our seasons of struggle with melancholy smiles.
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